Make It Real  -  New Moon in Taurus

The 1988 song Make It Real by The Jets may be about a girl wanting to get back with the guy she loves, but the New Moon in Taurus will help us make any desire real as well. 

Earth sign Taurus needs things that are real — things they can experience with their senses, e.g., plenty of money, a wedding ring, luxurious clothes, the fresh smell of an early morning rain, amazing music, sumptuous food, mind-blowing sex, another body she can experience, and somebody as loyal, honest and trustworthy as she. Whether you want a few or all of these things, key to getting them can be found in the song’s lyrics:

In a dream you are here
You smile and hold me near
And in my heart I’ll pretend
That you are here again
~The Jets, “Make It Real” 1988

These lyrics are really perfect for this New Moon. Luna will make a harmonious sextile to Neptune, which rules dreams, imagination, and visualization. Such imaginative elements, therefore, are key to making things real over the next two weeks. We will achieve our aims by assuming the feeling that they have already been achieved. In the song, it’s important to note that it’s in her heart where she’ll pretend that he is there again: The heart is where the “magic” happens, its electromagnetic field being way more powerful than the brain. It’s the emotion (which is energy in motion) behind our desires that make things real. From the heart, energy is sent out into the universe and is reflected back to us as our reality. With the New Moon being in sensual Taurus, it’s important to get our senses involved when we’re imagining. Feel, smell, taste, hear and touch what you desire as if you have it. Use your imagination and make it as real as possible in your heart. 

Neville Goddard quotes

One of the earliest new-thought leaders, Neville Goddard, calls using the imagination in such a way as “living from the end.” This means imagining the world the way you want it to be; picture your goals as though they were already your reality. This is how the Law of Attraction works: The universe matches the energy you’re emanating, reflecting back to you what you’re broadcasting. Maintain within yourself the feeling of the wish already having been fulfilled. Follow this up with inspired, practical action — follow your excitement like a breadcrumb trail! Rest in the knowledge the end result has already been achieved — that you’re just “going through the motions” to arrive again to where you’ve already been. It’s sort of like in math, when the teacher doesn’t want just the answer, but wants you to “show your work” to see how you’ve arrived at the solution. 

Though you can use this New Moon to make whatever you want real, the New Moon will be transiting a specific area of your chart, making a particular life area ripe for new beginnings. To see which area will be lit up, note which house 14 degrees of Taurus falls in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below. 

ARIES: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your Second House of Self-Worth and Finance. This is the perfect transit to create more abundance in your life. Abundance is a flow. To achieve physical evidence of it (i.e., prosperity), keep your energy flowing. You Aries have a leg up when it comes to creating wealth: “Just do it” is your motto; quick to follow your excitement, you don’t usually overthink things. There’s another thing you can use to increase your financial flow: Your voice! The throat is your center of self-worth, which relates to self-expression and correlates with your money-making potential. By expressing yourself more fully, you’ll increase the power of your outflow which will result in more inflow. Sometimes we have throat chakra/financial blocks because we’re not speaking up about something. Even if you can’t, for instance, tell your boss to take a hike, you could write him/her a letter that you don’t send, just to release the energy there. Further, even in the bible it says that to those who have, more will be given: like attracts like and what you appreciate appreciates, so be vigilant about perceiving all the abundance around you — oxygen, the food you eat, the people you know, the warmth of the sun, the sustenance of water, etc. In affirming that what you have is abundant, you negate the possibility of lack. Live fully and abundantly now, and you’ll be aligned with vitality and a surplus of money which you’ll very much enjoy! 

TAURUS: This is a very powerful New Moon for you, as it’s in your sign, transiting your First House of Identity. Everything you could ever want starts with the belief you can have it…that you’re the type of person who could have what you want. Thus, changing your self-image this new moon is the name of the game. When you “attract” more love, money, vitality, etc., it’s because you’ve released that energy within yourself and are expressing it more fully. Remember, Taurus, your key phrase is I HAVE. You contain it all, and have within yourself what you’re seeking. Just as a flower has a right to the sun and rain, you have a right to whatever nourishes you — all forms of abundance as yours, waiting to be claimed. Since the First House rules not only your perception but your physical body, do what you can over the next two weeks to feel better physically. Double down on your workout regimen or get yourself back into shape. Use your workouts to acclimate your cells to the new frequency you want to experience: Your thoughts and beliefs create your emotions; emotion is energy in motion and motion creates the self. Life, therefore, is an emotional game. To achieve what you want, practice the feeling of having it, retraining your cells to feel a different way consistently. While maintaining the feeling state of what you desire, if you exercise while doing it, you’ll speed up your manifestations. Further, the First House pertains to the package you present to the world. Treat yourself to a new look or some new threads to signal to you and the world the new role you want to play. Happy Birthday, Taurus. May you nourish the fields within and create flowers wherever you go. 

GEMINI: The Taurus New Moon will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. This is an important transit for you, Gemini, as you gear up for your birthday, which will start a brand new cycle! Since in life we get what we subconsciously believe we are a match to, this is the perfect time to empower your inner dialogue. That’s what the universe hears — your inner conversations with yourself. Over the next two weeks, take time to meditate, rest, and turn inward. Dial into how you want your life to be. Tap into the feelings you want to experience. Use your imagination to visualize having what you want…perfect health, a surplus of money, an amazing mate, etc. The subconscious can’t differentiate between what’s being imagined and what’s actually happening, and when there’s a discrepancy between the two, the subconscious cannot rest until it makes them coincide. While moving through life from that space of fulfillment, take inspired, actionable steps toward the goal. Because you know how to direct your mind, you’re an ace at manifesting, Gemini; when determined, no one can stop you from achieving what you desire. Shortcut your manifestations by convincing yourself that what you want has already happened; pretend it’s in the past and give yourself a pat on the back that it’s all done: Sit back and bask in that reality and let yourself have the relief you desire. Start acclimating your cells to the new you you want to be. 

CANCER: The Taurus New Moon will transit your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Friends! Over the next two weeks, take time to consider your greatest hopes, dreams, wishes and ideals. The 11th House is the house of “why not?” Why not achieve your lofty aims? It’s time to look at the limitless sky and give yourself the freedom to claim it as yours. Since we can’t imagine non-existence, anything you can imagine must exist somewhere, right?! So give yourself permission to go after your big dreams. Help along the way will be your friends or groups of like-minded people also inspired about life and all it has to offer. Put yourself out there and find people with whom you can relate. Spend time with friends you can support and can support you. Once you tap into your DESERVABILITY and WORTHINESS that allow you to believe your greatest hopes, dreams and wishes are possible, prove to the universe your belief by COMMITTING to actionable steps to make them happen. Even if a specific strategy doesn’t yield the results you desire, remember that the energy you put forth doesn’t just evaporate — it’s put toward your end-game in a way unbeknownst to you. Do everything you can to stay clear this month, keeping up with diet, exercise, and rest so the power of universe can easily run through you to help you manifest your miracles. All miracles are based on love, so love, love, love, love — love everyone and everything. Love as much as possible. Energy at its basis, is love.

LEO: The Taurus New Moon will transit your Tenth House of Career. Over the past few months, you may have experienced some shifts in consciousness. With your new awareness, you are now able to go further than you would have gone before. Use this New Moon to glean more understanding about what you want to achieve professionally. You’re in an advantageous position to make shifts happen, so plant seeds and take action over the next two weeks (the sooner, the better). Whether you want to rise in the ranks in the career you have now or embark on an exciting new trajectory, this is the month to do it! As a powerful and strong Leo, you have a leg up: The universe responds to vibration, so if you can dramatize the feelings of already having what you seek and sustain those feelings, you’ll achieve your aims speedily. Perceive in your mind the end result you desire, conjure up its feelings and pretend it’s already happened; then take inspired action as if you’re just “rewinding” to the beginning of the “movie.” Prove you believe that it’s going to happen by the actionable steps you take. Belief combined with practical action is all you need now to reach the top.

VIRGO: The Taurus New Moon will transit your Ninth House of Expansion. This is the time to let your spirit soar! You are likely to have “itchy feet” now, craving something fresh, new and unfamiliar for a reboot. During this time, you’ll want to identity with life itself — perhaps by being larger than it! One way to do this is to publish, broadcast or somehow share your perspective with the world, so you can experience your presence everywhere. With the world having access to you, by reading your work or hearing you speak, for instance, you experience yourself as you really are — truly infinite. Another way you can use this transit is to literally go across the world, by going (or planning) a trip to a far-off place. Or you can experience expansion by broadening your horizons right where you are: reading new literature or experiencing new art can transport you to a different world, just as learning philosophy and developing your spirituality can widen your perspective. Consider what you want to experience this month, as well as how you’d like the world to experience you. Gift yourself a sense of limitlessness now — go far and wide, the world is your oyster!

LIBRA: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your Eighth House of Rebirth. The only constant in the universe is change; change, therefore, is stability, and that’s what this transit for you is about this month. Do you want a brand new life? Or just some minor changes to the one you have now? The point of this transit is empowerment through transformation. Often, such a transit relates to boundaries: which ones will you set and which ones will you dissolve? Make the decision based on how you feel: if your resources combined with someone or something else empowers you, move in a little closer; if combining forces with someone or something else disempowers you, draw some lines in the sand or cut them loose. Empowerment is the name of your game this month and key to that now is letting go of what you have so you can have more. What might you release to make room for your heart’s deepest fulfillment? As you seek this answer, stay in flow, stay in your gratitude, and be flexible and gentle with yourself. Realize the unfamiliar could be better than the familiar. Everything and anything can be yours so long as there’s enough room and allowance for it to come in. Love is letting go of fear.

SCORPIO: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your Seventh House of Partnerships. This month, you’ll have a great opportunity to strengthen the partnerships you’re in or find some new ones that will help make you stronger. Whether you want empowering personal or professional partners now, the universe is queued up to deliver, waiting for you to be ready. Life may have thrown you a few curve balls this past year, but like a phoenix, you always rise from the ashes, stronger and better than ever. Have those important talks that will allow your relationships to flourish; mend fences if you feel a partnership is salvageable and worth another go. If you want to attract into your life personal and professional partners who really get you, make a list of all the qualities you want, and start your search! Further, some great strides can be made with this transit if you spend some time in the shoes of others in your life: Consider what they need and how you can help. Focusing on the energy you’re flowing into your relationships is the best way to leverage this New Moon, especially over the next two weeks. Another thing to consider under this New Moon is your audience, another Seventh House theme. Consider the energy you’d like to exchange with your public: What do you want to give to them and what would you like them to give to you? You’re a star, Scorpio, and just by being you, you inspire and excite, which is super necessary in our everyday lives!

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your Sixth House of Lifestyle. This is a cool transit for you, Sagittarius, as you usually love switching things up to keep life fresh and exciting! This transit is typically about “health” and “work” — what we do day in and day out. With the New Moon transiting this area of your chart, you’re in the perfect position to improve your daily goings-on. It may help to consider what you want your days and weeks to look and feel like. Do you want more ease? More focus? More flow? If it’s a new job you think would make life easier, consider what that new job looks like and take action to find one over the next two weeks. If your current job could use some changes, implementing those now is also likely to be successful. Additionally, you may want to direct your attention to how you feel physically, using the new moon’s energy for more vitality and better health. This transit is ideal for starting a new exercise routine and/or diet so you feel as perfect as possible. Essentially, you can use this month to get your life running like a well-oiled machine. Figure out what combination of things would make you well and happy: What work would you do, how would your body feel, what recreational activities would restore your spirit on regular basis? With the right balance of things in place, you’ll find everything supports everything else. A game-night with friends on Wednesday, for instance, can lead to a magnificent Thursday at work; a great morning workout can give you the mental sharpness you need for a presentation, etc. Take some time to consider what would be ideal in your daily life and implement some changes, bit by bit, to make the most of this New Moon.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your Fifth House of Pleasure! This life area encapsulates what you’re known for: Good times! Over the next few weeks, you’ll likely feel really creative, ready to laugh and have fun. What will make your heart happy, Capricorn? The energetic field around your heart is way more powerful than the brain, so the more you make your heart feel good, the more energy you’ll have to create your best life. Once you have an idea of what lights you up, go out there and experience it full tilt! These next two weeks are perfect for manifesting love, romance, good times, and whatever else brings a smile across your face. During this transit, you’ll get a chance to really get in touch with your inner child. By embodying the kid within, you’ll see how creative you can be in every life area: exercise and diet, achieving more wealth, having more fun in your relationships — the list goes on and on. By focusing on what makes you happy, you’ll be more alive and experience life more fully. Really use the next two weeks to enjoy your own being and spontaneity. Be joyful in your being! 

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your Fourth House of Emotional Security. Now’s the time to find your “happy place” inside yourself. Though this transit can pertain to your home and family, your true “home” you take around with you wherever you go. Thus, take some time to “nest and rest” over the next two weeks, really nurturing yourself. Once you feel good, consider what might make you feel even more comfortable: Is it a new home or simply a new comforter and pillows? Is it deeper relations with your friends and family, or do you want to dive deep into a relationship? Every relationship you have is reminiscent of the relationship you have with yourself, so start there! Soothe yourself and find your inner peace, and everything else will fall into place. Further, when it comes to “security,” realize that insecure feelings are about the fear of collapse. You can’t get true security from money or a relationship, for instance, as there are plenty of rich and partnered people who are insecure. High energy is what brings security, for when you have high energy, it’s a far cry from the vibration of collapse. Thus, do whatever you can to rest, exercise and eat right so you can experience your highest excitement. Having vitality will help you feel more emotionally secure — more at home within the self — which is what you’ll want to get out of this transit.

PISCES: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your Third House of Communication. Now’s the time to find your groove and let the good times roll! This should be an especially busy month for you, with work stuff to do and a full social calendar. Though it may be tempting to say “yes” to everything, be discriminating to make the best use of your time: If you sense attending an event is a bad idea, for instance, trust yourself, as you’ll want to make sure that all the stuff you do makes you happier! The same for work stuff: Decide what deserves your time and attention and what does not. Communications can also be made more efficient during this time: Be clear with what you say and make sure people are clear with you; since this period is so communication heavy, it wouldn’t hurt to write follow-up emails to ensure you and colleagues are on the same page. This transit is an opportunity to really strengthen your communication skills and build a better rapport with others. Remember, though, the most important person you communicate with is yourself, so make sure you’re focusing on how spectacular you are and how abundant life is! Your self-talk should be empowering, as the way you talk to yourself is what the universe hears and responds to. Make your inner voice your most supportive, inspiring friend for the most abundant spring ever!