Love You Like That - New Moon in Libra

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But what’s “that?!” How do you want to be loved? That’s the jackpot question this Libra New Moon, and what you’re likely to discover during Venus Retrograde (Oct. 6-Nov. 16). In figuring this out, you’ll find your bliss.

Partnership is balance to Libra, and during Libra season, we need partners to balance ourselves. Not just romantic ones, but all kinds: your best friend, business partner, your “audience” in the world and others whom you support and support you. On this New Moon and its two-week waxing period, you can start attracting whomever and whatever you need to balance your life.

The first step to getting what you want is knowing what you want. Over the past two weeks, since the Full Moon in Aries, we may have become very clear on what we don’t want — what we won’t stand for — and may have drawn lines in the sand: i.e., “This is not me. This is not what I want in my life.” You may have decided to distance yourself from a job, relationship, or lifestyle habit you no longer prefer. It’s this process of knowing what you don’t want that helps determine what you do want. Now it’s a matter of further clarifying your vision of what you want, and aligning with it. To align with it, feel the way you would feel if you were experiencing your ideal reality now; then, by virtue of like attracting like, you sync up with it in your life.

With Pluto making a challenging square to the luminaries, we may find ourselves reverting back to the “scene of the crime,” or regressing back to what we find familiar but not desirable. (This can also happen under Venus Retrograde.) Pluto brings up old shit, and with its aspects to the sun and moon this New Moon, we’ll have to double-down on what we SAY we want. We’ll have to face our old beliefs and fight the fears that hold us back from the rebirth and regeneration that Pluto can bring. This is not always easy, since it involves letting that old part of ourselves die and becoming acclimated to a new version— it’s like a metaphorical death, making the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar.

With Neptune quincunxing the luminaries, we’re tasked with adjusting the pictures we make in our heads. We’re given an opportunity to imagine the new story. Visualization, therefore, is a great tool to use over the next two weeks, and its power lies in emotion: Emotion is what the universe responds to; so don’t just visualize what you want, conjure up the emotions of having what you want. Consistently return to the emotions you want to experience to adjust to the “new normal” that you desire. In doing so, your energetic field will be able to broadcast to the universe the energy you want to attract. Essentially, we have to be disciplined and judicious about the thoughts we think that lead to the emotions we feel.

As mentioned, adding to the discovery and adjustment this new moon is Venus, which is retrograde until Nov. 16. Because the planet of love from our perspective appears to have slowed down, it’s the perfect opportunity to get clear on how you love and how you want to be loved. If someone were to say to you, “I can love you like that,” what would “that” mean? How do you want to be loved? That’s the question you’ll get clear on during Venus’ 40-day transit. And with knowledge of how you want to be loved, you’ll have a better chance of attracting it into your experience.

And it’s not just how you want to be loved you’ll discover this Venus Retrograde, but also how you want to be valued, as Venus rules not just love, but money, too. In its financial respect, Venus Retrograde will help you determine how you want to experience money in your life. How you get paid, what you get paid for, and how much you get paid are called into reflection. Adding value and making money is an energy exchange. Are you expressing your talents in a way that adds as much value to the universe as you can? How might you express yourself better and add more value to the world, which will result in more money in your pocket? With Venus Retrograde, you’ll have a chance to better understand your relationship with money, and how you can allow it to circulate in your life most abundantly.

To sum up:

  • The Full Moon in Aries’ waning period (September 24-Oct. 7) likely made clear what you do not want; ideally, you’ve let go of attachments to what you don’t want over the past two weeks. Or at least distanced yourself from what’s no longer serving you.

  • Today’s (Oct. 8, 2018) New Moon in Libra is about partnerships, and attracting the right ones into your life.

  • Pluto strongly aspected may bring up old shit — we may revert back to old scenarios we said we don’t want. Pluto can also help us to detach from the old self and create a new one — i.e., help us double-down on what we DO want, and transform our emotional energy to match our preferences.

  • Neptune strongly aspected gives us an opportunity to use our imagination and visualization to get acquainted with the emotion of having what is desired. We will need to get acquainted and acclimated with these new emotions, so that they dominate and push out less desirable ones, thus changing our self-image, emotional body and point of attraction.

  • Venus Retrograde (Oct. 6-Nov. 16) is an opportunity to discover how exactly we want to be loved and valued. By its end, we should all be more clear on how we want to be loved and valued i.e., how we want to experience love and money in our lives.

  • Use this New Moon in Libra to align with your desires, and attract them into your life over the next six months.

To find out which area of your chart will be activated by the New Moon in Libra, check to see where 15 degrees of Libra falls in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below.

ARIES: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 7th House of Partnerships. This will open up a six-month window of opportunity to strengthen the partnerships you’re in, and also find other ones that make you even stronger. With Venus retrograding through your 8th House this month, people from the past may show up with whom you can join resources to better your life experience. During this period as well, you may get a better idea of your internal makeup, which will allow you to experience deeper intimacy with others. Others in your life will help you now more than ever — it’s just a matter of choosing the ones that benefit your expansion, transformation and ideals.

TAURUS: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 6th House of Lifestyle, which encompasses health and work. Feeling as perfect as possible is the goal, so it’s a great time to start a new habit, project or wellness practice. With Venus retrograding through your 7th House of Partnerships this month, October is a time of discovering what you actually need from the partners in your life. Old partnerships from the past may show up; just ensure their effect on you is empowering, should they score a regular role in your life. Create your ideal reality this month by visualizing your ideal lifestyle: What are you doing every day, who are you doing it with, and how does your body feel?

GEMINI: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 5th House of Pleasure, activating things you really love, like romance, your children if you have any, and creative projects. This six-month cycle will help you think less and live more! What do you really love to do, and how can you incorporate these into your daily life to experience joy all the time? Retrograde Venus this month will be transiting your 6th House of Lifestyle, helping you discover how you can best live life on a day-to-day basis. It’s a great time to consider your eating habits, exercise regimen, sleep schedule, the work you do and who you do it for — what day-to-day lifestyle do you need to experience everyday joy?

CANCER: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 4th House of Emotional Security — this pertains to whatever makes you feel warm, safe, secure and nurtured, like your home or family. Over the next six months, you’ll have an opportunity to feel more emotionally secure than ever — so use the next two weeks for extra self-care, getting in touch with your feelings and needs. Retrograde Venus will transit your 5th House of Pleasure, so over this month old flames may return. This month, too, you may discover what you love to do, and how you can experience more joy. Focus on feeling good and doing things you love, expressing the joy and splendor of your inner kid.

LEO: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 3rd House of Communications. You have great mental prowess that will help you develop a great rapport with others during this time. Over the next two weeks is an ideal time to learn something new, start game-changing conversations, and develop the plans you need to succeed. Retrograde Venus will be transiting your 4th House this month, which is all about feeling really cozy and secure. During this time, you may come to understand what you need to feel as perfect as possible; this may mean connecting more with friends and family, to reconsidering your living conditions to create the perfect castle for yourself (e.g., redecorate or move).

VIRGO: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth and Finance. The New Moon will allow you to align with higher self-worth and more prosperity over the next six months. Take extra good care of your body and feel really good, and move forward with financially lucrative endeavors. Retrograde Venus will be transiting your 3rd House of Communications, so any correspondences you have made previously may now serve you well. This month, you’ll get a better understanding of how you want your day-to-day environment to feel. You may also realize what you want to learn more of, to excite your mind and fulfill your life purpose.

LIBRA: Happy Birthday, Libra! The New Moon in Libra will transit your 1st House of Identity! This is a huge opportunity to decide who you want to be and what reality you wish to experience. Get in touch with what excites you, as this is your higher mind leading you to your purpose and happiness. Consider your ideal personality, and cultivate new beliefs based on that version of yourself — i.e., what would that new version of you believe? This month, Retrograde Venus is transiting your 2nd House of Self-Worth/Finance. Understand the full extent of your value this month, as the reality you experience is testament of what you believe about yourself, what you believe is possible, and what you’ll allow. For more abundance, express your voice and speak up for yourself. Also make sure you’re enjoying all your senses.

SCORPIO: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious, giving you two weeks to exchange self-limiting beliefs for empowering ones. For the next 14 days, take time to nest and rest. With less noise around you, you can meditate, visualize, and plant the seeds in your subconscious which will sprout when the sun enters your sign. 1.) Decide who you want to be. 2.) Acquaint your subconscious with the new you. 3.) Act like the new you — motion creates the self. Retrograde Venus is transiting your 1st House of Identity, helping you refashion your personality and how you present — create the version of yourself that knocks your socks off!

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 11th House of Hopes, Friends and Community. Ask yourself, “Why not?” Why shouldn’t you get whatever you want? The sky is the limit. You’ll find over the next six months how friends and community can give you the ideas and inspiration to make your dreams a reality. Go out, connect and share with others…to a certain extent: Retrograde Venus will be transiting your 12th House of the Subconscious, giving you the opportunity to self-reflect and decide which beliefs are serving you and which are not. Do some soul searching to make sure your beliefs are aligned with the greatest version of yourself you can be.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 10th House of Status. A great time to develop your business goals and strategy, this is the New Moon to forge ahead to the top of the mountain! You’re likely to be called upon for responsibility this month, so take good care of yourself so you can bring your A-game. Meanwhile, Retrograde Venus will be transiting through your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams and Friends this month, giving you an opportunity to take a closer look at these areas: Have your dreams changed? Is an old dream calling you back? Same with friends: You may find some friends aren’t worth your time, while some amigos — past and present — deserve more of you!

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 9th House of Expansion. You may have itchy feet, ready to explore new realms. Use the energy of the new moon to move beyond what you know. Perhaps book a trip to another part of the world, or disseminate your knowledge by publishing, broadcasting or teaching, so you have space to learn more! Meanwhile, Retrograde Venus is transiting your 10th House of Status, so it’ll be important to re-examine what you want to be known for, and what kind of mark you want to leave on the world. Professional opportunities from the past may pop up — choose carefully, as careers are often made on “no’s” not “yes’es.”

PISCES: The New Moon in Libra will transit your 8th House of Rebirth. Feeling intense, lately? I bet! This New Moon, you’re tasked with clearing your space of anything that’s not relevant to the reality you want to experience. Release what no longer serves you, and tap into a new energetic field that matches your preferred reality. Joining forces with others — or cutting yourself off from others — is a theme. Retrograde Venus is transiting your 9th House of Expansion. You may find entrepreneurial, publishing, teaching or broadcasting opportunities from the past show up again. By November, you’ll have a good idea about how you want to grow along with the universe.

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