Living In a Powder Keg and Giving Off Sparks: Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


Forever’s gonna start tonight, folks! This Total Lunar Eclipse is of the heart, as it’s in the sign of Leo which rules the organ that pumps blood through the system. Full Moons occur when the Sun (now in Aquarius) is in the opposite sign of the Moon (Leo), creating a much-needed dialogue between the two energies. Full Moons help us harmonize the dichotomous views within ourselves that lead to a new understanding. Because it’s an eclipse, the new understanding heralds a new trajectory over the next six months in which our contradictory needs can be successfully fused and expressed more fully, resulting in wholeness.

To understand the Leo-Aquarius energy of the eclipse, think of the heart and the body: The heart pumps blood throughout the body. We need the heart for the body, just as the body needs the heart. Like the heart needs to pump and circulate, the individual (symbolized by Leo, which rules the heart) needs to express itself in society (symbolized by Aquarius, associated with the network). The overarching theme for all of us, therefore, is self-expression in ways that serve society. Point blank, how can our selfishness become selfless? Consider two examples: If Madonna (Leo) hadn’t gone mainstream she might have stayed at Dunkin’ Donuts and invariably get your coffee wrong. If Oprah (Aquarius) hadn’t taken the spotlight on the world stage, we’d look for book clubs to join that she wasn’t in — she’d be too much to deal with in a smaller context. Thus, we need egocentric self-expression to fuel society. And because we are part of society (“we are the world”) the circle is complete: what we give to the world we give to ourselves, which hearkens to the Full Moon’s themes of completion, fullness, unity, and the circle of life.

This eclipse, aspected by electric Uranus, could make tempers flare or give us scintillating flashes of insight. Things may come together or fall apart. Consider any friction as a temporary right of passage: When Leo and Aquarius unite, there’s sparks: They can make a volatile pair, but when harmonized, they can be bosom buddies or a most exciting, charismatic couple.

To see which life area the Full Moon is likely to affect, check where 0 degrees of Leo is in your chart; likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below.

ARIES: French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” Such is the theme for you this Lunar Eclipse which transits your 5th House of Pleasure. If you’ve been bogged down with obligations and what you should do, this eclipse will set in motion opportunities for a reprieve and doing what’s fun! In exploring what (or who!) you really love and abandoning yourself to it, you can make your greatest contribution to society. What you love doesn’t have to directly correlate with your contribution, as your full heart will empower all of your endeavors. However, if what brings you joy can indeed be applied to galvanize society, all the better! Further, letting your heart lead over the next six months is one of the most practical things you can do: The heart energizes the entire body, and is way more powerful than the brain. By surrendering to what you love, you’ll be stronger, and your ideals are going to flow into your life with less resistance. So forget now what seems most reasonable — what’s really most reasonable is that your heart soars and that you feel more alive than ever before. The world needs you full of life, and this is your curtain call.

TAURUS: It’s often said that “Home is where the heart is.” Another way of understanding this is that we take our home around with us wherever we go. This concept of emotional security is front and center for you as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 4th House of Home, Family and Inner Security. This eclipse will help you figure out what makes you feel safe, secure and comfortable. Though on the surface feeling internally at peace may not seem to correlate with your professional endeavors, it’s actually exactly what you need to reach the next rung professionally in your career. The deeper the roots, the higher the branches and the richer the fruit, so make feeling deeply secure your number one priority over the next six months. Using your imagination, consider how you want to feel and move toward situations that allow those feelings to surface. You may find in doing this that you move closer to some things and away from others. Anything that undermines your confidence, therefore, may need to be let go; this could be a matter of leaving some stressful people and situations behind. Be gentle with yourself during this period, taking the time to “nest and rest” for extra peace and comfort — then you’ll know your next move.

GEMINI: You Geminis are an amazing asset to any environment you’re in, adding a fresh perspective and keeping things light. When keeping upbeat becomes a challenge, however, it’s likely that it’s time for a change. As the Lunar Eclipse transits your 3rd House of Communications, you’re ready to jazz up your everyday experiences. Keep in mind the smaller environments you’re in act as microcosms for the world at large. It’s a matter now of making sure your contributions go beyond your community, contributing to your expansion and the world at large. To this end, over the next six months you may decide to change up your life by engaging with new people socially, learning something new, or even moving. A short trip (or a series of short-trips) may be exactly what you need to freshen your perspective. Likewise, flowing water never grows stale, so you owe it to yourself to see what else is out there — it’s likely there’s cool stuff right in your backyard! Still, this eclipse may also have you considering a bigger change — a new job, neighborhood or community. Follow your excitement and keep that brain of yours actively engaged! In keeping your curiosity alive, you’ll gather new information and energy that will make you thrive. The world needs your brain galvanized, so let the eclipse bring you new insights, environs and experiences.

CANCER: Abundance is a flow. When you’re connected to Source and allowing it to fuse with your personality, you are able to create unlimited abundance. Such is the theme as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 2nd House of Self-Worth and Finance. In staying grounded in your worthiness and deservability, self-expression becomes the means of attaining financial riches. To this end, this eclipse will urge you to release anything that undermines your self-worth, helping you manifest more money over the next six months. Additionally, look for ways to express yourself more fully in your current job, and you may get a raise. If your current job doesn’t allow you to express yourself the way you’d like, this eclipse can help you find money-making opportunities that better align with your talent. The word “talent” in biblical times meant “a unit of measure” — you would use “two talents” as currency, for instance, in exchange for something else. Nowadays, to make money we exchange our talents for profit. In essence, for more monetary gains, use your talents more fully, or even develop a talent that you can use in exchange for money. The more enjoyable you find your work — the more flow you experience doing it — the more money you can make. Once you start flowing with your talent (expressing your soul and yourself) other areas of your life will flourish as well. Even if you’re not making money using the talents you’re expressing, your stronger life flow will lead you toward more financial abundance. Finally, mind your throat, making sure it feels good; throat chakra tension denotes not speaking up about things; this relates to self-worth, which relates back to how much money you’re able to manifest. Closed mouths don’t get fed.

LEO: When you change yourself, everything you look at changes. Such is the theme as the Lunar Eclipse in your sign transits your 1st House of Identity. We’re constantly choosing who we are all the time; if we appear to be consistent, it’s because we’re consistently choosing the same self-construct. You could be a life-long lover of chocolate ice cream and then decide to be someone who favors strawberry ice cream more. Even with just that small change, you may notice the world is a different place. Likewise, today you could decide to be someone rich, healthy, in love — whatever you want. This eclipse is an opportunity for you to change your self-construct: Who you decide to be is 100% your prerogative — just make the decision, trust the decision and act like you trust the decision. You can always go back to who you were or choose another identity. This eclipse may make it difficult for you to be the person you’ve always been. Over the next six months, you’ll be urged to step into a new identity that aligns with your greater ideals. Whatever you want isn’t outside of yourself; everything is within you, waiting to be expressed. Thus, whatever you’re not getting is what you’re not giving. This concept is likely to show up strongly in your partnerships now, which is the perfect space to express your new self more fully. In giving to your partner and new partners what you want, you’ll realize that you had it all along: it was always inside you, waiting to be activated and expressed at your command.

VIRGO: As a sign who enjoys process, you appreciate “tying up loose ends” and finalizing one thing before starting another. Such is the theme as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 12th House of Endings. A “letting go” transit for you, the eclipse will allow you meld your experiences over the past six months and make sense of it all. Be particular in your interpretations, as they count for a lot. Though it’s tempting to focus on shortcomings and what has not yet been achieved, being positive now and believing it’s all been part of your process will benefit you a great deal. All situations are inherently neutral; we’re the ones who assign meaning to everything. In perceiving the past six months as having been a “rite of passage” en route to your goal, you’ll be better positioned to catapult yourself to where you want to go. Your subconscious is a sponge right now, giving you the perfect opportunity to re-frame your beliefs, which determine your actions and therefore your results. Use your discerning mind to start seeing every situation — exactly as it is — as having the ability to serve you. Practice, too, directing your attention to good-feeling thoughts and dwell upon them every day. With your subconscious so porous now, self-hypnosis, meditation, and anything that helps you reprogram yourself will be time well spent. This transit is about letting go of the limitations of the past as you embark on a brighter future. Get extra sleep if possible, and surround yourself with positive influences. Make mindfulness a part of your lifestyle, and follow your excitement when it comes to health, fitness and being amazing at work, which you always are.

LIBRA: “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become,” John Ruskin once said. “Your vision is the promise of what you shall at last unveil.” Your highest dreams and aspirations are the hot topic this week, as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 11th House of Ideals. Over the next six months, you may get that big break you deserve, so go after what you want. Remember, that whatever you get is a byproduct of who you are: Decide who you want to be, trust the decision, and act like you trust the decision. Acting like you trust the decision is committing to your vision and proving your belief — as what you believe creates your reality. Further, you may be reaching a critical point with a community or a group of friends. You may feel the power of the group now, and will be able to leverage it to achieve your highest ideals. If you feel your vibe no longer suits your tribe, use the next six months to find a group of friends who really get you. In making space for your dreams to flourish, your heart will soar — which is the best gift you can give yourself and the world. Remember that the sky is yours, and the stars are aligned for you to shine.

SCORPIO: Enda Kenney once said, “I think — whether it’s music, literature, sport, art, whatever you want — there’s nobody who can stop us if we only apply ourselves with the singular objective of being the best in the world.” The idea of being the best is what’s on your mind now, as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 10th House of Status. This eclipse heralds a turning point over the next six months in which you’ll be poised to allow more success to flow into your life. To this end, you’ll want to make sure you’re emotionally rooted enough so you can climb high and not be biting your fingernails at the top. Nixon, for instance, reached the top, but because he didn’t have emotional security, he was paranoid and power hungry, and toppled from the heights. Thus, during this eclipse and over the next six months, stand strong in your sense of self; feel at home within the self and create an emotional foundation that makes you feel secure. The deeper the roots, the higher the branches and the richer the fruit. Feeling secure within the self emotionally, too, will help you win the attention of high-power VIPs, which is an effect of how this Lunar Eclipse could manifest. Feeling good emotionally will connect you with Source, and you’ll get the nudges you need to make all the right moves.

SAGITTARIUS: This is a special time for you, as the Lunar Eclipse will transit the astrological house your sign rules, the 9th House of Expansion. During this eclipse (and over the next six months, really) you may find yourself wondering, “What else is there?” You need to feel as if you’re growing and this eclipse is going to give you the chance to expand. Foreign travel may come about, as well as new mind-expanding opportunities like learning something new. Since the 9th House rules the disbursement of information, you may also find ripe publishing or broadcasting opportunities that allow you to share your message with the masses. To this end, leverage where you’re at now: Find the joy in your current environment and in what you’re having to tackle — there’s always ways to freshen your perspective. Remember that every journey you take starts in the mind, so use your mind to see yourself going where you want to go and doing what you want to do. See the world as your oyster — it’s yours, 100% of it. Embrace the adventure and advantage this Lunar Eclipse will give you over the next six months.

CAPRICORN: “Ch-ch-changes,” as fellow Capricorn David Bowie sang. That’s the tune as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 8th House of Rebirth. As such a responsible, public sign, changes for you aren’t easy, as they tend to impact others and be visible to many. Remember that what’s real is what matters, so that’s all that needs to remain. If you can use this transit to hold on to your highest values (what matters most to you) you can rest easy about those things you need to change. In doing so, you’ll see what needed to be released was really inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, and the things you really value remain the same. People will still see you as the stand-up person you’ve always been, just more distilled without the excess noise around. From now into the next six months, there may be some endings. To get you through this emotional transition, be grounded: Build a secure financial foundation for yourself. Consider what you value that you want to hold on to. Take a close look at those people in your life to gauge which ones are going to be there for you no matter what. By being grounded and feeling secure financially and emotionally, the changes you make will lead you to more abundance and a richer life than you could have ever imagined. Be easy on yourself and go with the flow — change is the only constant after all.

AQUARIUS: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.” Such is the theme of this Lunar Eclipse for you, which transits your 7th House of Partnerships. With the Sun now in your sign, you’ll be feeling the push-pull between yourself and “other” strong now. It’s important to keep your gaze skyward, resting in the knowledge that everyone in your life is yourself “pushed out.” What’s meant here is that in our partnerships, we connect with other aspects of ourselves, usually the “unlived self.” So in focusing on others in your life right now and the perfect partnerships for you, you’ll be becoming more fully yourself. You cannot be you without others! In this vein, this eclipse marks a turning point in your relationships from now into the next six months. You may decide to call it quits and leave a partnership in favor of unifying with someone or something else. You may also decide to go “all in,” really committing yourself to a partner or finding one that helps balance you. Independent to a fault, you should keep in mind what Beatles sang to us in 1969: “And in the end / The love you take / Is equal to the love you make.” Sometimes, ironically, supporting other rests on allowing yourself to be supported.

PISCES: Stephen Covey wrote, “We become what we repeatedly do,” espousing on the importance of how our habits shape our destiny. Such is the theme as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 6th House of Lifestyle. Pertaining to health and work, the 6th House describes our day-to-day life, whether it’s plotted out hour-by-hour or just haphazardly comes together. As a Pisces, your domain is the 12th House, the dreamy, foggy area of the chart where everything blends together. Thus, during this transit, it’ll be important to develop the more earthy, Virgoan, 6th House side of things which embody protocol and efficient systems. You don’t have to be pedantic about it, not at all: Consider the overall feel or theme you want in your life right now: Is it romance? Being the best at your job? Enjoying amazing friends and hobbies that make your heart sing? Allow the vibe you want to permeate your day-to-day regimen. If health is the theme you want, you’ll make sure you’re getting enough sleep, rest and relaxation; if it’s love, you’ll skip on your way to work, listening to songs that make your heart feel light. While embodying the theme you desire, structure your life with the right balance of things that make you feel well and happy. It’s not what you do, so much as how you do it, and you do things with a certain magic that can create miracles at record speed. Enjoy the eclipse and the magic in your day-to-day life that it brings.