Ensure Event Success By Picking The Right Date!

If you have the luxury of helping your client choose the perfect date for their event, seize this opportunity for your event’s success!

Just like every person, every event (based on its start date) has an astrological chart that will determine its outcome. These are called “event charts” and fall under “electional astrology,” describing when you should “elect” to have an event. Joshua can help you choose the perfect date and time for an event, so that it meets you and your client’s expectations. This is especially wise to do for weddings, but all events could be made better by using electional astrology.

Have Joshua help you choose the best time and date for your event by purchasing an event chart reading today. Hire Joshua for a party, and you’ll get this service with compliments – for that particular event or another in the future.

To learn more about having Joshua help with your event, contact him today.

Joshua MacGuireComment