Emancipate Yourself - Full Moon in Aries


Full Moons represent a culmination of energy in which some life area reaches a climatic point. Hopefully you’re finding yourself enjoying the manifestations of intentions you put forth during the New Moon two weeks ago! If so, on this Full Moon, we have Saturn testing your mettle, and Uranus and Mars adding momentum to your trajectory. If you’re not reveling in some glory — or if there’s simply more you want to manifest — this Full Moon is the perfect time to remove any blocks to progress as you advance ahead. That is, “free yourself from mental slavery, as none but ourselves can free our minds.”

Freedom is the keyword for Full Moon in the fiery, pioneering sign of Aries. With Saturn’s restricting square to the luminaries, and Mars and Uranus harmonizing them, your winning formula is to: Note the restriction (Saturn), and bust out of it like a motherfucker (Mars and Uranus energy). Or allow the restriction and work within its confines. But if you want more joy and fulfillment this Full Moon, something likely needs to be released or adjusted.

We could use the energy of this Full Moon to energetically explode like a supernova into someone new. Someone who feels even more amazing, appreciated and clear. Someone who’s even happier, more loved, inspired and rich. But first we have to realize our attachments to those things that run counter to those emotions. And that’s what this Full Moon is about: releasing attachments to that which thwarts our expression, expansion and excitement.

Think of this Aries Full Moon (and its two-week waning cycle) as giving you a blazing torch: You can burn away anything keeping you from feeling free. You can also keep the torch in your back pocket to use later. But as you burn away the past that you no longer prefer, you clear the way for a bright new future, filled with all the stuff you’ve been praying for.

To see which area of your chart where you may be called to burn away obstacles, see where 1 degree of Aries falls in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below:

ARIES: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 1st House of Identity. You may be feeling on fire and full of life like never before! Look out world! To experience yourself in even more FULL LIVING COLOR, now’s the time to release anything dimming your light. It’s simple: Anything that makes you feel bad is bad. Anything that makes you feel good is good. Those people, places and things that make you feel bad, do what you can to adjust them (e.g., communicate your feelings, needs, etc). And if those things don’t change and continue to make you feel bad, off they go. We have Aries in this world to help us be the best versions of ourselves, so lead by example and say “bye” to BS.

TAURUS: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious. You may be feeling more serene and spiritual than ever before. When the mind is clear, life is sensual and stable, just as you like it! If not, then this Full Moon is time for some relaxation and mental house-cleaning! We get in life what we believe we deserve, so without proper conditioning of our minds, we run in circles. Whatever you want, use this Full Moon to plant its seed. For it to materialize, remove the self-limiting beliefs that got you what you don’t want right now. Everything we get in life is a result of our beliefs. Instill new beliefs about what you deserve to create change.

GEMINI: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 11th House of Friends, Community and Hopes/Dreams. You may have arrived, Gemini, watching your greatest dreams come alive! You may also feel like you have the priceless support of friends and community that inspire you to shine in the world brighter than ever before! If not, this is the Full Moon to ask yourself, “Why not?” Why shouldn’t you have what would make you happy? Over the next two weeks especially, but also over the next six months, walk away from playing small. Also, make sure the friends and community you have are inspiring you to inspire others — if not, make space for those who will.

CANCER: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 10th House of Status. You may find yourself at the top of the heap in your field, Cancer, enjoying the status you’ve worked so hard to achieve. If you’re still on your way, this is the Full Moon to remove blocks to your ascent up the mountain! First, find out if you’re climbing the right mountain! Do you know what ULTIMATE SUCCESS looks like? Over the next two weeks especially (but also over the next six months) remove any blocks to career advancement. This may mean re-positioning yourself, backing off from projects, jobs, and relationships that run counter to the goal. Remember, careers are made on “no’s” not “yes’es.”

LEO: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 9th House of Expansion. You may be feeling like you’re making love to the world, with new travel adventures and knowledge-gaining experiences that blow your mind! Enjoy all this as the world enjoys you. For more happiness, this is the Full Moon to scratch those itches on your feet. If you find you are in a limiting situation, this is the perfect time to start walking away in search of greener pastures. Additionally, if you feel bored at all, this is the perfect Full Moon to start on a new adventure of the mind! Leos love being “in the know,” so if there’s any subject that grabs your attention, this is the time to embark on a new mind-expanding study.

VIRGO: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 8th House of Rebirth. You may find yourself in a new state, reminiscent of that Talking Heads’ song, “Once in a Lifetime,” asking yourself, “well, how did I get here?” This new state may be amazing and emotionally recharging. If not, use this Full Moon to let the water rinse you clean, and prepare for a new life. That may mean bidding “adios” to people, places and things that bring you down. If you can start to release anything displeasing to allow your life to feel as amazing as possible, this new state is yours. The question is, how much pleasure and happiness can you handle? Push your happiness threshold and flow.

LIBRA: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 7th House of Partnerships. This may be it, Libra! The love of your love may have arrived! Likewise, you may have an unprecedented adoration for your audience and they may be madly in love with you. If you don’t feel you’re there quite yet, this Full Moon will give you the fire to burn away any blocks to unifying with others in a most fun and satisfying way. This may mean making adjustments in your partnerships or audience, so there’s more of an equal exchange of energy. Focus on feeling good and your flow of energy, and the others in your life will reciprocate in kind; if they don’t, well, know there’s others who will!

SCORPIO: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 6th House of Lifestyle. You may feel like your body is all tuned up and in shape, buzzing with health and goodness. And your day-to-day lifestyle may be finally running like a well-oiled machine. To feel even better, use this Full Moon to do an audit of your day-to-day life: Are you getting into a feeling-good state each morning and before bed? Enjoying exercise, meditation, etc.? Your health is your wealth, so release any unhealthy rituals in favor of better ones. Further, if you’re looking for a new job, start the process of letting go of what you’re doing now — often we’re subconsciously attached to what we say we don’t want.

SAGITTARIUS: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 5th House of Pleasure. You may be feeling like the cat’s pajamas this Full Moon, full of love and lust for life! If so, keep up this momentum and milk it until it turns into cheese! If you want to feel even better, use this Full Moon to release anything that’s keeping your heart from feeling light. What — if you let go of it — would renew your sense of childlike play and freedom? More spontaneity, fun, romance and creative expression is yours, so don’t deny yourself. “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death” — don’t be one of them! We need more fun in this world, and it’s YOUR job to show us how it’s done!

CAPRICORN: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 4th House of Emotional Security. You may feel more loved, secure, and cared for more than ever before. And it’s from this feeling-place that your desires can materialize. If you want to feel more secure, use this Full Moon to be more unconditionally loving with yourself. Soothing yourself into a better-feeling state will allow all your endeavors to run more smoothly. Start the process of letting go of what undermines your security. You may decide to change your living situation, for instance, which could be a simple shopping spree at Target or finding a new abode. Whatever you do, take action to feel more at home within yourself.

AQUARIUS: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 3rd House of Communication. You may feel super clear now, your mind sharp and your communications on-point. If not, use the energy of this Full Moon to change the dialogue you have with yourself. Be a fan, not a critic. From that place, realize your day-to-day life is not supposed to be a series of endless sighs. Every day can be fun and exciting. Whatever you’re doing now, if it makes you feel exhausted and mentally taxed, know there’s a better way. In getting your mind in a feeling-better place, you’ll pave the way for everyday excitement. It’s time to find the spark in your heart that lights up your mind.

PISCES: The Full Moon in Aries will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth. You may be feeling super amazing now, having recognized your value which has translated into appreciation and abundance in your life. If not, then take a good, hard look at what you’ve been tolerating lately, and ask yourself if you could be treated better. It starts with you. Use this Full Moon energy to remove blocks to feeling as amazing as possible. Enjoy your body. Appreciate the abundance you do have. Speak up for yourself. Teach people how to treat you. And don’t be afraid to walk away if you feel under-valued. This is the best space that will allow your talents to flourish, which will create abundance everywhere — prosperity, health, happiness etc. Prepare for opportunity.

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