Cut a Fine 2019: Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse


Icy. Cold. Clear. Bright. Clean. That’s the energy of the Capricorn Solar Eclipse 2019 on January 5. While making an easy aspect to dreamy Neptune, the Sun and the Moon are being flanked by Saturn which cuts and Pluto which transforms. We have an intuitive sense of the amazingly magical possibilities ahead (Neptune) but realize it will require a clean break from the past (Saturn) and an evolution of our innermost selves (Pluto), resulting in an unfamiliar new world. The intensity is increased because this is not your ordinary New Moon — it’s a Partial Solar Eclipse which ups the ante.

Like all Capricorn New Moons, this one is good for new beginnings in career, discipline, leadership, and results-driven hard work. During Solar Eclipses, however, the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun. During this time, the Moon can block the sun, temporarily making it go dark. It’s like you’re in an auditorium and watching a play: If the curtain should drop mid-performance, even when it opens again and the actors restart, it’s not the same play. Something feels different. A character may have left the stage or a new one was brought on; a scene element may have been switched or a important prop discarded. 

Not all eclipses bring dramatic change, but through the cosmic power outage, life is just not the same. Major growth can happen because we’re forced to face new circumstances. Sometimes we experience eclipse changes straight away; other times their effects are felt six months, to up to a year later. 

To make the most of this energy, we should ground ourselves to the moment and use what we have to work with. What we have now will transport us to where we want to go. Think of it like ice-skating: When gliding across the ice, our bodies exert pressure on the ice skate’s blade; ice forms and melts, creating a small layer of water under the blade. It’s the water between the blade and the ice that we actually glide across. Similarly, we must use the emotional richness of our current experience to move toward where we want to go. We must “push off” our current reality, for if we stop exerting pressure, our progress (the water in the blade) will freeze. Thus, what we have now will be what transforms and transitions us into a new future. We must push off from where we stand and glide toward where we wish to go.

To see how the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will affect you, see where 15 degrees of Capricorn appears in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below.

ARIES: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Tenth House of Career. Professional changes are imminent! As you let go of what’s not right for you professionally, you’ll get clear on the contribution you want to make to the world over the next year. New career opportunities are on the horizon, complete with new responsibilities and more acclaim. This is a year of expansion for you: You may decide to go deep into a course of study, or get on the world map by spreading your message via all the publishing and broadcasting opportunities available.

TAURUS: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. This eclipse is likely to give you “itchy feet,” wanting to explore life beyond the same-old-same-old. This year, there will be a strong need to expand your horizons: You may decide to take a trip outside of the country (and maybe even stay!) or embark on a new course of study — like philosophy, religion, spirituality or even law. Likewise, the Ninth House rules the dissemination of information, so if you have a message to broadcast or publish, this New Moon will give you the mojo to get on the world map. This is a year of transformation; letting go will put you on the fast track to success. Embrace relationships that empower you for a banner year.

GEMINI: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Eight House of Rebirth. This area of your chart rules other people’s resources and intimacy, suggesting new beginnings in these areas. You’re also likely to find new income-generating opportunities over the next year. The big lessons for you this eclipse are all about boundaries: In 2019, it’s likely you’ll reach a turning point, either deciding to set boundaries with a person or entity (e.g., ending or adjusting a relationship) or dissolve boundaries by going “all in.” Keep flexible and go with the flow, as some things will end and others will begin. In 2019, the stage is set for your fulfillment through one-on-one partnerships, both personal and professional. This is your ace this year, so if you’re looking for the perfect spouse, business partner, etc. do you part and let the magic begin.

CANCER: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Seventh House of Partnerships, putting your focus on personal or professional partners. As you ride out the eclipse energy over the next year, you may decide to “seal the deal” and take a partnership to the next level — or, conversely, you may decide to part ways. If you don’t have a personal or professional partnership, this is the New Moon to make room for one to enter. Your work and health are especially blessed in 2019: If you’re looking for the perfect job or want to get in terrific shape, this is the year to make it happen.

LEO: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Sixth House of Work and Health. There will be a lot of duties to tend to this transit; the better you take care of your health, the better will be your performance. Thus, you may feel a strong desire to step up your fitness regimen, and the new moon energy will help you reach your physical goals. If you’re looking for new fulfilling work, this is the New Moon to plant the seeds for success this year. Things that you really love — romance, self-expression and children if you have any — are keys to your fulfillment in 2019. Moving from the heart and doing what you love will bring more rewards than usual. Keep your heart open and there’s nothing you won’t be able to do! 

VIRGO: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Fifth House of Pleasure, covering all things you really love: romance, creative expression and children if you have any. If you’re on the hunt for love, this is the New Moon that could catalyze Prince or Princess Charming’s entry into your life. Likewise, you can leverage this heart-full-of-love energy however you wish: The stage is set for your joie de vivre, so go out on a limb to play, have fun, and laugh. If ever that feels like a challenge, simply focus on soothing yourself. Feeling emotionally secure and at home within the self is your ace in the hole this year, as the universe is ready to help you experience more inner peace. To this end, you’ll have a lot of luck in finding a new home or making your abode more comfortable. Make feeling good your highest priority, as self-trust is your ticket for triumph. 

LIBRA: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Fourth House of Emotional Security. The stage is set for a strong emotional foundation in 2019, from which all other areas of your life will flourish. This new emotional beginning will allow you to feel really at home within the self. To this end, you may decide to make changes to your home — either moving or redecorating to improve your space. Further, this cycle may have you focusing on your family or a loved-one in particular; do what you can to clear the air, paving the way to nurture and be nurtured more. Peace within yourself will create peace with others. Your communication skills this year are your secret weapon for success. Writing, speaking, teaching and learning are keys to creating a banner year. 

SCORPIO: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Third House of Communication. An important assignment may be taking up a lot of your time and attention now, foreshadowing your information-packed year ahead. A lot may come at you from different directions, so keep mindful of your priorities and what warrants your attention. Implementing mindfulness tactics this year (e.g., meditation, exercise) will help keep your head clear. Further, if you have communication goals — e.g., art, writing, teaching, or learning — your efforts will be catalyzed by the eclipse, setting the stage for a very productive year. You’ll find your greatest rewards in 2019 come from speaking up and ensuring your voice is heard. Since your voice correlates with your value, you’ll also find this year brings you handsome financial rewards: You’ll attract prosperous financial opportunities through your increased sense of worthiness and deservability. 

SAGITTARIUS: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Second House of Finances and Self-Worth. You’ll likely find a prosperous new financial opportunity this year — and potentially soon since you’re so swift. The area of your chart being activated by the eclipse pertains to your self-worth and self-expression that, when enhanced, leads to financial gains. New ways of expressing yourself are on the horizon, and these too can lead to more income. Eclipses sometimes help us get out of a rut; if you’re in a lackluster job or relationship that undermines your self-worth, the universe may shake up the status quo in your favor. If you can save a few bucks by end of year, you’ll feel good with more freedom of choice. Remember that you’re the celestial favorite this year, as Jupiter transits your sign. This is the year to make moves that catalyze your happiness like never before. You’ll have an opportunity to go beyond your stretch professionally and personally—doing work you love and enjoying people you adore. 

CAPRICORN: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your First House of Self-Assertion. Because the eclipse is in your sign, this transit is all about your identity and how you assert yourself in the world — so the changes could be virtually anywhere. One area primed for change is the way you present yourself to the world: Your new self-image is likely to catalyze a new look, inspiring you to change your style and wardrobe, or get into really good shape. Though shallow it may seem, the outer changes will reflect the deeper inner ones. The universe is pushing you this year to release the weak links in your life and decide who you want to be, versus who you’ve felt the need to be before. This is likely to be a very freeing transit, in which you discover a new “you” with redefined priorities. You’ll make the most strides this year behind the scenes. This privacy is advantageous to you because you’re changing what you believe about yourself, which determines what you manifest in every area of your life. Be the person you need to be to get what you want. This isn’t the easiest time, with transformative Pluto and challenging Saturn in your sign, but you got this. Give yourself a break and take good care of you. 

AQUARIUS: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Since in life we get what we subconsciously believe we are by virtue of like attracting like, this eclipse may have you realizing how you’ve been holding yourself back. You may be ready to say goodbye to patterns of hamster-on-a-wheel behavior, the eclipse helping you create and catalyze a new story that aligns with your ideals. This eclipse, therefore, can work in your favor for whatever your heart desires; you just got to work on creating the beliefs that you can have what you want. Self-hypnosis, affirmations, meditations and more can help you change your subconscious; YouTube is rich with such material. Remember, with Jupiter blessing your ideals, this is the year to make your dreams come true. Friends and community are just what you need to see your best case scenarios play out before your very eyes. 

PISCES: The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse will transit your Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes and Friends. A big dream of yours has a very good chance of materializing in 2019. This is the time to ask yourself, “Why not?” Why not have your heart’s desire? If you believe you can make it happen, you will with your commitment to your ideals. Further, this eclipse will bring your relationships with friends and groups to the forefront. If you need some new friends or a new tribe to inspire you, this is the new moon to create an amazing support system. This year, remember that you have a leg-up professionally. With Jupiter blessing the career sector of your chart, you’ll be able to shine and rise to the top. If you’re not doing every day what truly feels fulfilling, don’t think you have to settle: The universe wants you front and center, visibly enjoying yourself and living life out loud.

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