Far From the Shallow: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Astrology Prove They Belong Together


Few things get astrologers more excited than seeing extreme chemistry between two people, and then proving with the astroLOGIC of numerical proof that two people are connected beyond the surface of what is seen. 

People don’t realize, astrology is as much a science as it is an art. Math people tend not to like astrology because they think it doesn’t give definitive answers. Well, here it does. [I hope you’re reading this, my brother, Michael.]

When looking to see if two people belong together (in some capacity) the numbers don’t lie. We erect the charts for each person and look at the numbers — the degrees of the planets, stars and asteroids. There are certain tell-tale signs that show us whether a connection is “written in the stars” i.e., karmic, fated, destined. If a connection is not “fated,” the pair’s astrological charts can still inform the couple’s compatibility. But when it is fated, whether they’re compatible or not, they will be drawn together irrespective of their styles, looks and tastes — i.e., far from the shallow. 

When looking for fate between two people/charts, there are three main things I look for: 

1.) The South and North nodes, which correlate with past lives and destiny, respectively.

2.) Saturn, which pertains to karma.

3.) The 12th House, which relates to past lives, karma, and reincarnation.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have a trifecta: All three karmic points are relevant between them. 

Lady Gaga’s Saturn, which depicts karma, is at 9 degrees of Sagittarius. Cooper’s North Node, depicting his destiny, is ALSO at 9 degrees Sagittarius. This has a 3.333333333% of happening between two charts. Her karma and his destiny are linked up: What she has reaped/become (karma) is where Cooper is destined to go (North Node).

Meanwhile, Bradley’s Uranus, the planet that “shocks,” is at 2 degrees of Scorpio, which is conjunct Lady’s Gaga’s South Node, which depicts her past lives. With this aspect, Cooper galvanizes Gaga’s past life memories; like lightning, he sparks what’s within her that’s deep, buried, something that she most likely can’t explain but deeply feels in some way. In connecting with this sensitive part of her chart, Cooper activates her past life memories, giving her access to the deeper parts of her soul. (The soul is the essence which is around for many incarnations, as compared with one’s spirit, which is singular to each specific lifetime.)

If that wasn’t enough, Lady Gaga’s Part of Fortune, which indicates what she needs to fulfill her destiny, is activated by Bradley’s Venus, the planet of love, at 28 degrees of Capricorn. This is exact. There are 30 degrees, so this too has a 1 in 30 chance of happening between two people. She needs the energy his Venus — his love—provides to achieve peace and fulfill her destiny. 

Finally, in terms of karma, Bradley’s South Node, depicting his past lives, is conjunct Lady Gaga’s Chiron, planet of the wounded healer. This indicates that in their past lifetime, Gaga was a wounded healer to Cooper. Pluto, perhaps the most powerful planet, also indicative of karma, creates a harmonious trine here. With Pluto’s powerful energy entwined, their connection was perhaps unavoidable. Doing their movie was the easiest way they could come together — the path of least resistance. Had they not made the movie, it’s likely they would have united in some other way. Luckily for us, through the magic of cinema their star was born. 

Joshua MacGuireComment