Electric Love – Full Moon in Taurus

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With electrifying Uranus situated right next to the Full Moon in Taurus on October 24, 2018, we can experience a jolt of game-changing excitement. We may find some kind of electric love — something that pulls us in, captures our hearts and instigates change. Over the next two weeks, this electric love energy may take the form of love at first sight, creative inspiration, or any number of things that stir up excitement and make us feel awake and alive.

Following our excitement may mean leaving behind things not as exciting or things that disenchant us. Full Moons (and its two-week waning cycle that follows) represent completion, a releasing of energy, and a letting go of the past to pave the way for a better future — ergo change.

The changes we can expect this Full Moon look promising, paving the way for more vitality and security, with harmonious trines between the Sun and Saturn. Good news is also likely to be on horizon, with expansive Jupiter hooking up with Mercury and reaching an exact conjunction on Oct. 29.

To see which life area this Full Moon is likely to affect — or where there’s potential electric love energy for you — see where 1 degree of Taurus falls in your astrological chart; likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below:

ARIES: Your electric love this Full Moon may be a money-making idea that really lights you up, as Luna transits your 2nd House of Value and Finance. Good financial news is on the horizon, so use the next two weeks to make way for it: Release any doubt about your high value and ability to manifest lucrative work you love. The area of your body connected to self-worth and finance is your throat; if there’s tension there, release the energy (scream, journal, speak up about what’s bothering you, etc.). Over the next two weeks, too, move on from anything that undermines your worth. Move in directions that make you feel valued, and pursue opportunities that really light you up. Now’s the time to feel really good physically, express yourself, and let your internal sense of richness result in external success.

TAURUS: Your electric love this Full Moon is likely to be a new and improved version of you, as Luna transits your 1st House of Identity. Feeling quite “full” of yourself (in a good way) the path of least resistance will be releasing anything that doesn’t feel like love. With your intensified level of self-assertion, you may be ready to make adjustments or call it quits with some person, place or thing. If nothing external needs to change, perhaps it’s just a matter of moving forward in all your glory, releasing any remnants of fear, doubt and insecurity that hold you back. Recently, you’ve probably gotten a better idea of what you want your life to look like; now it’s a matter of moving forward, knowing what stays and what needs to go. Since Venus is retrograde, make sure you’re communicating fully (and diplomatically) with others to give them the chance to step up to the plate before making any decisions.

GEMINI: Your electric love this Full Moon may be about all the possibilities as Luna transits your 12th House of the Subconscious. It’s about what you believe. Your beliefs act as a prism which determines your thoughts, feelings, and actions — beliefs create your life! Whatever you want starts with the belief you can have it. Now’s the time to relieve yourself of any beliefs that do not serve you, in favor of those that do. In the process of doing this, you’ll probably decide to let some external things go — anything that doesn’t mesh with the new beliefs you have about yourself. Toward this end, it may be helpful to lie low over the next two weeks: Take time to nest and rest, discover what you believe versus what you want to believe. This downtime will allow you to instill new empowering beliefs that support the changes you want to make. Say you want a new relationship, job, more money, etc.: Do you believe you can have it? That you’re worthy and deserving of it? Talk yourself into it and expect it! We get what we subconsciously believe we are a match to.

CANCER: Your electric love this Full Moon may be about a big dream you have, as Luna transits your 11th House. This is the time to ask yourself “Why not?” Why not get exactly what you want? With clarity around your greatest hopes and dreams, move toward your goals over the next two weeks, letting go of anything that jeopardizes them. Another aspect of this transit involves your friends and community who can provide heaps of inspiration and help in achieving your heart’s desires. Make sure the people around you are supporting your endeavors; if not, clear the way for others who will! This may entail walking away from fair-weather friends and people who discourage your advancement. There are plenty of confident, abundant-minded people in the world who can make achieving your ideal reality so much easier! Remember, there are no “dangling carrots” in the universe; if you want something, it’s possible — create it, allow it, imbue it!

LEO: Your electric love this Full Moon may be a career goal as Luna transits your 10th House of Status! Professional matters are likely to come to a head over the next two weeks, and you’ll probably be in high demand. When you think about the absolute best-case scenario for your career, what does it look like? If your ideal isn’t aligned with what you’re doing now, you may decide to walk away from an old profession that no longer suits you. As new opportunities to advance arrive, remember that careers are often made on “no’s” not “yes’es,” so be judicious when offers come in, making decisions based on your ideal trajectory. With Venus still retrograde, prospects from the past may pop up: Some of them may be fertile and rich, while others might lead you down a rabbit hole. Think in terms of “leadership,” “legacy,” and “power.” Whatever captures your heart and allows you the fullest, unbridled expression of yourself is a winning ticket to success.

VIRGO: Your electric love this Full Moon may be an enterprise or a “big idea” as Luna transits your 9th House of the Higher Mind. Anything that involves entrepreneurship, publishing, or broadcasting your message to the world has a good chance of taking off! Keep on keeping on, and make sure you’re feeling as good as possible to perceive life from the widest, most abundant lens. Adventure and enthusiasm are key to your success now, so over the next two weeks, give yourself permission to walk away from lackluster, small-potato endeavors. You’ve likely increased your sense of self-worth recently and have found more of your “voice.” Now’s the time to let your newly defined self-worth combine with your vision. What do you have that the world needs to hear? Share yourself with the world! Cast a wide net, think big, and explore uncharted territory! Whatever excites you the most is your higher mind leading you to success. Stay true to your ideal, most exciting vision! If it’s not clear quite yet, feel good and follow your excitement like a breadcrumb trail.

LIBRA: Your electric love this Full Moon may be Version 2.0 of you, as Luna transits your 8th House of Rebirth. You may be feeling super empowered now, more than ready to remove the “albatross around your neck” — i.e., say “bye-bye” to any disempowering bullshit you’ve been tolerating. This is still a transitory time of shedding old skin. As your emotions run high, make sure you have healthy outlets to express yourself and release energy that doesn’t feel good. Keep flexible, go with the flow, and be gentle with yourself. The 8th House has to do with intimacy — physical and psychological — so sharing in healthy ways will help empower you. In fact, it’s this theme of sharing you’re exploring — where to create boundaries and dissolve boundaries for your empowerment. The point of this transit is empowerment, so allow yourself to be empowered by walking away from anything disempowering; that includes thoughts, beliefs, situations and people that undermine your confidence. This shedding of old skin may be challenging, but it will make your heart feel light and allow your spirit to soar. Hang in there and get excited about you V.2!

SCORPIO: Your electric love this Full Moon may be your partner as Luna transits your 7th House. You’re realizing how much abundance there is available and you want more! This may mean making adjustments to the partnerships you’re in, or finding partners that love and support you fully. Over the next two weeks, it will be advantageous to release anything in the way of fulfillment in your partnerships; this may mean communicating your needs fully, moving on from disempowering relationships, and putting yourself “out there” to attract the right unions into your life. All of this can be labeled under “releasing fears” so that you’re receptive to the empowering changes partnerships can bring. Recently, you likely got more in touch with what’s going on deeper within you, in your subconscious. Often what we say we want we’re blocking because we’re not ready for it. To manifest your partnership wishes, play “make believe” and imagine having what you desire. Experience the feelings you want to experience. We get in life what we allow in, so get comfortable with what may be unfamiliar. Train your energy.

SAGITTARIUS: Your electric love this Full Moon may have to do with creating an amazing everyday experience — a lifestyle — as Luna transits your 6th House of Health and Work. Your sights may be on a job that really excites you, a fitness regimen that entices, or simply a “daily grind” that’s not a grind at all! Over the next two weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to move toward your ideals. There’s likely to be changes to your job over the next two weeks, or you may be ready to “jump ship” or make adjustments to the job you’re in. Further, these 6th House changes may not have to do with your job at all, but your other everyday activities, like working out or anything that promotes your health and wellness. This Full Moon cycle will help you take your vitality to the next level. This is a great time to release any habits that keep you from feeling amazing. Recently, you’ve likely gotten an inkling of your greatest hopes and dreams; now it’s time to put the pedal to the medal, and make your everyday lifestyle conducive to your vision. You have a right to fulfilling work that excites you and a body that feels amazing. Claim it and enjoy it!

CAPRICORN: Your electric love this Full Moon may be romantic, as Luna transits your 5th House. Out of all the signs, yours is most likely to be struck by Cupid’s Arrow over the next two weeks with love at first sight! Likewise, anything you really enjoy could also come about unexpectedly and capture your heart — like an art-form you had forgotten about or some creative project that really lights you up. Additionally, over the next 14 days, you’ll be in an advantageous position to release those things you no longer find fulfilling or exciting. Recently, you were likely concerned with professional matters, but all work and no play makes a dull Jack or Jane! Remember that in making pleasure a higher priority in your life, you will be able to acquire more power. People are attracted to energy, so keep yours fresh, fun and free!

AQUARIUS: Your electric love this Full Moon may be your inner peace, as Luna transits your 4th House. This is the area of your chart that pertains to your home, so there may be some changes there — like a move or a decision to move. Likewise, the Full Moon may affect you via someone who feels like home. One of your most important relationships may reach a climatic point in which you need to make an adjustment. Further, over the next two weeks you’ll likely be doing some house cleaning — literally and metaphorically — getting rid of anything that doesn’t add to your sense of emotional comfort. Recently, you’ve broadened your viewpoint; now it’s time to walk your talk, and make room in your life for the yummy emotional support that makes you feel safe enough to continuously grow and expand. Set aside some time over the next two weeks to “nest and rest,” giving yourself the space to just be. By experiencing more emotional “safety” all your other ventures will flourish.

PISCES: Your electric love this Full Moon may be ideas, as Luna transits your 3rd House of Communications. On the horizon are exciting new subjects you want to teach and learn. Over the next two weeks, do what you can to clear your plate of boring tasks expeditiously, so you can start letting your brain have fun! Additionally, over the next 14 days, you may exchange game-changing correspondences that affect your day-to-day life. You’re in the process of changing your everyday goings-on, so it’s likely to be a work-in-progress for a bit. Your schedule may get hectic, so make sure to balance all this intellectual activity with mental rest, like meditation. Recently, you’ve likely learned a lot about the boundaries you’d like to set; now you’ll actually start setting them to better define your life. Make diplomacy your watchword; with Venus still retrograde, it’ll be important to “try a little tenderness.”

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