Open Your Heart To______. Your Key to the Solar Eclipse in Leo


Madonna knows what she’s talking about — she’s a Leo after all! Take her advice for the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11, 2018. With Mercury’s square to Jupiter, this eclipse is an opportunity to feel better than ever before.

Leo, the magnanimous, generous and dramatic 5th sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the bright, powerful sun. And the body part it rules is the heart. 

Law of Attraction experts insist that the electromagnetic field around the heart is 5000X more powerful than that of the brain. Therefore, our hearts unlock our true, complete, unabashed joyfulness — which is, incidentally, best represented by the fiery, fixed and fascinating sign of the Lion.

We can thank our lucky stars (ha, see what I did there!?) for helping us determine what will make us happy. Each astrological house, which describes a different life area, can be likened to a “key” for true happiness. During each moon cycle, one of these “keys” turns.

Sometimes the keys turn automatically; sometimes how they turn is up to us.

To find out which life area is key for you this eclipse, check where 18 degrees of Leo falls in your astrological chart. You can also read your sign or rising sign below:

ARIES: Open your heart to: True love, play, fun, your creations (projects and kids if you have some). Madonna song to play on repeat: Cherish

TAURUS: Open your heart to: Your family, your home, feeling good, taking extra good care of yourself and others. Madonna song to play on repeat: Dress You Up.

GEMINI: Open your heart to: Communication, telling people how you feel; learning something new, thinking empowering thoughts, discovering new ways of communicating and expressing your ideas. Madonna song to play on repeat: Express Yourself

CANCER: Open your heart to: your talents, those things you’re really good at. Open your heart to money. Love your money and let your money love you. Madonna song to play on repeat: Material Girl. 

LEO: Open your heart to: Yourself. Your body. Your amazing personality. Open your heart to everyone who sees you. Light them up with your light. Madonna song to play on repeat: Ray of Light

VIRGO: Open your heart to: New beliefs and ideas — empowering ones that make you the hero/heroine of your story. Create the story and tell it to yourself. Fall in love with the story and stick to it. Madonna song to play on repeat: Like a Prayer

LIBRA: Open your heart to: Friends. Your community. Your hopes, dreams, wishes, and ideals. It’s never too late to reignite an old love to catch your soul on fire. Madonna song to play on repeat: Lucky Star

SCORPIO: Open your heart to: Your ambitions. What could you achieve that would make you feel on top of the world? Madonna song to play on repeat: Who’s That Girl

SAGITTARIUS: Open your heart to: Expansion. Broadening your horizons. An empowering life philosophy that makes that 1000-watt smile light up and discover new subjects and stories all around the world. Madonna song to play on repeat: Human Nature.

CAPRICORN: Open your heart to: Letting go. To going with the flow. To whatever feels right. To healing. To a new beginning. To change. Madonna song to play on repeat: Borderline.

AQUARIUS: Open your heart to: Your partners in life. Your audience. In each person, love that part of yourself that you’re wise enough to know is there. Madonna song to play on repeat: Crazy for You

PISCES: Open your heart to: A new lifestyle. A new day-to-day. A new love for nutritious foods and a healthy exercise regimen. A new job. Madonna song to play on repeat: Like a Virgin.

Even though life is meant to be happy and joyful, sometimes we can get stuck in an emotional place that’s miserable. Sometimes it helps to find just one thing you love. Maybe it’s a TV show or a book or a song; maybe it’s looking at a bowl of oranges or a quiet night sky. Maybe you’re more adventuresome, and it’s wearing a cone-shaped bra. Whatever works! If you can just take it easy and relax and hang out and love, you may find that your resistance to well-being softens, and you can unlock the love that makes life more and more and more of a celebration. Put your heart into something, anything. Open your heart — that’s the key.

Joshua MacGuireComment