Doing the Unstuck: New Moon in Scorpio

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It’s that time of year again, folks! Scorpio season, when we’re ready to draw our lines in the sand or dissolve boundaries entirely and become one with what or whom we love. Extremest Scorpio wants it all or nothing at all — they really don’t do “maybe” or gray areas. So with this New Moon, we’re ready to go deep…or make something disappear. 

But not just do-or-die Scorpio is involved in this lunation: Uranus, god of the sky and the heavens, opposes the Scorpio Sun and Moon. Uranus is forward-looking, electric, awakening; he’s ready to overthrow the established order. Uranus represents the urge for change and the ability to visualize new possibilities. It defies tradition and embraces change and originality.

Thus, with the Sun and Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus this New Moon, we’re not just ready to emotionally meld into what we love or amputate what we loved before, but we’re also eager to detach from the known in favor of something new. Uranus, one of the “Ice Giants,” is the coldest planet in the Solar System, hovering at a minimum temperature around negative 371 degrees Fahrenheit. Not very warm or fuzzy, its influence can have us freezing things out of our lives — objectively, non-emotionally, coldly. 

Over the next 30 days, if we’re not the ones saying do or die (Scorpio) or eager to get unstuck (Uranus), others’ actions may result in change in our lives. Even if we’re acted upon, we must accept responsibility for any changes, as we all create our own reality. Sometimes we create our reality subconsciously and have other people do our dirty work for us. At the end of the day, we’re responsible for the circumstances we find ourselves in. Sometimes it’s subconscious and makes no sense, but by taking responsibility, even the worst circumstances can be leveraged to our greatest advantage. 

The best way to handle this transit is to either move forward with the changes you want to implement or roll with the punches. Decide that any changes that you’re subjected to are going to work for your best interests. Period. Just decide that. Further, any changes that you decide to implement, too, will work out for your highest good. Period. Just decide that. Whatever happens over the next six months that distances you from the familiar is to get you unstuck — for that’s why we’re having to deal with these energies: It’s a perfect universe; embrace change during this time and make it work.

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. With the Sun and Moon both in the same sign, we’re given an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. Thus, this is an excellent time to consider a fresh start in the different areas of our lives…our lifestyle, relationships, jobs, habits, behaviors, beliefs, etc. With Mercury Retrograde from October 31 through November 20, spend some time reflecting; under the Retrograde’s influence, don’t make any rash decisions unless something’s been brewing for quite some time and feels 100% right. 

To see which area of your chart will be affected by the New Moon in Scorpio and where you’re likely to become “unstuck,” check where 4 degrees of Scorpio falls in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below:

ARIES: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 8th House of Rebirth, heralding your transition into a higher state of awareness. This is a time of empowerment, Aries! Over the next 30 days, you’re poised to walk away from anything that’s petty and beneath you — anything you’ve outgrown. This stuff that “dies” will allow you to live more fully, helping you to feel more excited and exhilarated on a regular basis. Further, as you get closer to your core, you’ll allow further intimacy with others. Be it fiscally, sexually, emotionally or intellectually, combining forces with others will add even more ammo to your arsenal. The trick is determining which alliances will actually make you stronger, versus those that undermine you. Ask yourself: How does this new, empowered version of you live life every day? What’s she no longer do? And most important: How does she feel? If you happen to revert back to the older, less empowered “you,” gently remind yourself that you’ve changed — that you won’t let anyone undermine you anymore, for instance. Enjoy falling madly in love with this new version of yourself. There’s much to discover, explore and adore, so that every day the spark of your heart grows brighter and brighter, which will help you light up the world.

TAURUS: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 7th House of Partnerships, ushering in a fresh new energy for your relationships — personal and professional. This is a favorable time to refine relationships and even revive old ones if you think that’s a good idea. (Think really hard here.) It would normally also be a good time to start new relationships, but with Mercury Retrograde (from Oct. 31-Nov. 20) you’ll have to look extra closely when choosing a partner. Retrogrades are great for discovering what you’re actually looking for in a relationship and how good you are at communicating. If you’re not yet hitched, this New Moon is a great time to get the ball rolling on creating the partnerships you desire. Ask yourself, “What would the perfect relationship look like?” Suppose, too, the love of your life just randomly showed up — would you be ready? Practice the thoughts of the outcome you desire, until you own them so completely there’s ease within you. Love empowers you to higher levels, but we can’t give away or receive what we don’t already have — so while you’re waiting for Prince or Princess Charming, practice loving yourself deeply and completely.

GEMINI: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 6th House of Health & Work, helping you to improve your lifestyle over the next 30 days. It will be helpful to take an overall view: What do you want your day-to-day to look like? How do you want each day to feel? How do you want to serve? With these questions answered, reach out to your contacts or schedule meetings over the next two weeks to improve your job situation. With Mercury retrograde from Oct. 31-Nov. 20, you may have luck with companies/clients you’ve been in contact with before. Further, making your day-to-day lifestyle as great as possible starts with feeling as great as possible. Consider committing to more rest, cleaner eating, and a workout regimen over the next month. You’ll find with your body running well, everything else runs more smoothly, too. Additionally, take time to consider the combination of things you need to feel well or happy. Maybe going out for dinner or drinks mid-week reinvigorates you, or that catching a movie or taking a class is a great way to diversify your routine. Commit to smiling more each and every day to create a life of happiness.

CANCER: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 5th House of Pleasure, covering anything you really love — self-expression, romance, your children if you have any, and just really good times! The best use of this New Moon is to really commit to your inner child and do the things you love — anything that brings you joy. Maybe this is a matter of taking more time out for creativity, or carving more time out of your schedule for date nights, fun with friends, and weekend trips. Note this area of your chart also rules true love! It’s the perfect time to reconnect with your partner and fall in love all over again. If you’re not committed, you may have the most luck with people you’ve met before, since Mercury is retrograde from Oct. 31-Nov. 20. That “right-guy-wrong-time” from the past may be great for you now! Still, keeping things light by laughing, having fun, and enjoying yourself will yield the most gains over the next 30 days. If you can employ this fun energy in your work, you’re quite blessed! Being excited about your work and your life purpose is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and the world.

LEO: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 4th House of Emotional Security. Over the next 30 days, it will most advantageous for you to slow down and enjoy! This is a transit is about “nesting and resting,” doing whatever you can to feel more at peace and at home within the self. In feeling more emotionally secure, you’ll be able to bring the utmost to all of your endeavors. Consider bumping up your self-care rituals, e.g., a meditation practice, soaks in the bathtub, massage, appreciating yourself more, etc. You can also benefit by making your physical home more comfortable; this may mean redecorating or researching new homes if you feel it’s time for a move. This transit can also be about family — your family of choice and/or family of origin. Take the time to reconnect with those people who make you feel loved, as deepening your emotional connections now will feed your soul, helping every other area of your life feel better, too. The most important thing to remember: To experience love each and every moment, no matter where you are, simply decide to love yourself in each and every moment. In doing that, you’ll see there’s been plenty of people loving you all along.

VIRGO: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 3rd House of Communications. This is a game-changing 30 days, since as we think, so shall we become! The smartest thing to do this cycle is to not allow circumstances to determine how you feel on the inside; instead, do the opposite: Feel how you want to feel on the inside and allow your inner world to create your outer reality. Remember, all circumstances are neutral, and we are the assigners of meaning; therefore, for anything that happens, ask yourself how the situation can serve you exactly as it is. Further, what you think and talk about expands into action, so make sure you’re considering only the best-case scenarios. Remember, if you can conceive it in your mind, it can be brought into your physical world, so give yourself the time and space to consider what will make you the most happy. This is likely to be a very busy 30 days for you, with lots of correspondences and general busyness, so make sure to carve out time to communicate with yourself! This is important — for all the interactions you have with others reflect the communications you have with yourself. Everybody in your life are really aspects of yourself pushed out; if you want better relations with others, cultivate a better relationship with yourself. Prioritize dialoging constructively with your mind over the next 30 days and life will be a lot sweeter.

LIBRA: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth & Finance. Prosperity is within you, not something that you seek out. Within you, you can create all the prosperity you could ever want. Abundance flows when we flow with what we are doing. Give thanks for everything you have and everything you are, and flow with it. This New Moon, you have a chance to up-level your self-worth and beef up your bank balance. The area of your body associated with this is your throat chakra, as your voice is key to high self-worth and wealth. Notice how your throat feels and sounds. Does it feel strong there? If not, release the energy by saying what you have to say — aloud to yourself or to whomever needs to hear you out. By releasing the energy of your throat, you’ll create a better flow of energy between the riches of the earth and your self-expression. If there’s been any money-making ideas that have been percolating — be it a new job, getting a raise, starting a business, or scoring new clients — take action on it within the next two weeks. (Just make sure the seed had been planted prior to Mercury Retrograde, Oct. 31-Nov. 20.) The upcoming Retrograde is a great time to reacquaint yourself with talents you haven’t been expressing, as the flow of your energy will spill over to create abundance in other areas of your life. Express the riches within you.

SCORPIO: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 1st House of Identity. Our self-image creates everything, so this is YOUR new moon to create anything you desire. If you want to attract more love, it’s about being love. If you want more money, it’s about being a more prosperous version of yourself. Make this year the best one yet, by giving yourself the “permission slip” to become whomever you want to be. In acting as if you were what you want to become, you’ll start knowing that you are already it. Self-doubt will fall away and you’ll be able to live a life of magic. One of your greatest gifts is the power of your imagination. Make sure to spend some time playing in your mind, letting it dream up the most exhilarating visions. Tap into your strongest desires, as desire is another one of your superpowers that can trump doubt. Your powers of transformation are at an all-time high this month; it’s a matter of getting used to the new emotions you want to experience: Your sign is “fixed water,” which represents the power of stabilized emotion. Thus, it’s important to practice the new emotions you want to experience and acclimate yourself to them — which will allow comparable experiences to come in. If you can surrender to the dream world this month, you’ll start to realize everything you want is already yours. It all starts and ends inside of you.

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious. You’re gearing up for your birthday, Sagittarius, and it’s prime time to empower your mind. We get in life what we subconsciously believe we’re a match to, by virtue of like attracting like. So if you want something but doubt you’re the type of person to get it, change your beliefs about yourself. Changing your beliefs about yourself is actually takes practice, but it’s not beyond your stretch! Start by taking it down a notch, nesting and resting, and allow yourself some extra space. With less noise around you, you’ll be able to gauge what will make you happy, and will be able to discover your beliefs around the topic. To change your beliefs, practice self-hypnosis, meditation, EFT (tapping), visualization. (Just check YouTube for a gazillion methods for reprogramming your subconscious.) In a nutshell, to change your self-image which determines what you get in life, it’s a matter of DECIDING who you want to be, trusting the decision, and then acting like you trust the decision. With new beliefs about yourself in place, you’ll be able to achieve what you previous thought was impossible. Soothing yourself this month and feeling good will allow you to align with the universe to tap into more limitlessness. We can’t see something if we don’t believe it exists, but whatever we believe to be true, we’ll find evidence of. So believe in your dreams; you have them so you can make them come true. Just don’t think too much; just do it. 

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 11th House of Hopes and Friends. It’s time to rid of the concept of “impossible.” Ask yourself, “Why not?” in regard to what you think will make you happiest. Why not be a millionaire? Fall madly in love? Have it all? Forget any limiting beliefs — if you’re excited about something, that’s your higher self telling you it’s for you. Whatever you can imagine can be achieved, as there are no dangling carrots in the universe. Your superpower this New Moon is your imagination, and using it will be an extremely practical use of your time: Spend some time regularly assuming the feeling state of having what you desire; with consistency, the emotions you conjure up will change your cells and vibration, helping you attract what you want into your life. You’ll get impulses, and you’ll take the inspired action you need to take for success. You are one of the best signs when it comes to manifesting — now it’s a matter of looking at life through a more limitless lens. Help along your way will be friends and groups of people of like-mind. If you’re open to stronger socializing and friends who have your back, this is the month to reconnect with your tribe. Friends and groups of people can give you the motivation, inspiration and practical help you need to bypass your perceived limits and manifest your biggest dreams.

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 10th House of Career. Inner commitment to your own excellence is what miracles are made of, and this month you have it in spades. If there were a time to ascend to the top, this would be it. So decide which mountain you want to climb. If you’re already in your chosen field, you’re in an advantageous position to rise higher. If you’re looking for a prestigious promotion or to score a big-name client, the universe is keyed up to help you achieve your aims. Further, if there’s a new career path that excites you, research it this month. (If you’ve already been working toward it, onward and forward, but if it’s brand new, wait until after Mercury’s Retrograde, Oct. 31-Nov. 20 to get the ball rolling.) The secret to really working this transit it to make sure you feel super nurtured and secure, as the more rooted and taken care of you feel, the higher you’ll be able to climb and remain at the top. To this end, make sure to give yourself extra TLC as you pursue your endeavors. The spotlight will be on you this month, so do whatever you can to bring your A game without sacrificing your health and wellness. Make rest, relationships, fun, etc. part of your strategy.

PISCES: The New Moon in Scorpio will transit your 9th House of the Higher Mind. You’re poised for excitement now, as the New Moon conspires to help you spread your magic across the universe. You may want to see more of the world via travel, emerge yourself in mind-expanding subject, or share with the world your philosophy. This transit is great for helping you expand your reach: Publishing, broadcasting, teaching…anything that allows you to spread your influence is favored. The world now is your playground, ready for you to do whatever excites you the most. Spend some time conjuring up the feeling of excitement. When you do that, what do you see yourself doing? That’s key, as your excitement is your higher mind telling you “Go here!” Whatever excites you the most is the path of least resistance to your ever-expanding happiness. During this time, the more you explore and expand, the more energy you have. Plus, the universe needs your help now — it needs your expansion. Take some time to rest and daydream to consider what most excites you. If you’ve already started moving toward it, continue; if you’re thinking of starting something brand-spanking new, wait until after Mercury’s Retrograde (Oct. 31-Nov. 20) to get the ball rolling. 

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