Make Mercury Retrograde Your Bitch: 12 Tips To Thrive Under the Retrograde


It’s that time of the year again, folks! Mercury, the planet of communication, will slow down from March 5–28 and appear from our standpoint here on earth to be going backwards. During this transit, communications tend to suffer, making Mercury Retrograde famous for unexpected snafus, computer and technology glitches, heavier traffic, mix-ups and misunderstandings. But it’s a perfect universe, remember, so there’s even a point to Mercury Retrograde! Really, it forces us to slow down which can be very beneficial in the grand scheme of things. To make the most of the transit, do anything that starts with the prefix “re,” Latin for “again” or “back.” Here’s ten great “re” things to do to not just survive but thrive under Mercury Retrograde.

  1. Reconvene. Since new projects probably won’t turn out that hot, it’s best during Mercury Retrograde to just keep working on what you already have on your plate. And if you’re all caught up and have time to twiddle your thumbs (yeah, right!) great, as resting is a fantastic use of the cycle.

  2. Reconnect. Though it’s not ideal to start a new relationship under the retrograde, it’s a good time to reconnect with people from your past (depending on the person). Because from our standpoint Mercury is going in reverse motion, you can usually pick up right where you had left off, and your past relationship is more easily revitalized.

  3. Reconsider. Since communication is slowing down under the retrograde, it’s a good time to look at your plans and make sure they make sense. Sometimes we come up with an idea and implement it without giving it proper consideration. Look at the moves you’re planning to make, and think through them carefully.

  4. Return. Since new places we visit under the retrograde can turn out to be not what we had expected, returning to where you’ve been before usually bodes better. If you have to take someone important out to dinner, for instance, or you’re not sure which hotel to choose, return to one you had been to before.

  5. Revise. Don’t start a new project; instead, revise an old one. We all have stuff we’ve started before that could use some fine-tuning, and Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to rework old material. Dust off that old manuscript, proposal, or presentation and revise it now to make it better.

  6. Research. With communication slowed down, you are likely to find information that you had not been able to find before! Whether you love delineating your family tree, need source information for a project, or want to plan out a trip, Merc Retro will make your research revolutionary!

  7. Reschedule. If there’s anything important but not time sensitive, why not reschedule? This is most important regarding the signing of contracts or important events like weddings.

  8. Reword. It’s extremely easy for things to be taken out of context under retrograde, and mountains can be made out of molehills. Though being straight-forward (read: cut-throat) may give you momentary satisfaction, make diplomacy your watchword under the retrograde, and you’ll stay out of trouble.

  9. Replay. One of the coolest things to do under the retrograde is to fall in love again with songs, movies and TV shows you had forgotten about. You’ll find a new appreciation for these old things, discover new interpretations, and notice how your tastes have changed.

  10. Remember. Mercury Retrograde often brings us old lessons disguised in a different way, helping us to see how far we’ve come or what we have to learn — again. When it comes to any challenges, conflicts or even just things you care deeply about, remember your mis-steps before. Don’t berate yourself, but take measures to ensure you don’t do what you swore you’d never do again.

  11. Reflect. With communications slowed down, the retrograde is a great time to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions to ensure they match up with what you want in your life. A little bit of soul searching could make a big difference.

  12. Reaffirm. Though it’s not great to start new projects and relationships under the retrograde, reaffirming your commitments is a good idea. Look at your goals and reaffirm your commitment to them. And the people you care about, make sure to reaffirm your love for them. You never want to leave the important people in your life guessing how much they mean to you.

Joshua MacGuireComment