You Are Home - Full Moon in Cancer

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Many of us go “home” for the holidays, referring to where we grew up and learned to ride our first bicycles. Yet, saying we’re going “home” for the holidays can create a mental “jump-cut” that stems from the split notion of where “home” actually is: Isn’t home where you have your bed? Where the DVR has your stored programs and your fridge has your favorite food? Isn’t home that feeling when you’re with the one you love, or that relief when you laugh with friends after a long day? Home. Going there is a theme this weekend. Not just because of the holiday, but because of Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer—the sign associated with home, family, and emotional security.

We actually take our “home” around with us wherever we go. The warm feeling in the heart chakra that connects with our center, that’s our home—it’s “where the heart is.” When we are grounded in the here and now, we can draw upon this warm feeling within. But if we are cut off from the present moment, it will seem we are not at home, even though we really are then, too. We can always re-establish our connection with home by grounding ourselves in any given moment. If we can just “forget” the past and the future, we’ll find ourselves at home no matter where we are.

It’s in the present moment where we have the most power. By not lamenting about the past or worrying about the future, we can stop the mind and exist from our center. From this space, we have access to our truest selves and can experience excitement, which tells of our purpose, identity, and the fastest route to the achievement of our desires. That’s why it’s important under this Full Moon two-week cycle to feel more at home within the self. Wherever we go and whomever we’re with, we should be in the moment and capable of experiencing excitement. Not that we need to be excited 100% of the time, but that high-as-a-kite feeling when your spirit soars should be accessible, just as a candle has a wick ready to be lit.

We often forget ecstatic experience is our birthright. “Life,” ironically gets in the way of truly living. The moon and her cycles represent the ebb and flow of life, their beginnings and endings. Full moons represent completion. They’re great for releasing what’s no longer needed—from internals like fear, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs, to externals like people, places and things that no longer serve us. This Full Moon is especially good for releasing the outdated: Uranus’ sextile with Luna will make closing a new chapter and starting fresh relatively easy. Over the next two weeks, the Full Moon waning energy can help wash away anything that’s holding us back from living our best lives in 2019. We’ll have 365 days in the new year, and deserve to spend each one of them feeling at home.

To find out how the Full Moon in Cancer will likely affect you and how you might use it for best effect, check out where 0 degrees of Cancer appears in your astrological chart; likewise, read your sign and or rising sign below.

Aries: You probably expanded in some capacity over the past two weeks, as the New Moon transited your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. Perhaps you learned some really cool stuff or shared your message with the world. Now, as the Full Moon transits your Fourth House of Home and Family, it’s time to get back to basics: Over the next two weeks, your objective is to strengthen your self-trust and sense of emotional security. To this end, work on giving yourself 100% unconditional love and acceptance. In doing this, you will allow yourself to be loved just because you’re you. Work on releasing the notion that you have to do or be something in order to be special. Being you is enough. When you know this, others will appreciate you for being you. To acclimate to this concept, make life more comfortable and cozy for yourself over the next 14 days. Sleep in, book a spa day or massage, binge watch your favorite shows—anything to nurture yourself. You want to create a surplus of love energy around you, some of which you will then give to the world. The New Moon we have in January will jump-start your career goals, so use your time now to get really rooted in your self-love, which will allow you to climb great heights in 2019.

Taurus: You probably had to do some letting go over the past two weeks, as the New Moon transited your Eighth House of Rebirth. As you continue the process of freeing yourself up, you’ll get to refine your daily interactions as the Full Moon in Cancer transits your Third House. There’s bound to be a lot of buzz over the next two weeks: Phone calls, emails, errands to run, holiday merry making, and more. Wrap up as much as possible (and not just presents!) now, as you’ll enjoy a much more adventurous phase in January. While you’re managing your schedule, consider how your daily activities may benefit from some adjusting. Perhaps in the new year, you’ll want to more often rest at home after work or— just the opposite—will want to be more social. Whatever the case, you’ll now have some good perspective on what’s working and what’s not in your daily life. Although this transit concerns your interactions with others, it’s very much too about your communications with yourself. Pay attention to your inner dialogue: if you notice your thoughts sometimes veer to the negative or that you’re quick to criticize yourself, this is the perfect time to release any disparaging self-talk. Be self-disciplined in keeping self-praise top of mind. Since you’re such a physical sign, making sure your body feels great (rest, massage, good diet and exercise) will help you see the world through a stronger lens, which will allow you to leverage 2019 like no other year!

Gemini: Partnerships were likely the focus over the past two weeks, the ones you have and the ones on your wish list! Now, as the Full Moon in Cancer transits your Second House of Self-Worth, it’s about taking a step back, noticing your value and what you bring to the table. In the world, the value we bring to the lives of others is often measured by how much money we make. By focusing on your self-worth and self-expression, you will be poised to provide more value to the world, which will increase your income. Over the next two weeks, let go of anything that’s undermining your self-worth and keeping you from expressing yourself. Pay extra close attention to your throat—your self-worth center—and ensure it feels good; if not, release any anger in a healthy way, maybe by talking it out or even writing a letter you never send. Another shortcut to high self-worth and a thriving bank balance is sensuality; use this transit to work out any kinks in your body—book a massage or take some hot baths. By releasing any physical tension, you’ll allow the universe to flow through you more easily. With divine energy flowing through you more, you’re sure to reap physical and financial benefits for a banner year.

Cancer: Over the past two weeks, you’ve likely been focusing on work and health, and the time is still ripe for reinvigorating these areas of your life. Soon, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the right combination of things to make you feel well and happy. As the Full Moon transits your First House of Identity, the universe is conspiring to help you start fresh and new, releasing anything that’s no longer for your highest good. Consider how you want to feel in 2019, and what adjustments may be needed. This First House transit is very much about your self-image, which dictates so much of what we get in life: If you see yourself as someone who could be be madly in love, networthing over a million, feeling amazing physically, etc., you’re already half way there. These next two weeks are great for releasing self-perceived limitations; counter every negative thought with a positive one that asserts, “Yes, I can.” Every moment we get to decide who we are, so don’t be afraid to say goodbye to a version of yourself that you’ve outgrown. Motion creates the self, so when you have an idea of who you want to be, just start acting like it. You’re a cardinal, initiating sign, and you have the Full Moon on your side to release anything old now, so that nothing’s holding you back. Feel fresh, alive and free, as that’s how you’ll create the most abundance in 2019, for yourself, others and the world at large. Remember, the greatest gift you can give to anyone is your own happiness.

Leo: Hopefully you’ve really been enjoying yourself over the past two weeks, as the New Moon transited your Fifth House of Pleasure. There’s more fun to be had and more joy to experience, so stay tuned! But if there’s any way you can give yourself some downtime in between all the merry-making, you’ll be serving yourself well: This weekend’s Full Moon in Cancer will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious, so the next two weeks is ideal for reflective, quiet time. Since in life we get what we subconsciously believe we deserve, make use of the next two weeks by entertaining only the most empowering thoughts. What would be even better is spending some time listening to subliminal hypnosis recordings, meditating, saying affirmations, and visualizing what you want your new year to look like. Shortcut success by getting excited about the life you want to live in 2019, and trick yourself into believing that it already happened. Bask in all the glory that you deserve, work your plan, and 2019 will be a year for the books!

Virgo: Your attention has likely been put toward personal matters over the past two weeks, like home, family, and emotional security. As a result, you probably have achieved a stronger feeling of being at home within the self. With this deeper sense of inner security, you’re in the perfect position to make the best use of the Full Moon in Cancer, which will highlight your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, and Ideals. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be able to remove blocks and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your greatest desires. “Removing blocks” could be as simple as taking action, which proves to the universe your commitment to your ideals. Additionally, since Full Moons are about letting go, you may decide that certain dreams don’t appeal to you any longer, so it’ll be a matter of letting old dreams go so that new ones can materialize. Further, the Eleventh House also pertains to your friends and community—those people who help you achieve your aims. You may have found your tribe and will be inspired by the energy of the group. If you haven’t found your people yet, let go of those groups that are not you. By making space in your life for the right people, places and things, you’ll be able to make 2019 a banner year.

Libra: The last two weeks were probably busy for you, as the new moon transited your Third House of Communication. You probably clarified how you can best spend your mental energy, and engaged in more empowering self-talk. Now, as the Full Moon transits your Tenth House of Career, the emphasis for the next two weeks will be on your professional life. Since the Full Moon is great for releasing energy no longer needed, it may be helpful to figure out what you don’t want professionally for yourself, which will inform what you do want. If you have an idea of what you want to achieve career-wise, these next two weeks are great for making strides toward your goals. Keep in mind that the spotlight is on you and your work over the next two weeks; if you want to level up, this is the time to do it because people are watching! Remember that oftentimes careers are made on “no’s” not “yes’es,” so be judicious in what you give the green light to. Finally, your legacy need not be isolated to just your professional endeavors; you may make an incredibly strong contribution as a spouse, parent, good friend, or philanthropist. However you decide to make your mark, if you follow your heart you’ll live on in the hearts of others—throughout 2019 and until the end of time.

Scorpio: Over the past two weeks, you’ve probably been flowing more in your self-expression, which has resulted in more abundance in your life. The theme of expressing yourself continues, as the Full Moon in Cancer transits your Ninth House of Expansion. Over the next two weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to widen your worldview and broaden your horizons. You may experience “itchy feet,” wanting to get away from the ordinary and experience more of what life has to offer. If you have the opportunity to get away, that’d be grand! Maybe a trip to foreign shores is what the doctor orders now, or something else that broadens your horizons: Perhaps you’ll decide to learn more about philosophy, spirituality, or anything that helps you perceive life’s limitless potential. In getting a better idea of what exists “out there,” you gain a better idea of how you might expand in the universe. In this vein, you may decide to share your perspective with a wide audience, perhaps by publishing or broadcasting your work. Most important over this two-week transit is walking away from any sense of limitation; you’ll want to experience the world as vast, and allow others to experience YOU within its vastness. Whether you use this transit to see different things, learn different things, or teach others different things, you can expect to feel freer and BIGGER than you had before.

Sagittarius: Hope you had the happiest birthday in the history of birthdays, Sagittarius! The new year is ripe with lots of amazing opportunities with the planet of luck in your sign! The past two weeks were probably very eye-opening, you having gained a better understanding of who you are and who you want to become (which are the same thing, really). Now, as the Full Moon in Cancer flows through your Eighth House of Rebirth, you’re called to put your money where your mouth is: In light of your new identity, what needs to change? Over the next two weeks, you’ll better understand where you need to set boundaries; conversely, you may discover where you need to dissolve boundaries and join forces with other people or entities. The question you’ll be figuring out is where you end and others begin. When you combine your resources with others’ resources, you can either be made stronger or weaker. So, essentially, this transit is about you making judgment calls: Are you stronger with this person, place or thing in your life? If so, stay; if not, go. Or maybe it’s a matter of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but making adjustments to these relationships so they’re more beneficial and less draining for you. This can be an intense, transformative time; stay flexible, go with the flow, and let go. Remember that change is the only stability, and that in moving on from what no longer serves you, you are creating space for the ecstatic experiences that will make your new year one for the books!

Capricorn: Over the past two weeks, you may have come to some really cool conclusions about where you are now, where you want to go, and what you need to do to get there. You may have also gained a better understanding of how you need to think in order to achieve the results you desire. Now that you’ve gone through this contemplative time, as the Full Moon in Cancer transits your Seventh House of Partnerships, you may be clearer on what you need from a partner. If you’re already hitched, these next two weeks are great for deepening your relationship by rising above pettiness and focusing on the love that really matters. If you’re dissatisfied relationship-wise, now’s the time to “trouble-shoot” your relationship and make adjustments with your partner for more love and understanding. If you’re not in a romantic relationship and you want to be, use the next two weeks to release anything that might be keeping love at bay. Do you believe you could be in a mutually loving relationship? Are you prepared to create the space for a healthy relationship to thrive? If you find the reality of your current situation is at odds with your ideal, this is the perfect time to make adjustments. Remember to consider all of your partnerships, not just romantic ones, too. This is a great opportunity to strengthen, trouble-shoot or let go of any partnerships you have. The Full Moon cycle is very much about letting go of what no longer matters, so that you can have a year full of what does.

Aquarius: The past two weeks may have had you thinking about your greatest hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. In fact, you may have achieved a level of clarity on your ideals, if not some tangible results that prove your merit. Now that the Full Moon in Cancer is transiting your Sixth House of Lifestyle, it’ll be important to consider how your day-to-day supports your big dreams. Is there something you do on a regular basis that’s thwarting your progress? If there’s anything in the way of keeping you from feeling your very best, you can use these next two weeks to let it go. Further, when you think about your big dreams, consider your lifestyle: For instance, if you are want to have it all—love, career, family— does the way you budget your energy support this? If not, now’s the time to think about what you can do (and not do) daily to make your big dreams realistic. This is a great time to release bad habits, and start a new regimen of health and wellness with the right diet, exercise regimen, and mindfulness habits you need to succeed. Further, this transit may also have to do with work: If you’re feeling as if you need a reboot in your job, start the process of psychologically moving away from what you’re doing now. Consider what kind of job/work situation would make you happy, and execute a plan to make it happen. The most important thing over this transit is to move away from what’s not working, so you can move freely toward what does. You want to have an amazing 2019, so rid yourself of or repair any weak links so that your life’s operating like a well-oiled machine.

Pisces: Over the past two weeks, it’s likely you’ve been professionally focused. You’ve probably made some strides in your career, and now are about to reap the benefits! As the Full Moon in Cancer transits your Fifth House of Pleasure, you can still go after your professional ambitions, but in a much more fun way! This Full Moon is washing away blocks to experiencing joy, fun, laughter and love. Over the next two weeks, work on igniting that spark within that blazes when you’re doing things that you really love. Consider what you need now to experience ecstatic joy in your life: Is it a romance that sweeps you off your feet? Is it good times with friends and family? Or is it a cool creative project that you’re over-the-moon excited about? Whatever makes you feel free and alive like a little kid inside, do it! This two-week transit is about letting go of anything heavy, as you move in the direction of things that make your heart feel light. A happy and light heart in 2019. Perfect and well-deserved!

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