An Attempt To Tip the Scales - Super Full Moon in Libra


On March 20, 2019 we have a Super Full Moon in Libra at a critical 0 degrees, giving this lunar cycle ultimate potential. This Full Moon comes on the same day as the Spring Equinox and first day of Aries — the beginning of a new astrological year. With Full Moons being about completion, releasing and letting things go, and the spring being a time of new beginnings, the notion that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end is called to mind: As we end, so shall we begin. 

With Mercury having been retrograde this past month, communications and our minds have slowed down. Just like traffic may be frustrating but forces us to pause, Mercury Retrograde affords us the luxury of retrospection: It’s a time for us to reflect, revise, redo, relearn, and re-strategize to make the most amount of progress: Just as a slingshot must go back to go forward, so too must we. We enter Spring, therefore, with a better understanding of the lessons we still have to learn and what we must do to make the most of our lives. 

The Full Moon is in the sign of Libra, the only sign of the zodiac symbolized by an inanimate object: The scales, referring to our attempts to solve problems quantitatively, through logic and rationalization. Our little measurements chase us every day as we pursue balance and harmony in our lives. On this Full Moon, like Libra, we will attempt to tip the scales and make adjustments. If you’ve ever been with a Libra, you may notice they’re constantly adjusting things, regardless of necessity: The lighting, the temperature, the seasoning of the food, the volume of the music or TV, etc. They simply cannot help themselves and can’t leave well enough alone. Perhaps the volume would be better lower, more saffron does need to be added to the chicken, etc. — they have a good sense for such things. But as the Full Moon looms with Mercury still retrograde, be cautious in your adjustments: Sometimes just a little more on one scale is enough, and there’s no need to go to the opposite extreme. Creating some distance from any problems now may also bring more harmony, balance, and peace — sometimes tipping the scales is a matter of just seeing things differently. 

When it comes to manifesting our goals, the Libra moon and its gift for logic is helpful, as it makes it easier to tip the scales: To drop a few pounds, one must burn more calories, either by cutting them out of their diet or burning them off through exercise. For more money, one must either make more or spend less. To be madly, happily in love, one must create the space and atmosphere to allow it in. In each attempt to tip the scales, we’ll save ourselves strife and frustration by concerning ourselves with only what’s in our realm of control. We can’t do much about other forces outside of ourselves; we can send the email, for instance, but can’t control the other person’s response. Perhaps Libras have a better grasp of this notion, but sometimes we get in the way of our manifestations by driving ourselves bonkers with what’s outside of our control. The cool logic of Libra, therefore, may come in handy this Full Moon, helping us to clearly define what we can do, versus what is outside of our jurisdiction. In the following chart, we can see how we can use the four elements to manifest whatever we want and where we have to acquiesce to maintain equilibrium — i.e., what we can do versus what we cannot: 

Note: Erik Brown is the man I would turn to if I wanted to buy or rent in Los Angeles.

With a clear idea of exactly what is within our realm of control and what is not, we can focus our energies most advantageously, and let the universe (or others if they’re involved) fill in the blanks. In the words of Kris Jenner, “If somebody says ‘no’, you’re asking the wrong person.” Thus, should we hit a road block, it’s just a matter of re-positioning ourselves and continuing the course via an alternative angle. Use this Full Moon to determine what’s within your control, and work all four elements to totally bring yourself 100% to your endeavor. 

To find out which life area is where you’ll be able to best “tip the scales” in your favor, find out where 0 degrees of Libra is in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below. 

ARIES: With Mercury Retrograde, your mind may have slowed down enough for you to come to some conclusions — or at least further understanding — about where you are now, where you want to go, and what you need to do to get there. You may have gained a better understanding of how you need to think to achieve the results you desire. Now that you’ve gone through this contemplative time, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Seventh House of Partnerships, you may be clearer, too, on what you need from a partner. If you’re already hitched, these next two weeks are great for deepening your union by being cognizant of the energy you’re flowing into the relationship. If you’re dissatisfied in your relationships, now’s the time to “trouble-shoot” and make adjustments. If you’re not in a relationship, you can use the next two weeks to release resistance to the ideal one you’d like to have. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get crystal clear on what’s in your control and what’s not; by having the wisdom to know when you should control and let go, you’re able to apply your energy most effectively. This Full Moon is on the first day of spring — YOUR SEASON! You should be feeling light and renewed, so bask in all that you are and all that you’ve done, and let go of anything heavy so you can fly! 

TAURUS: With Mercury Retrograde, the past two weeks probably had you reflecting on your greatest hopes, dreams, wishes and goals — those in the past and those you have now. As we edge toward April, you’ll gain greater clarity on what’s next for you to pursue. Now, with the Full Moon in Libra transiting your Sixth House of Lifestyle, it’ll be important to consider how your lifestyle supports your ideals. Is there something you could be doing daily to get you closer to your goals? Or is there something you’re doing that’s thwarting your progress? Either way, you can use these next two weeks to start fresh! This is the perfect time to consider what you really want and create a lifestyle that fully supports that. Sometimes we say we want something, but don’t bother making room for it — well, this Full Moon can really fix that. This is a great time to release your old protocol for a new one, by doubling-down on a healthy diet and exercise regimen, for instance. This transit may also have to do with work: If you feel as if your job could use a reboot, start the process of researching new work opportunities. At the same time, make sure to be extra cautious in your current job — Mercury Retrograde requires we check and double check the details! Still, consider what you’re doing now and what kind of new work situation would make you happier. If you’ve already started your job search process, keep on keeping on. If you’ve started under the retrograde (March 6) a job you had before (or had considered before) will be your best bet. When Mercury goes direct on March 28, you’ll be just about ready to embark on new projects — including a job search. The most important thing to do during this transit is to take good care of yourself, day-in and day-out. There will be plenty of time to go all out; for now, do what you must, but make taking care yourself your #1 priority. 

GEMINI: Over the past two weeks, you’ve probably been focused on your professional life and working toward advancing your career. It’s tough when it’s Mercury Retrograde (especially when you’re Mercury-ruled) so give yourself a break if it’s been hard to make significant strides. Now, however, it’s a time to balance out all your hard work with some fun, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Fifth House of Pleasure. Sure, you can still pursue your ambitions, just make sure you do so in a fun and enjoyable way! This Full Moon is washing away blocks to experiencing joy, fun, laughter and love, so meet the universe half way and giddy up to enjoy your life! Over the next two weeks, ignite your inner spark that blazes when you’re doing things you really love. Consider what will help you experience ecstatic joy in your life: Is it a romance that sweeps you off your feet? Is it good times with friends and family? Or is it a creative project that you’re over-the-moon excited about? Whatever makes you feel free and alive like a little kid inside, do it! This two-week transit is about letting go of anything heavy, as you move in the direction of things that make you feel good. Remember, everything is magical when you see it with your heart — and that now is the name of your Springtime game! 

CANCER: Over the past two weeks as Mercury has been retrograde, you may have been reflecting on what you can do to make life more exciting! You’ve been going through a 9th House transit, too, which typically makes one have itchy feet. The need to expand is real, and you probably have a better idea now of what’s calling your name: Perhaps it’s a trip to a foreign land or a deep dive into a study that galvanizes your brain. Now, however, as the Full Moon transits your Fourth House of Home and Family, it’s time to get back to your roots and really nurture your foundation. Over the next two weeks, work on giving yourself 100% pure, unconditional love. Meanwhile, surround yourself with those who love and care about you — sop it all up! The more nurture you can accept these next two weeks, the better: The deeper the soil, the richer the fruit! Further, work on releasing anything that undermines your self-worth. Just take a look at anything you’ve been doing that’s been making you feel bad, and judge whether or not it’s sensible for your end game. Even if there’s nothing to say bye-bye to, make sure to bump up your self-care over the next 14 days. Sleep in, book a spa day or massage, binge watch your favorite shows — anything to nurture yourself. You want to feel really at home within the self now, so you feel at home no matter where you go. 

LEO: The past two weeks may have been a bit heavy for you, as the New Moon and retrograde Mercury have been transiting your Eighth House of Rebirth. Typically, this is a time of metamorphosis and reflection, and things are about to lighten as you achieve a new normal, integrating the new “you” into a life that’s different in some way. As the Full Moon in Libra transits your Third House of Communications now, your day-to-day interactions (even the one’s you have with yourself) may go through changes: You may find you need to drop some stuff from your schedule. Because Mercury is still retrograde, try to stay clear of any momentous decisions that don’t have a back-peddling strategy built-in. Further, there’s bound to be a lot of buzz over the next two weeks with this transit: Phone calls, emails, errands to run, socializing and more. While managing your schedule, consider what daily activities may benefit from some adjusting. Perhaps you’ll want to rest more often at home after work or — just the opposite — will want to be more social. Whatever the case, you’re now poised to perceive what’s working and what’s not in your daily life now. Although this transit concerns your interactions with others, it’s very much also about the communications you have with yourself. Pay attention to your inner dialogue: if you notice your thoughts sometimes veer to the negative or that you’re quick to criticize yourself, this is the perfect time to release that. Be self-disciplined in keeping self-praise top of mind. Finally, make sure your body feels great (rest, massage, good diet and exercise) so you’re able to handle a busy schedule well over the next two weeks.

VIRGO: Partnerships were likely the focus over the past two weeks with the New Moon and Mercury retrograding through your 7th House. You have likely come to some conclusions about the partners you have in your life now, and the ones you want in the future. Now, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Second House of Self-Worth, it’s about acknowledging your value and what you bring to the table. This is important in light of relationships, as to ensure things are balanced. Though important in relationships, this Second House transit may have more to do with money, which coincides with how much value we’re giving to the world — or how much we’re expressing ourselves. By focusing on your self-worth and self-expression, you will be poised to provide more value to the world, which will increase your income. Over the next two weeks, let go of anything undermining your self-worth and keeping you from expressing yourself. Pay extra close attention to your throat — your self-worth center — and ensure it feels good; if not, release any anger in a healthy way, maybe by talking or writing a letter that you don’t have to send. Another shortcut to high self-worth and a thriving bank balance is sensuality; use this transit to work out any kinks in your body — book a massage or take some hot baths. By releasing any physical tension, you’ll allow the universe to flow through you more easily. With divine energy flowing, you’ll easily express your most authentic self to reap more physical and financial benefits.

LIBRA: Over the past two weeks, you’ve likely been focusing on work and health with the New Moon and Mercury retrograding through this area of your chart. The time is still ripe for reinvigorating these areas of your life, as you implement the right combination of things that make you feel well and happy. As the Full Moon now transits your First House of Identity, the universe is helping you start fresh and make some changes to your body, perception and self-image. This Full Moon is the perfect time to release anything that’s no longer for your highest good. Think about how you want to feel over the next several months, and consider what adjustments you can make. It may help to look at your life with a wide lens, and consider your end-goal: If you want to achieve something, do you see yourself as the type of person that would live that reality? In essence, it’s a matter of putting the cart before the horse: If you want to be a millionaire, do you have the mindset of one now? If you want to find your soulmate, are you making time daily to mate with your soul? These next two weeks are great for making adjustments to the way you think, look, and behave so that you’re energetically aligned with the end result you desire. Every moment we get to decide who we are, so don’t be afraid to say goodbye to a version of yourself that you’ve outgrown. Motion creates the self, so when you have an idea of who you want to be, just start acting like it. “All the world’s a stage,” Shakespeare said, so use this Full Moon to release anything “out of character” for the person you want to become. 

SCORPIO: Hopefully you’ve really been enjoying yourself over the past two weeks, as the New Moon transited your Fifth House of Pleasure. Mercury has also been retrograding through this area of your chart, calling up past things that really gave yourself joy. Maybe past loves have been on your mind (or showed up!) or you got reacquainted with a hobby you really enjoyed before. There’s more fun to be had and more joy to experience, so stay tuned! But if there’s any way you can give yourself some downtime now, you’ll be serving yourself well: This week’s Full Moon in Libra will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious; thus, the next two weeks is ideal for reflective, quiet time. Since in life we get what we subconsciously believe we deserve, make use of the next two weeks by entertaining only the most empowering thoughts. What would be even better is spending some time listening to subliminal hypnosis recordings, meditating, saying affirmations, and visualizing what you want your life to look like over the next several months. Shortcut success by getting excited about the life you want to live, and conjure up and sustain the feeling that it’s already happened. Bask in all the glory that you deserve and work your plan! This is also a letting go time for you, so use this period to do some soul searching to find out what you’re really looking for. You’ll want to enter the spring feeling as free and happy as possible, so drop the dead wood and weak links so you can shine like the bright star you are.

SAGITTARIUS: Over the past two weeks, your attention has likely been on personal matters like home, family, and emotional security. Mercury has also been transiting this area of your chart, calling attention to past situations that relate to your sense of security. As a result, you may now feel a deeper level of self-trust, complete with stronger connections that make you feel secure. With this deeper level of inner security, you’re in the perfect position to make the best use of the Full Moon in Libra, which will highlight your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, and Ideals. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be able to remove blocks and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your greatest desires. “Removing blocks” could be as simple as taking action, which proves to the universe your commitment to your ideals. Additionally, since Full Moons are about letting go, you may decide that certain dreams don’t appeal to you any longer, so it’ll be a matter of letting old ones go so new ones can materialize. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” as the song goes, so don’t be afraid to recalibrate if that feels right to you. Further, the Eleventh House also pertains to your friends and community — those people who help you achieve your aims. You can find or lean on your tribe now and be empowered by their collective energy. Likewise, do what you can over the next two weeks to make space in your life for inspiration: Release what you need to in order feel your best — with those people who bring out your best. This is a transit of “why not?” Why not live a life in which you’re feeling on top of the world? Why not get rid of anything that’s bringing you down, because “up” is where your pathologically optimistic sign ought to be!

CAPRICORN: The last two weeks were probably busy for you, as the New Moon had transited your Third House of Communication. Mercury’s been retrograding through this area of your chart, too, so it’s likely you’ve been hearing from people from the past. Through these interactions, you’ve hopefully achieved more clarity on how you express your mental energy. Hopefully, too, you’ve improved your self-talk so that it’s more empowering. Now, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Tenth House of Career, the emphasis for the next two weeks will be on your professional life. Since the Full Moon is great for releasing energy no longer needed, it may be helpful to figure out what you don’t want professionally for yourself, which will inform what you do want. If you have an idea of what you want to achieve career-wise, you can make some great strides over the next two weeks. Keep in mind that the spotlight is on you and your work over the next two weeks; if you want to level up, this is the time to do so because people are watching! Remember that oftentimes careers are made on “no’s” not “yes’es,” so be discriminating in what you agree to. Finally, your legacy need not be confined to just professional endeavors; you might make your mark in the world as a powerful spouse, parent, good friend, or philanthropist. However you decide to make a contribution to society, if you follow your heart you’ll live on in the hearts of others and create a legacy that lasts forever.

AQUARIUS: Over the past two weeks, you’ve probably been flowing more in your self-expression, which has resulted in more abundance in your life. With Mercury Retrograding through this area of your chart, however, some past lessons pertaining to self-expression may have come up. Take measures to ensure the energy in your throat feels good, as open energy there will facilitate the outflow of value you’re able to give the world. Now, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Ninth House of Expansion, the theme of expressing yourself continues. Over the next two weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to widen your worldview and broaden your horizons. You may experience “itchy feet,” wanting to get away from the ordinary and experience more of what life has to offer. If you have the opportunity to get away, that’d be grand! Maybe a trip to foreign shores is what the doctor orders now, or something else that broadens your horizons. Perhaps you’ll decide to learn more about philosophy, spirituality, or anything that helps you perceive life’s limitless potential. In getting a better idea of what exists “out there,” you’ll gain insight into how you might help the universe. In this vein, you may decide to share your perspective with a wide audience, perhaps by publishing or broadcasting your work. Most important over this two-week transit is walking away from limiting circumstances; you’ll want to experience the world as vast, and allow others to experience YOU as vast, too. Whether you use this transit to see different things, learn different things, or teach others different things, you can expect to feel freer and BIGGER than you had before. Go big to make this spring one for the books!

PISCES: Hope you had the happiest birthday in the history of birthdays, Pisces! The past two weeks were probably very eye-opening, you having gained a better understanding of who you are and who you want to become (which are the same thing, really). Mercury has been retrograding through this self-identity area of your chart, too, so you may have had to re-assert to yourself if you’ve found yourself playing a role you thought you had outgrown. Now, as the Full Moon in Libra flows through your Eighth House of Rebirth, you’re called to live out a different life based on your re-affirmed identity. Over the next two weeks, you’ll better understand what you need to do differently, and where you will set and dissolve boundaries. It’s likely you have a better sense of what exactly will make you stronger, so now comes the actual changes that affirm your re-established self. Make adjustments as you see fit over the next two weeks while being flexible and going with the flow. Mercury is still retrograding in your sign, so go easy as you fall in love with this new version of you.

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