Balance for Abundance This Libra Full Moon!

The Venus-ruled Libra moon will be shining bright tonight, bringing to a head matters of amour! Romance is of course HUGE for Libra, but there are different forms of love which help us all to live more abundantly.

Intrinsic to abundance is BALANCE, the key word for Libra, and balance is what Full Moons are all about — they occur when the sun and the moon are in opposite signs. Luckily, with Jupiter so well-aspected to this Full Moon, if anything is imbalanced or making you feel off-kilter, this Full Moon can help you re-calibrate without missing a beat. Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to see which life area this Full Moon will help you balance.

Aries: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Seventh House of Partnerships, putting the focus on the others in your life. Balance could mean acquiescing or asserting yourself more, depending on the relationship. In your arsenal for success over the next two weeks are diplomacy, compromise, and connection. Though you’re super independent, remember that problems shared are problems halved! You need not take on the whole world by yourself — be empowered by the others in your life. Because Mercury is Retrograde (and Venus, too, until April 15) take time to talk things through cordially and decide any major matters carefully, not making any sudden moves. Channel any frustrations constructively and creatively, and you can bring a whole new level of richness to your partnerships.

Taurus: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Sixth House of Health and Service. If there were ever a time to quit a bad habit, drop a few pounds, or move away from a negative work situation, this would be it! The rush of emotional energy this Full Moon brings can be put toward creating a better lifestyle. If you’ve been looking for a new job, over the next two weeks the time is ripe for steamrolling over any obstacles. Likewise, if you’ve been working on a project, it might all come together now. With Mercury Retrograde, try to hold off on any BRAND NEW ideas — instead, work your in-progress projects with a fixed, predictable plan while being flexible in your approach. Mercury’s retrograde, so you can make changes to your routine most effectively by going back to something you had done before; returning to Spinning, for instance, is better than starting up Kickboxing; going back to an old job, client, or situation is better than starting something brand-spanking new — unless of course the seed of the idea had been planted prior to April 9.

Gemini: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Fifth House of Pleasure, putting the emphasis on things you really love to do! Now’s the time to have fun, which you’re bound to be craving. How about setting aside daily “laughing time” for next two weeks? Or going out and having a blast on the weekend? Dates could be particularly great! Venus will be going direct April 15, and though Mercury is Retrograde, it’s a great time to reunite with people with whom you have a previously established connection. Your romantic spirit will be strong, so going out on a limb and expressing the love in your heart — artfully or interpersonally — would be a great use of this transit. You’ll be longing to express yourself during this transit, so if it’s not romance, returning to an old hobby that once brought you joy would be a terrific way to leverage both the Full Moon AND the Mercury Retrograde energy. Above all else, let that heart of yours sing — it’ll help everything else in your life fall into place.

Cancer: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Fourth House of Home and Family — the house the sign of Cancer naturally rules. Under the New Moon March 27, the focus was on your career; now it’s all about feeling secure emotionally, which will help every other area of your life. It starts with the self: Are you caring for yourself and giving yourself enough love? Your home will also be important: Is it set up to restore you daily and refuel your personal and professional ambitions? Are you connecting to friends and family, and is the nourishing mutual enough for you? Since feeling more emotionally secure is the name of your game these next two weeks, you want to check anything that may be undermining your confidence. Don’t be afraid to set things right and ask for what you need — just do so in a caring, compassionate way. If you do the aforementioned and achieve a deeper level of self-trust and internal security over the next two weeks, other things are very likely to go your way.

Leo: Busy-busy-buzz-buzz is the name of your game now, Leo, with the Full Moon in Libra transiting your Third House of Communication. Deadlines may approaching, and your social calendar is probably filled to the max! Because Full Moon’s are about completion, for the next two weeks, work on tying up loose ends. With Mercury Retrograde, I’d advise you to not start any new projects, but continue with those already in progress. Check and double check documents, emails, reports, etc., and aim to be super-clear in your communications. Celebrate your accomplishments with social activities over the next two weeks, too! A Third House transit is a great time to go out and have fun. Under Mercury’s Retrograde, plans are likely to be better if you hang out with old pals as opposed to new ones, and revisit places you’ve been as opposed to those you’ve never been to before. Finally, if you have brothers or sisters reach out and see how they are — the Third House rules siblings, too, and this transit and retrograde is a great time for reconnecting.

Virgo: Your last Eighth House transit that started March 27 may have been difficult, having made you experience some letting go and moving on. As the Full Moon in Libra transits your Second House of Self-Worth, you’re back and stronger than ever, having weathered the storm. This Full Moon gives you a real strong sense of your value — what you bring to the table — and over the next two weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to capitalize on this by making your life more comfortable. Have a horrible commute to work? Rework it. Don’t like your job? Plan to go after another. Aches and pains? Get a massage. In all of these instances, you’re choosing to experience life with more comfort, which sends a message to the universe that you’re worth it. It ALL starts with feeling, so aim to make life more of a luxury for yourself over the next two weeks and you’ll manifest more luxury. With Mercury’s retrograde through May 3, it’s the perfect time to relax. I know you’re a hard worker, but investing in your self-care now will allow you to do the work you love to do.

Libra: With the Full Moon in Libra transiting your First House of Identity, you’re going through quite the transformation! Full of emotion, you’re becoming aware of those aspects of yourself that you love, and those that you’d like to change. Good news: The next two weeks are opportune for releasing any energy you do not like. With your ruling planet, Venus, having been retrograde most of March and until mid-April, things may have been rocky. Now that Venus is about to go direct on April 15, you are likely to feel a relief; supported by Venus, you’ll feel love and harmony more palpable throughout the world, which will make you feel more at home. Now is a time of becoming who you want to become and harmonizing the new your into your relationships, work, personal life, etc. Go forward, and don’t hold on to anything that doesn’t apply to that new you you’re creating.

Scorpio: As the Full Moon in Libra transits your 12th House of the Subconscious, you’re given a chance over the next two weeks to process everything that’s gone on over the past year. It’s a great time to rest, be gentle to yourself, and spend time training your subconscious so your frequency is aligned with the success you’re after! To do this, consider spending time visualizing your highest ideals, and conjuring up the feeling of those ideals fulfilled. “Oh what a feeling! Bein’s believin’!” as that 80s song goes! You can also try self-hypnosis and affirmations. For this private transit, make sure to spend some quality time alone. You’ve gone through so very much over the past year, that Mercury’s retrograde presents the perfect time to rest, review, and reflect on where you’ve been — that will help you decide where you want to go next, and the best way to get there. Chill out, reflect, and dream!

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, and Friends! This is a great transit in which your highest aspirations may come into focus and start to take form. Use the next two weeks to further clarify your long-term goals, and move forward toward their fruition. This is also a time in which your community and friends can contribute significantly to your happiness. You might really enjoy spending time with your tribe and hanging out with friends — especially old cronies, since Mercury is retrograde which offers the perfect time to reconnect with people from the past. Friends during this time may also need you, so be on the lookout to lend an ear.

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Tenth House of Status and Honors, giving your ambitions quite a boost. You may find this full moon pushes you into the limelight — take center stage and shine! Over the next two weeks, cautiously climb up the ladder of success and show the world the best “you.” This is a great time to get clear on your contribution to society and start making one now. In the next month, how would you like to improve your reputation and raise your status? For what would you like recognition and prestige? Get a vision in your head of what you want, and experience life from the perspective of that vision. Around this transit, you may be called upon unexpectedly into high visibility; make sure you keep your trademark cool and confidence — you got this, Capricorn; climb that mountain!

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. This is the part of your chart that longs for adventure, mind expansion, and a broader world view. One of the best ways to enjoy this is to take off on a journey to a faraway land. If not possible currently, go on a journey of the mind! Broaden your horizons by visiting a museum, seeing a foreign film, deepening your spirituality, or learning metaphysics or philosophy — anything that gives you “aha moments” will fit the bill! You could also use this time to share your perspective with the world. Since Mercury’s retrograde, it’s a great time to revise a manuscript you wish to publish or outline a project you’ll put out into the world for mass consumption. With the fortunate Ninth House, it’s about going far and wide. What does going “far and wide” mean for you? Ask yourself how you can best combine fun, adventure, teaching and learning!

Pisces: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Eighth House of Rebirth, pushing you to let go of the past and move forward with a more authentic you. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be tasked with the decision of setting or dissolving boundaries between you and other entities. Think about what energies around you will help facilitate the person you wish to become. Are there any energies around you that might impede your progress? Now’s a time when merging or separating will help or hinder your progress. Likewise, what aspects of yourself do you wish to let go of? During this emotionally packed time, make sure you flow, stay flexible, and are gentle with yourself. Very rarely do we go through an Eighth House transit without being changed. Luckily for you, with your strong faith, belief system and adaptability, you handle change better than everyone else and will come out of it stronger than ever before.