Just Like Heaven-Full Moon in Pisces

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“The song is about hyperventilating — kissing and fainting to the floor,” Robert Smith of The Cure said of his song “Just Like Heaven.” When the song was released on October 5, 1987, the moon was of course in the watery sign of Pisces. But even if it hadn’t been, the song about the girl he loved who’s “just like a dream” is very apropos for this Full Moon: “Dancing in the deepest oceans, twisting in the water”…the lyrics epitomize Pisces which rules dreams, the subconscious, the sublime, and losing oneself in ecstasy. With the moon full in Pisces, it is this just-like-heaven quality that will help make our dreams come true.

First fantasy. Then reality.

With “the summer of retrogrades” [almost] behind us and new ones coming up as soon as October, we’re given a rather small window of opportunity to move forward most advantageously: NOW until Oct. 4. After that, Venus goes retrograde (Oct. 5-Nov. 17) followed by Mercury Retrograde again from Nov. 17-Dec. 6). Thus, it would be best to get as much done as possible between now and early October. From Dec. 6 until March 6, the most important planets will be direct, so you’ll have a strong start for the new year nonetheless. But since the holidays can often take over our lives, it’s best to get things moving as much as possible between now and early October.

The Full Moon’s waning 2-week cycle (now until Sept. 8) is great for releasing and letting go. The New Moon (Sept. 9) and its waxing 2-week cycle (Sept. 9- Sept. 23) are great for attracting new things into your life. To make the best use of these cycles, you’ll start the process of embodying what you want now, and move forward achieving it on the Sept. 9 New Moon. Since in life we get what we subconsciously are by virtue of like attracting like, use the next two weeks to emotionally embody what you desire before moving ahead with new plans on September 9.

There’s a particular area in your astrological chart that the Pisces moon is affecting. This is currently your most sensitive life area — the “hot spot” in your chart where you can make the most progress. To find out which life area is being affected, check where 3 degrees of Pisces falls in your astrological chart; likewise, read your sign or rising sign below to find out where you should aim to feel “just like heaven” to gain the most from this transit.

Aries: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 12th House of the Subconscious, the storage house of all our past experiences. By revisiting the past and “revising” any unfavorable conclusions you made about yourself, you’ll be able to create a new future, feeling stronger and more worthy. All feelings are the result of beliefs; change the belief to be more empowering, and you’ll change your feeling about the situation, helping you to move forward and experience a new story. (An article in Psychology Today helps explain revising the past.) Further, what’s the new story you want to tell that’s going to make you feel just like heaven? Somewhere, someone is making their life a fairy-tale. Why not you? The word “Abracadabra” means “I will create as I speak” — create your fairy-tale life by telling yourself a new story. And stick to it!

Taurus: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams, Wishes, Friendship and Community. The sky’s the limit for you, as you ask yourself “Why not?” when it comes to your greatest hopes, wishes and dreams: Why not have the love of your life? The perfect profession, a killer body etc.? Dare to dream, and bring yourself to that feeling place of having achieved the dream. You can also use the next two weeks to clear anything in the way of friendship. Imagine new or long-time friends making you feel “just like heaven.” What are y’all doing? Same thing if you want a community: dream up how your ideal community could make you feel amazing. What does it look like? If you don’t know how it looks, that’s OK — just embody the feeling and the space will fill in. Get acquainted with your ideals for the next two weeks, then take inspired action on achieving them Sept. 9 through Sept. 23.

Gemini: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 10th House of Career. If you could be known for anything, what would that be? What award, position or honor would make you feel just like heaven? Being “at the top” of what profession would bring you the most joy? Consider all the possibilities, then choose the one that makes you feel most spectacular. Keep returning to this thought, then take action Sept. 9 through Sept. 23 — by putting yourself out there entrepreneurially, pursuing a new profession or a higher job position.

Cancer: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 9th House of Expansion. What might you explore that would make you feel just like heaven? Is it a new subject, a new country, or a new aspect of yourself? Further, in what ways would you like to “spread your energy” all across the world? Is it by helping one person who helps many? Is it by writing a book or broadcasting your ideas? Is it by making decisions that impact the planet? Consider what mode of expression and expansion feels the best, and embody that feeling over the next two weeks. From Sept. 9 through Sept. 23, take inspired action that leads to your expansion.

Leo: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 8th House of Rebirth. This is a biggie, Leo! Essentially, we’re talking about a new life — or at least one that’s without something familiar and with something different. Think about what weight you’d love lifted off your shoulders that would make you feel just like heaven. Know there’s a compatible way for you to achieve this. Further, what new beginning in your life would make you feel brand new? Is it a new relationship? A better relationship with the one you love? A new career? A new home? Stay flexible over the next two weeks, as it may be a period of letting go. As you do, start to embody your ideal new state. From Sept. 9 through Sept. 23 is a great time to take action and make new plans concrete.

Virgo: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 7th House of Partnerships. Thus, your romantic partners, best friends, and professional partners are the subject of this Full Moon. Use the next two weeks to drop the weak links if possible. Then consider what kind of partnerships would make you feel just like heaven. Do you want partnerships in which trust, humor, and warmth are constants? Embody that! Consider the values you have in your different relationships and how good having them will make you feel. With the dead wood dropped and a better understanding of how you want to feel in your partnerships, move ahead with action in bringing them into your life from Sept. 9 through Sept. 23.

Libra: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 6th House of Work and Health. This is essentially your lifestyle. When you have some downtime and feel good, consider the ideal scenario for your day-to-day. What’s your ideal work situation that would make you feel just like heaven? Is it an easy commute? People who really appreciate what you bring to the table? Whether it’s improving your current work environment or creating a better one, embody the energy of your perfect work situation. Likewise, give yourself time to really experience your body. Is anything uncomfortable? Use the next two weeks to allow well-being to permeate your being, and consider the notion of your body feeling as perfect as possible. How could your body feel just like heaven? From Sept. 9 through Sept. 23 is the best time to move forward in pursuit of a new work situation, or starting a new health regimen with a nutritious diet and exercise program. Though each day may have its challenges, there’s plenty of time every day to feel just like heaven — let this be the goal!

Scorpio: The Full Moon in Pisces is transiting your 5th House of Pleasure. The 5th House governs those things you really love: Romance, sex, self-expression, and children if you have any. Over the next two weeks, ask yourself what you truly love. Or, since you love a lot of things, ask yourself what you’d really love doing at this moment in your life. What in particular might put you on cloud 9, feeling just like heaven? Is it expressing your soul through art? Is it romance? Is it loving your children? Or is it just having a good time, letting your inner child play? Whatever it is, allow your imagination to take you there over the next two weeks. Then, from Sept. 9 through Sept. 23 take the inspired action steps to make it happen.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Pisces is transiting your 5th House of Emotional Security, which covers home, family, and whatever makes you feel safe. Over the next two weeks, consider what will make you feel really cozy, secure and comforted — just like heaven! Is it deeper connections with others? An extra 50K in your bank account? A new home you love? Use the next two weeks to imagine how you’d feel having that, and return to this feeling regularly — especially before bed! Then, from Sept. 9 through Sept. 23, take action to allow it to come into your experience. By using this Full Moon to deepen your sense of security, every aspect of your life will be made more sweet.

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 3rd House of Communication. This house covers your day-to-day interactions, as well as teaching and learning. To make the most of this transit, think about what you want to think about! Is there a subject you love so much, that diving into it all day would make you feel just like heaven? The 3rd house having to do with communications, the most important dialogue you’ll ever have is with yourself. Consider what thoughts make you feel good: Perhaps writing a gratitude list every morning, stating empowering affirmations, or making a list of all your positive attributes, accomplishments and compliments you receive will do the trick. Keep feeling good, entertaining the most exciting ideas and always choosing the better-feeling thought. Doing this will empower your mind for the next moon cycle, Sept. 9 through Sept. 23.

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 2nd House of Values. Over the next two weeks, reflect on what in life matters to you most. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, that our values change and we don’t realize they need re-prioritization for happiness. To help with this, release any energy in the throat chakra (sing, scream, talk, write, express yourself). The throat is our self-worth center where we can find our truth, so make this area feel just like heaven! Think of how you might live to always feel amazing in the throat region. Is it speaking up more? Making more money? Having more time for yourself? Consider how your values may have changed, and how certain things are more/less important to you now. By re-calibrating to your revised value system, you’ll get the most heaven from this transit. From Sept. 9 through Sept. 23, take action on your revised values and reinvigorated sense of self-worth.

Pisces: The Full Moon in Pisces transits your 1st House of Identity. In Nietzschean parlance, this cycle is about “becoming who you are.” Who you really are is who you want to be. Those traits we love in others are those (sometimes hidden) within ourselves. Over the next two weeks, consider what you love — about yourself and about others, too. Take some time to consider what it would feel like to live in a dream-like existence that feels just like heaven. Is it having a lighter heart? A body that is powerful and strong? A personality that epitomizes faith, trust, truth, and love? Create a version of the “preferential you,” and over the next two weeks, adjust to the new energy. If you should have a negative thought about yourself, let it go, reminding yourself that the new you wouldn’t think that way. If you catch yourself wanting to do something you’d rather not do, gently redirect yourself to the preferential you who would behave differently. This is a shedding of old skin that requires a mixture of gentleness and discipline. From Sept. 9 through Sept. 23, move forward with your new identity and take inspired action to further create yourself and your life.


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