All That You Can't Leave Behind  -  Full Moon in Libra

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The Full Moon in Libra on Friday, April 19, 2019 will require what Libra is known for: Adjustments. With Luna opposite the planet of rebellion, Uranus, there’s a strong need to break free from something and reclaim freedom. Luna also creates a stressful quincunx (150° aspect) with Venus, suggesting we may break free, but it’s not necessarily a clean break: There may be stuff that we simply cannot leave behind. And maybe that’s for the best in some respects.

When we move on from something — like a relationship, job, lifestyle, etc. — there’s the propensity to break away from it completely. This is the Uranian way: completely detaching from something like it never existed. As if we don’t want to give it the satisfaction of recognizing it was important. Or not wanting to let it have any power. It’s like we pop it in a sealed-shut box never to be opened again. But that “box” contains energy. It contains experiences that have shaped us. And in denying its relevance, we are kept from loving ourselves completely. More important, in locking something away like that, we’re cutting ourselves off from its power — we’re cutting ourselves off from an aspect of ourselves. 

For instance, say you had fallen madly, deeply in love with someone. But that someone betrayed you. He did the unforgivable and you want absolutely nothing to do with him again. You dissolve the relationship and distance him from your life. You also quarantine everything you had ever experienced with this person. Not just the heartbreak, but the amazing times you had together, too: Your first kiss that took your breath away; the way he looked at you in the theater; funny moments that could still make you laugh. The desire to deny those memories are strong, because they’re overshadowed by the betrayal. But in resisting memories of such experiences, you block out the chance of experiencing the same over-the-moon feelings again. They become “triggers.” You become so vigilant about not thinking about it, that any opportunity that arrives for a similar experience, is also warded off. And, perhaps most important, in resisting the memories of the past, you are holding a part of yourself back. You don’t get to use 100% of your fully integrated, unconditionally loved self. 

I’m not suggesting that we live in the past or focus on our old experiences. Instead, I’m suggesting that we recognize that we are the sum total of our experiences and they can be leveraged to create the future — they have energy. By allowing ourselves to not deny but fully integrate our past experiences, we have more power at our disposal—even if it’s pain that can be transmuted into power. 

When we think of power, a person who comes to mind is Oprah Winfrey. If we think about it, Oprah has acquired fame and fortune through her voice—she hosted a talk show. Metaphysically, the voice/throat pertains to truth and self-expression; how much we express ourselves relates to the value we contribute to the world, which correlates to how much we’re valued. It’s unlikely Oprah would have had such an impact and amass such a following had she denied her truth all these years. (She’s very transparent about sadly having been raped at 9 and molested from the ages of 9 through 14.) Her empire came from somewhere: she acquired it because she expressed herself completely — she integrated and expressed fully what was inside herself. She let it flow. She owned it. In expressing herself fully, she was able to transmute her pain into power. 

Let’s look at it through another lens: If you were to get divorced, dismissed from your job, or someone died, and you were awarded a settlement, severance package, or bequeathment, you’d probably take it. You would use the money to finance the next stage of your journey. You’d integrate that money in with your own. You wouldn’t say, “Oh that’s dirty money, it comes from my rotten ex-husband” or “a job I despised” or “a person I wish were still alive.” You’d take the money and use it. Likewise, the richness of your emotional experiences can be leveraged and used for your greatest benefit. Don’t deny yourself the wealth of your emotional experiences. 

All the riches of the world — gold, minerals, diamonds — are underneath the earth’s surface. Similarly, within us we contain a great wealth of past experiences. To get to these, sometimes we have to drudge old stuff up, or integrate what’s beneath the surface. We must have access, conscious access to past experiences so we can use them to create the future we desire. 

Like all Full Moons, this one starts a two-week waning cycle, which is usually about letting go or walking away from something. It may be as simple as a cold, attitude, or a completed project you’re releasing, or it may be bigger, like a job, relationship or lifestyle. Whatever you’re leaving behind, don’t resist its integration into the new path you’re creating for yourself. Let the energy of the old situation — the associated thoughts, emotions, memories — flow through you, don’t try to resist or deny them. Own them and let them fuel the journey to your next destination. Focus on the future, but know that what you can’t leave behind might be the key to what’s ahead.

To see how this Full Moon in Libra is likely to affect you, see which astrological house 29 degrees of Libra falls in your astrological chart. Likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below. 

ARIES: Over the past two weeks, you’ve probably got a better understanding of who you want to be — which is who you really are! With a stronger sense of self, now’s the time to balance as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Seventh House of Partnerships. Who complements you is the question, Aries, as you can’t be “you” without somebody else! If you’re already hitched, these next two weeks are great for deepening your union by being cognizant of the energy you’re flowing into the relationship. If you’re dissatisfied in your relationships, now’s the time to “trouble-shoot” and make adjustments. If you’re not in a relationship, you can use the next two weeks to release resistance to the ideal one you’d like to have. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get clear on how you want to feel in a relationship. Do what you got to do to manifest it, recognizing what’s in your control and what’s not; all you can do is show up, be responsible for your energy, and give others the chance to rise to the occasion. This is your season, Aries! Drop anything weighing you down and enjoy those who can help you feel like you want to feel.

TAURUS: You know what time it is, Taurus! It’s Birthday time! Hopefully over the past two weeks you’ve been resting up and taking good care of yourself in preparation for your Solar Return! Now, with the Full Moon in Libra transiting your Sixth House of Lifestyle, it’ll be important to consider how your day-to-day supports your ideals. Is there something you could be doing daily to get you closer to your goals? Or is there something you’re doing that’s thwarting your progress? Either way, you can use these next two weeks to start fresh! This is the perfect time to consider what you really want and create a lifestyle that fully supports it. Sometimes we say we want something, but don’t bother making room for it — well, this Full Moon can really fix that. This is a great time to release your old protocol for a new one, by doubling-down on a healthy diet and exercise regimen, for instance. This transit may also have to do with work: If you feel as if your job could use a reboot, start the process of researching new work opportunities. Consider what you’re doing now and what kind of new work situation would make you happier. Start your job search or keep at it, as success is highly likely when the sun is in your sign. Most important, over the next two weeks take good care of your body. We get one body in this lifetime and it’s meant to feel as perfect as possible, so make room in your life every single day to enjoy your senses and physicality. 

GEMINI: Over the past two weeks, you’ve likely achieved more clarity on your hopes and dreams, and hopefully received some extra support from your friends and community. Now, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Fifth House of Creativity, it’s time to shine! What do YOU bring to the table, Gemini? How are you 100% perfectly you? Self-expression is the name of your game over the next two weeks, as the oceans wash away blocks to you experiencing of joy, fun, laughter and love. Over the next two weeks, ignite your inner spark that blazes when you’re doing things you really love. Consider what will help you experience ecstatic joy in your life: Is it a romance that sweeps you off your feet? Or is it good times with friends and family? Maybe it’s a creative project you’re over-the-moon excited about. Whatever makes you feel free and alive like a little kid inside, do it! This two-week transit is about letting go of anything heavy, as you move in the direction of things that make you feel good. Remember, everything is magical when you see it with your heart — and that now is the name of your game!

CANCER: Over the past two weeks, you’ve been very visible and probably ambitious, climbing to the top of the heap and making good on your professional goals. Now, as the Full Moon transits your Fourth House of Home and Family, it’s time to get back to your roots and really nurture your foundation. Over the next two weeks, work on giving yourself 100% pure, unconditional love. Surround yourself with those who love and care about you — sop it all up! The more nurture you can experience these next two weeks, the better: The deeper the soil, the richer the fruit: everything in your life — particularly your career — will flourish better with a strong foundation under your feet. Further, work on releasing anything that undermines your self-worth. Just take a look at anything you’ve been doing that’s been making you feel bad, and judge whether or not it’s sensible for your end game. Even if there’s nothing to say bye-bye to, make sure to bump up your self-care over the next 14 days. Sleep in, book a spa day or massage, binge watch your favorite shows — anything to nurture yourself. You want to feel really at home within the self now, so you feel at home no matter where you go. The world is your oyster, and your “oyster” is inside you. 

LEO: You’ve likely expanded over the past two weeks — perhaps you’ve broadened your horizons or shared your message far and wide. Now, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Third House of Communications, it’s time to bring your broader perspective into your day-to-day communications. Over the next two weeks, your daily interactions may go through changes. You may find you need to drop some stuff from your schedule. Consider what you do day-to-day that is an energy-suck, and realize there’s a better way! Even if you can’t drop certain responsibilities now, there’s opportunities for adjustments to make your life easier. There’s bound to be a lot of buzz over the next two weeks: Phone calls, emails, errands to run, socializing and more. Give yourself permission to not say “yes” to everything, as that would leave you with far too much to do. Further, consider the overall view and what might benefit from some adjusting. Perhaps you’ll want to rest more often at home after work or — just the opposite — will want to be more social. Whatever the case, you’re now poised to perceive what’s working and what’s not in your daily life. Although this transit concerns your interactions with others, it’s very much also about the communications you have with yourself. Pay attention to your inner dialogue: if you notice your thoughts sometimes veer to the negative or that you’re quick to criticize yourself, this is the perfect time to release that. Be self-disciplined in keeping self-praise top of mind.

VIRGO: You made it, Virgo! The past two weeks may have been rough, as it was a time of rebirth, setting boundaries, and letting go of what you’ve outgrown. Now, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Second House of Self-Worth, you get to revisit your values and acknowledge what you bring to the table. Take time over the next two weeks to really open your throat chakra by using your voice: sing, scream, chant, talk, etc. Your voice is key to your worth, and will help you increase your bank balance, which is part of what this Second House transit is all about. Money coincides with how much value you’re giving to the world — or how much you’re expressing yourself. By focusing on your self-worth and self-expression, you will be poised to provide more value to the world, which will increase your income. Over the next two weeks, too, let go of anything undermining your self-worth and keeping you from expressing yourself. Release any anger in a healthy way, maybe by talking or writing a letter that you don’t have to send. Another shortcut to high self-worth and financial abundance is sensuality; use this transit to work out any kinks in your body — book a massage or take some hot baths. By releasing any physical tension, you’ll allow the universe to flow through you more easily. With divine energy flowing, you’ll easily express your most authentic self to reap more physical, spiritual, mental, and financial benefits.

LIBRA: Over the past two weeks, you’ve likely been focusing on partnerships — but what else is new, Libra?! Seriously, though, the focus has been on your alliances (or maybe dalliances if you’re just getting your feet wet) and now the main topic of discussion is you, as the Full Moon transits your First House of Identity. Over the next two weeks, the universe is cued up to help you make some changes to your outlook, body, and self-image. Thus, it’s the perfect time to release anything that’s no longer for your highest good. Think about how you want to feel over the next several months, and consider what adjustments you can make. It may help to look at your life with a wide lens, and consider your end-goal: If you want to achieve something, do you see yourself as the type of person that would live that reality? In essence, it’s a matter of putting the cart before the horse: If you want to be a millionaire, develop the mindset of a millionaire now. If you want to find your soulmate, make time daily to mate with your soul. These next two weeks are great for making adjustments to the way you think, look, and behave so you’re energetically aligned with the end result you desire. Every moment we get to decide who we are, so don’t be afraid to say goodbye to a version of yourself that you’ve outgrown. Motion creates the self, so when you have an idea of who you want to be, just start acting like it. “All the world’s a stage,” Shakespeare said, so use this Full Moon to release anything “out of character” for the next role you want to play. 

SCORPIO: You Scorpios love your routine. And hopefully, over the past two weeks, you’ve made it even more efficient and effective based on the life you want to live. (If not, obviously there’s still time — we’re all eternal works-in-progress.) Now, however, the focus has shifted from work, health and lifestyle to the conversations you have with yourself, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Thus, the next two weeks are ideal for reflective, quiet time. Since in life we get what we subconsciously believe we deserve, make use of the next two weeks by entertaining only the most empowering thoughts. What would be even better is spending some time listening to subliminal hypnosis recordings, meditating, saying affirmations, and visualizing what you want your life to look like over the next several months. One of your superpowers, Scorpio, is your imagination: Shortcut success by visualizing having achieved the results you desire and conjure up the accompanying feelings. Bask in your glory and then, on a practical level, work your plan! This is also a letting-go time for you, so use this period to do some soul searching to find what’s no longer “you.” You’ll want to feel as free and happy as possible this Spring, so drop the dead wood and weak links so you can shine like the bright star you are!

SAGITTARIUS: Hopefully you’ve been having fun over the past two weeks, Sagittarius — but when are you not?! Though pleasure and recreation may have been priority, now it’s time to see how your excitement fits into the big picture, as the Full Moon in Libra highlights your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, Friends and Community. Based on your individuality, what are your greatest hopes and dreams, and how can you benefit the greater whole (your friends, community, even the masses)? As you ponder your purpose, over the next two weeks you’ll be able to remove blocks and self-limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your greatest desires. “Removing blocks” could be as simple as taking action, which proves to the universe your commitment to your ideals. Additionally, since Full Moons are about letting go, you may decide that certain dreams no longer appeal to you, so it’ll be a matter of letting old ones go so new ones can form. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” as the song goes, so don’t be afraid to re-calibrate if that feels right to you. Further, as the Eleventh House pertains to your friends, community and contribution to society, use the next two weeks to spend more time with like-minded people, as they’ll empower you with thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. Do what you can over the next two weeks to make life light: Release what you need to feel as perfect as possible. This is a transit of “why not?” Why not live life feeling on top of the world? Why not get rid of anything that’s bringing you down? After all, “up” is where your optimistic sign is meant to be!

CAPRICORN: Hopefully, you’ve given yourself some extra TLC over the past two weeks and now have a stronger sense of emotional security and self-trust. Such self-care will be your secret weapon now, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Tenth House of Career. Over the next two weeks, you’ll have a leg up in removing blocks to your professional advancement. Go after your goals! Things may miraculous get out of your way, so eat right, get your rest, etc. so you are poised for action! Now’s a great time to also make adjustments that support your career goals. Keep in mind that the spotlight is on you over the next two weeks; if you want to level up, this is the time to do so. Work on releasing energy no longer needed, which will make room for what you do want, specifically professionally. Finally, your legacy need not be confined to just professional endeavors; you might make your mark in the world as a powerful spouse, parent, good friend, or philanthropist. However you decide to make your contribution to society, if you follow your heart you’ll live on in the hearts of others and create a legacy that lasts forever.

AQUARIUS: Over the past two weeks, you’ve probably been as busy as a bee with lots of buzz going on in multiple areas. Perhaps you’ve added some socializing or work projects into your life, and are acclimating now to a new normal. As the Full Moon in Libra transits your Ninth House of Expansion, however, you’re looking for more! You may experience “itchy feet,” as this transit incites you to get away from the ordinary and experience the unfamiliar. Taking or planning trip to foreign shores now would be ideal; if that’s not in the cards, there’s other ways for you is to experience more of the world. Perhaps you’ll immerse yourself in a foreign culture by learning another language or reading foreign books and films. It’s your brain that’s looking to be galvanized now, so you could learn more about philosophy, spirituality, or anything that helps you perceive life’s limitless potential. In getting a better idea of what exists “out there,” you’ll gain insight into your place in the universe. In this vein, you may decide to share your perspective with a wide audience, perhaps by publishing or broadcasting your work. Most important over this two-week transit is to feel limitless. In the words of Auntie Mame, “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!” Don’t be one of them! Experience the world as vast, and allow others to experience your vastness. 

PISCES: Over the past two weeks, you’ve likely gotten a better idea of your value, helping you attract more abundance into your life. Speaking up and expressing yourself, you may have found, is key. Now, as the Full Moon in Libra transits your Eighth House of Rebirth, the topic of conversation is about how to manage your new-found self-worth: Should you set boundaries with others or join forces to become even stronger? In a nutshell, it’s a matter of deciding which alliances and joint enterprises will empower you versus those that will deplete you. Very intuitive, you’ll usually be able to imagine the new scenario—i.e., joining forces with another — and gauge whether it feels good or bad. As always, trust your intuition. Further, a Full Moon-8th House transit is most likely going to involve letting go of something not for your highest good. Sometimes the release is easy; other times, difficult. Over the next two weeks, be flexible, gentle with yourself, and go with the flow. You may feel like you’re going through a “death” of sorts, so make sure to give yourself the extra space needed to process any raw emotions. The good news is that this is a time of rebirth: Whatever changes now has the built-in potential to make you stronger — even when it doesn’t appear that way! Even when circumstances look problematic, know that every single situation can be leveraged to your greatest advantage. Enjoy the process of falling in love with a new version of yourself, Pisces. Soon, the dust will settle and life will be brighter and better than ever if you allow it. 

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