The Sea of Love  - or Black Lane Marker Technique: New Moon in Pisces

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“Come with me, my love
To the sea, the sea of love
I want to tell you
How much I love you”

The song Sea of Love describes a real awesome way to tell someone how much you love them. But why is it that we don’t do this all the time, with all the things we love? With all the things we want in this world, why don’t we go to the sea of love? That is, why don’t we become one with the people, places and things we love, like the way the singer does in the song? When we give love it’s never lost; it’s just an extension of ourselves anyway: We are what we love.

The New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, in its proximity to boundless, fathomless Neptune, comes with constant reminders. Mercury, you see, is also a day into retrograde, and with that comes reminiscing. This four-week retrograde period, which most consider a colossal pain in the ass, is part of a perfect universe, helping us maximize our potential. Though not a good time for starting new things (or signing contracts, starting new ventures, and buying electronics) Mercury’s slower pace, which from our perspective makes it appear as if it’s going in reverse, gives us a chance to catch up with ourselves — a chance to slow down and look at our lives to see what the hell we’re doing. Without this somewhat forced pause, we wouldn’t have the chance to remember what our past experiences have taught us. The first time we make a bad move, it’s a mistake; the second time, it’s a choice and likely already a pattern. So let’s use this Mercury Retrograde to consider what we love and how we sabotaged it before so we don’t make the same mistakes again. 

The way to get what we want this New Moon is to love it. Unconditional, pure, deep, transcendental love. “If you really love someone, set them free,” they say. “If they were meant to be yours, they’ll come back.” Why not do this for everything we love? If love flows in the direction of giving, what you love will likely make its way back to you. And if doesn’t, it wasn’t right. And why would you want something that’s not right? But it probably is right — whatever, whomever you want — so love what you love completely and see what happens. At the end of the day, what else are we here for anyway? 

With Neptune’s powerful influence this New Moon, we have the need to transcend mental comprehension, completely surrender and let go. How we choose to play with Neptune is up to us: We can get lost in our work or get lost in another’s eyes; we can suspend disbelief and watch movies, or suspend judgment with drugs or alcohol. Whichever method chosen, it all comes down to a need to let go, surrender and leave reality as we know it. But if we can surrender to what we love and truly love it without condition, we have a really good chance of experiencing that love more fully in our lives, starting now. 

Luckily, there are some more down-to-earth aspects this New Moon, helping us to clarify and advance toward our goals: The sun and the moon form harmonious sextiles with both Mars and Saturn. Mars’ energy is focused on existence, correlating with passion, drive and action. Saturn is the authority of the zodiac, focused on controlling the structural patterns of mental energy (to make things real). Thus, Saturn relates to discipline, responsibility and groundedness. With Saturn and Mars harmonizing with the New Moon, we have the gusto and grit to make moves and keep on track.

As I see it, the formula for success this New Moon is to combine discipline and drive with surrender to achieve a state of flow (abundance is a flow). So it’s disciplining ourselves (Saturn) and driving forward (Mars) while surrendering (Neptune) to the course. It takes discipline and drive to pursue what we want, but it requires surrender to maintain the pursuit. 

Just as competitive swimmers don’t look at their times when racing, we can’t be anxious about our results without our performance suffering. We have to stay the course and keep our eyes on the prize, just as the swimmer keeps his eyes fixed on the black lane marker at the bottom of the pool. If we should hit a wall, we too can flip-turn and take another approach. We have to do everything in our power to make it happen, calling upon our drive and discipline, and then we have to surrender to the process to make it happen. In surrendering to our process, we can achieve a state of flow in which we perform best. And just like swimmers are often put in a trance-like state by that black lane marker, we can become captivated by our process, which will put us in flow. The more in flow we are, the faster we’ll derive results.

Just as a swimmer dives in and follows the black marker at the bottom of the pool, we too can enter the “lane” of what we want, following the practical trajectory toward its ends, focusing on our process in the flow state or  “in the zone.”

Just as a swimmer dives in and follows the black marker at the bottom of the pool, we too can enter the “lane” of what we want, following the practical trajectory toward its ends, focusing on our process in the flow state or “in the zone.”

To work this “Black Lane Marker Technique,”  to help manifest your goals, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Pick a lane. Choose what you want to experience. Abundance? Happiness? Wealth? Ease? Identify what you want.

Step 2: Dive in. Love what you want. What is it that you love about what you want? 
a.) If it’s a person, whether someone you know or someone you want to meet, consider what you love about them. Is it their energy? Their style? Smell? Smile? Their hugs? Witticisms? Humor? Love all these things about the person. Think of them and love them.

b.) If it’s more money, consider what you love about having more money. Is it the freedom you get with money? Power? The experiences it affords? The nice things money can buy? Think of these things and love them.

c.) If it’s more worldly success, consider what you love about having more success/recognition. Is it the influence you’ll have that you’ll love? The power? The platform you’ll have to change the world? Think of all the things you love about more success, and love the idea of them.

d.) If it’s more fitness you want, consider what you love about being fit. Is it being able to run a 7-minute mile? Feeling amazing? Looking great in jeans? Having confidence? Being healthy? Consider what you love about being fit, and love these ideas.

Step 3: Follow the black lane marker. Create a practical path to the goal, a trajectory you can follow that you can foresee leading to your ends. Follow this path; if you hit a wall, take another angle and commit to the process again. Get absorbed in your process, hypnotized and in flow, like the swimmer with his eyes fixed on the black lane marker. 

Step 4. Go deep. Don’t bring your head above water to glance at the scoreboard or you’ll get out of flow and your performance will suffer. You want to lose yourself to the process. You want to be so caught up in your process and desired end result, that the scoreboard doesn’t even enter your mind. 

Step 5. Let go. Not only do you want to surrender to your goal and your process, but surrender to the outcome. Expect to get what you want, but don’t care too, too much. “It would be nice, but I don’t NEED it to happen,” is a good vibrational stance, keeping you open but not needy or desperate. 


Often the healthiest, most productive way to lose ourselves is to get into a state of flow — “in the zone” with something worthwhile. With the discipline to surrender to our process, flow can be achieved. Like an ice cream sandwich, the good stuff is in the middle, but the two cookies are what keep it together. Being in flow with what you want feels amazing and creates momentum, flowing your desires toward you. The path is the way. The flow state then becomes an end unto itself: You’ll start to enjoy your process, not just for the results it yields, but because it keeps you in the moment and not in your head. It gets you living and your blood flowing. It’s freedom from reactivity and anxious, clingy feelings. There will always be stuff we can control and stuff we cannot; by being in flow having surrendered to our process, we are already vibrationally aligned with what we want. If problems occur, like water we can move around them and find an alternate course. 

This New Moon in Pisces during Mercury Retrograde invites us to give up the struggle but don’t give up the love. Go to the sea — the sea of what you love — and let it have its way with you. Become one with your desire. Lose yourself in the getting of it. Care, but don’t care too much, because you’re doing all you can do. In this state of surrender, you’ll allow things to unfold in miraculous, magical ways. What more could you ask for on a Pisces New Moon? 

To see which life area the New Moon in Pisces will activate, find out which house is occupied by 15 degrees of Pisces is in your chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below. 

ARIES: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious, and Mercury will be retrograding there, too! Especially with unpredictable Uranus now out of your sign, this is perfect time to take it down a notch and get in touch with your inner being: reflecting, meditating, and implementing positive subconscious beliefs will be time well spent! This is an important transit for you, Aries, as it’s the precursor to your next birthday year. Just as a diver steadies himself before taking the plunge, you too should take the next few weeks to poise yourself and be subconsciously prepared. We get what we subconsciously believe we are, so use this time to empower your inner dialogue. That’s what the universe hears — your inner conversations with yourself. In addition to resting and reflecting, reconsider how you want your life to be and what you’d like it to look like. Tap into the feelings you want to experience, using your imagination to visualize having what you want…perfect health, a surplus of money, an amazing mate, etc. The subconscious can’t differentiate between what’s being imagined and what’s actually happening, so in doing this, you’ll be aligning your vibration with your desires for your next birthday year. While moving through life from that place of fulfillment, take inspired, actionable steps toward the goal. You’re a powerhouse, Aries: Shortcut your manifestations by feeling relief and embodying/surrendering to the dream. Everything you want wants you, too.

TAURUS: The Pisces New Moon will transit your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Friends, and Mercury will be retrograding here, too. Over the next two weeks, take time to reconsider your greatest hopes, dreams, wishes and ideals. With radical Uranus having re-entered your sign, anything can happen! Remember, the 11th House is the house of “why not?” Why not give yourself permission to go after your big dreams? Help along the way will be your friends or groups of like-minded people also inspired about life and all it has to offer. Because Mercury’s retrograding through this area of your chart, this is the perfect time to reconnect with people from the past. You’ll get a chance to revive old friendships, old flames, and old professional relationships — networking now with people from the past could be game-changing. As always, first tap into your DESERVABILITY and WORTHINESS and then take actionable steps to materialize your goals. Even if a specific strategy doesn’t yield the results you desire, remember that the energy you put forth doesn’t just evaporate — it’s put toward your end-game in a way unbeknownst to you. Make sure to stay clear this month, keeping up with diet, exercise, and rest so the power of universe can easily run through you to help you manifest your miracles. All miracles are based on love, and the more friends, dreams and communities you can love now, the better! 

GEMINI: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Tenth House of Career, and Retrograde Mercury will be hanging out there, too! Because you’re Mercury ruled, you’re much better at communicating than most of us, but when the winged messenger retrogrades, you also take quite the hit! Use the next four weeks to rest, replenish and reconsider that email before you click “send!” With the New Moon and Mercury transiting the career sector of your chart, this is a game-changing time, but it’s not a race! Reconsider your career goals this month, and don’t make any sudden moves unless they’ve been in the works for some time. You’re in an advantageous position now professionally, but advance endeavors that have been started before, as opposed to brand-spanking new ideas that have “come up out of the blue.” While using the New Moon’s energy to manifest, it never hurts to keep things general. How you want to feel is not likely to change: You probably want to feel more appreciated career-wise…rewarded, esteemed, respected, applauded. How about just focusing on these emotions you want to experience for the time being, and see what comes up? Sure, take inspired action — even under retrograde — just make sure what you do is not risky business. Additionally, former VIPS (think CEOs, bosses, etc.) could be important for you now. Though the retrograde is not great for brand new relationships, it’s great for those that were established before. If you’re looking for a recommendation, referral, or a business opportunity, put people from the past at the top of your list this month. Cheers to your career, Gemini! Just take it slow and know that all that glitters may not be gold and that silence can be golden. 

CANCER: The Pisces New Moon will transit your Ninth House of Expansion, and Mercury Retrograde will be in this area of your chart, too! Though it’s not the best time to launch a new project (unless it’s been started before), it’s a great time for planning one! Same thing with long-distance travels. You may have itchy feet this month, wanting to bust out of the familiar. Though planning a trip now is better than actually going on one, if that doesn’t relieve you, consider returning someplace you’ve been before (a little Mercury Retrograde trick to avoid snafus!). Since this area of your chart also rules publishing and getting your message out, this is a great time to dust off that old manuscript and revise it! Same thing with old blog posts, résumés, and other marketing collateral: Revise what’s been done instead of starting from scratch. This New Moon is all about expansion, but because it’s retrograde, it’ll be easiest to expand through stuff that’s been started before. If you’re looking to light up your brain, reviewing old notebooks or reading books you’ve read before will be very helpful — you’ll grasp concepts in a much better way and gain a deeper sense of appreciation. Most important, use this period to consider where you want to go in the world — literally and figuratively. Embrace your limitless potential and start planning for Spring. If you can perceive it, you can achieve it — you just have to expand enough to get it. 

LEO: The Pisces New Moon will transit your Eighth House of Rebirth, and Mercury will be retrograding through this area of your chart, too. The only constant in the universe is change; change, therefore, is stability which is this month’s theme. Do you want a brand new life? Or just some adjustments to your daily goings-on? The point of this transit is empowerment through transformation. Because of the retrograde, it may be best to tap into an aspect of yourself you had experienced before, as it’s better to return to things now as opposed to starting from scratch. For instance, consider when you were most happy — what were you doing? Whether it’s a hobby, idea, vocation, diet, or fitness regimen, consider what’s empowered you in the past that you may want to return to again. Even a relationship, if you feel you and the other person have matured. Since this transit also pertains to boundaries, remember those lessons that may show up again — those times when you were too restrictive or too loose with your boundaries. The theme of letting go is also strong this month, even if you have to let go because of a significant gain: Starting a new job relates to the ending of the old one, for instance, just as starting a new relationship means the ending of single life. Whatever is ending now should be mourned and fully released for a fresh, new start.

VIRGO: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Seventh House of Partnerships, and Mercury will be retrograding through this area of your chart, too. This month, you’ll have an opportunity to strengthen the partnerships you’re in and revitalize some old alliances, should you feel that’s a good idea. In fact, people from the past may be popping up through March due to the retrograde, and it’s with people from the past now with whom you can make the most gains. Take it slow with new relationships that come about, as it is retrograde, and that Prince/Princess charming may not be what they seem! Keep in mind your old lessons in relationships, as you may be tested. Further, try to hold off on signing any contracts; if you have to sign, make sure you go through the legalese with a fine-tooth comb or — even better — have a lawyer take a look. What’s great about this period is that you’ll have the chance to really examine your relationships — what and how you contribute and what you’d like to get back. Make sure to be extra clear in your communications with partners now, and don’t jump to conclusions as things may not be as they seem! While you can double-down on your commitment to your partner now, if you’re not in a relationship, use the next four weeks to get clear on what you want in one. Think back to your past loves and what you loved about each one; this may help you create a “composite sketch” that clarifies exactly what you’re looking for. Some purposeful reflection about all your partnerships — past, present and the ones you want in the future — will be a brilliant way to spend Mercury Retrograde (until March 28). 

LIBRA: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Sixth House of Lifestyle, and this area of your chart will also be affected by Mercury Retrograde. This transit is typically about “health” and “work” — what we do day-in, day-out. Thus, you’re in the perfect position to really improve your daily goings-on. Reflect on what you want your life to be like. If it’s a new job you’re looking for, consider companies/clients with whom you have a history, as that would be most advantageous under the retrograde. For instance, a job you had thought about before, had applied to in the past, or even held down previously. And if you’ve started your job search already and want a brand new one, no worries: Mercury Retrograde won’t thwart efforts already begun (although you’ll still have to consider the fine print!). Likewise, this month is great for fine-tuning your health and fitness. Consider returning to a regimen you had results with in the past, as opposed to starting a completely different one. Consider what adjustments will make your body feel as perfect as possible. Essentially, you can use this month to get your life running like a well-oiled machine. Reflect on the combination of things that would make you feel well and happy: What work would you do, how would your body feel, what recreational activities would you enjoy? With the right balance of things in place, you’ll find everything supports everything else. 

SCORPIO: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Fifth House of Pleasure, and Mercury Retrograde will be affecting this area of your life, too! Now this “pleasure” isn’t the deep, transformational kind your sign may be used to; instead, it’s less intense, more about fun, joy — those things that really light you up. This could be romance, for sure, but it’s a time to play and enjoy your inner child more than anything else. With Mercury’s retrograde, you may find old passions from the past coming up; for instance, old lovers and things you used to like to do, like hobbies and creative pursuits. In fact, this is a great time to revitalize an old passion you have, like writing, painting, etc. If an ex love should come back into your life, it could be good, if previously it was a “right-person-wrong-time” scenario. If you’ve been on the hunt for new love, you’ll get to double-down on your efforts now, even if it’s retrograde because your search had been started before. Still, take new love connections now with a grain of salt, as things may not be as they seem under the retrograde! Most important this month is to reflect on what gives your heart joy. This is a great time to re-experience stuff that you really enjoyed before, so think about about the good times you’ve had and do those things again! The energetic field around your heart is way more powerful than your brain, so the more clarity you get on what makes your heart happy, the better you’ll be able to generate energy and create your best life. Use this month to rediscover what lights you up, you’ll get to use April and beyond to experience life most fully!

SAGITTARIUS: The Pisces New Moon will transit your Fourth House of Emotional Security, and Mercury Retrograde will be affecting this area of your chart, too. Now’s the time to find your “happy place” — i.e., what makes you feel yummy inside and emotionally at peace. Though this transit can pertain to your physical home, your true “home” you take around with you wherever you go. Thus, take some time this month to really nurture yourself and understand what self-care does you the most good. If you’re looking to move and have already started house-hunting process, continue— just take an extra look to ensure it’s the right place for you, and read your lease thoroughly before signing. If you haven’t started your search for a new home yet, now’s great for reflecting on what you want it to be like. Mercury Retrograde is also ideal for researching, so you may find lots of information that will help your search. Finally, family may be important this month, and those you haven’t heard from in awhile may come back around. This is a great period to re-establish deep connections. In fact, this is the perfect time for a reunion: Under retrograde, it’ll be like you never left and y’all can pick up right where you had left off. All in all, this transit is about you getting a better understanding of what makes you feel good. You may be extra touchy this month, so give people the benefit of the doubt before going off like a rocket. In deepening your understanding of what you need emotionally, you’ll have an emotional foundation on which your best, most amazing life can be built.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Third House of Communication; this is also the area Mercury will be retrograding through your chart. Because Mercury rules communication, and communication is your theme now, you’ll have to be extra cognizant of your Miranda rights over the retrograde until March 28, as anything you say can and may be used against you. When in doubt, leave it out. You work so hard, that you don’t need an ill-considered email, phone conversation, or social media post to tarnish your reputation. To balance this, make sure (in a sound-proof room) to express yourself fully so you don’t implode. Even amping up your fitness regimen to release your frustrations could be a good idea. Still, this is a New Moon and you’ll have the opportunity to improve your communication skills and your social life. The most important communications you have, of course, are with yourself, so use this month to ensure you’re giving yourself empowering self-talk. Also give yourself some buffer room this month — prepare for traffic and things taking longer than they should. Your social life should be abuzz this month, just know that events probably won’t turn out the way you had expected — they could turn out even better, but still, manage your expectations. If possible, aim to attend gatherings and places you’ve been to before, as that will lessen the likelihood of events going awry. This is a great month to clarify the things you like to do socially, and some events under the retrograde are actually “destined,” so don’t hide under the covers. This New Moon promises stronger social ties for you, but due to the retrograde, it’s likely to be among those you have met previously. All in all, use this month to slow down and be clear —  have fun and don’t bite!

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in Pisces will transit your Second House of Self-Worth and Finance, and this is also where Mercury will be retrograding in your chart this month. New Moons pertain to new beginnings, but because Mercury’s retrograde, there’s a better chance for successful new beginnings with anything that’s been started before. Consider the states of flow you’ve experienced before, as this transit is about creating more abundance in your life. In the past, reflect back to when you were expressing yourself most fully, felt physically most amazing, or were flourishing financially. If you can’t recall times like these, pull from your imagination what these things would feel like, setting the framework for them to flow into your life. Now that you’ve grown wiser, you know better what you want, what you can do to get it, and hold onto it; another aspect of the 2nd House is staying true to your values, which will allow you to flow more value into the universe. This month, you’ll have the opportunity to ground yourself to what feels right. Start with the throat chakra, as your power center this new moon is your voice, and expressing the energy in your throat will be what allows your goals to materialize. In doing this, you may come to certain conclusions about your self-worth, and how you might be disenfranchising yourself. When you start expressing yourself and opening up the throat chakra, you’ll come to conclusions, so express yourself: Create art, speak openly with others, or even just write out what you have to “get off your chest” so that your heart is open; with an open heart, you can flow with who you are and what you need to feel abundant will flow as well.

PISCES: This is a very powerful New Moon for you, as it transits your First House of Identity; this is the area that Mercury is retrograding through your chart, too. Lately, you may be feeling like you’re swimming in different waters, sensing you want something different than what you’ve been experiencing. This is a rite of passage now, as you feel your way through life and experience things that click — “Yes, this is it, this is what I want!” you say. In experiencing your highest excitement, you know you’re most in touch with who you really are. Being so fluid, you don’t have to work hard to achieve higher happiness this New Moon. Just as when water enters a cup, it becomes the cup, as you experience the emotions you want to experience more of, you become the embodiment of those emotions — the personification of them — which will result in attracting the correlating experiences. With Mercury Retrograde, you may get a glimpse of what in past had helped shape who you are. Even better, with more perspective now, in looking back, you can “cherry pick” and conceive what feelings and experiences you’d like to experience again — but this time in a much more full, rich and informed way now, helping you avoid repeating past mistakes. Know that stuff from the past may come up this month: People from the past, songs from the past, movies you loved, creative expression you enjoyed. This is all happening so you can clarify what you want to now incorporate into your life for a new normal. Reflect on those things that had made you happy and reacquaint yourself with them, since you’re different now. In terms of manifesting what you want this new moon, it’s a no-brainer for you. “I would feel overjoyed if this happened!” you say. Well, then, feel overjoyed! Think about when you had felt overjoyed before or imagine what it will feel like to be overjoyed when you get what you desire. This journey to your highest joy, your most exalted self, will help you invent a new self that you and others will fall in love with all over again. 

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