Surf's Up: New Moon in Cancer!

The New Moon in the sign of Cancer — Friday, June 23, 2017 at 10:30pm EDT — gives us an opportunity for a fresh start. Pertaining to home, family, and internal security, Cancerian energy allows us to feel safe and secure, rooting us as we ride the waves of human experience.

With a firm emotional foundation, we’re equipped to explore our vulnerabilities, emotions and psychic awareness. We’re confident in charting new courses and exploring new lands. With strong Cancerian energy, we can make a home for ourselves wherever we may go, for we feel at home within the self.

A time of emotional healing and empowerment, the next 30 days is ideal for connecting with loved-ones, cozying up your home, and caring for yourself better than ever before. Do all this, and you’ll be able to handle any high or low tide without being swept under. Plus, you’ll feel secure enough to take chances and create a summertime for the books!

To find out which area of your life this new moon will likely affect, check out your sign and/or rising sign below…

Aries: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Fourth House of Home and Family, inspiring deeper self-care. You can start by making sure your abode feels comfy and cozy, creating an environment conducive to restoration. Additionally, by incorporating more self-care rituals into your routine (e.g., workouts, more greens, better rest, etc.) you’ll help keep your mind clear from unnecessary worry and doubt. You may want to use this time to reconnect with loved-ones or establish new “feel-good” connections. This will add emotional security to your enterprising spirit — a winning combination!

Taurus: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Third House of Communications. Make it a priority to re-establish very healthy self-talk over the next two weeks. During this time, there’s likely to be a lot of buzz: Emails, phone calls, messages, and invitations will be aplenty; use your powers of discrimination to determine which warrant your time and attention. You’ll have an opportunity to incorporate new persons, places and things into your lifestyle: Perhaps you’ll start exercising before work or taking a class in the evenings. Make your daily goings-on more conducive to your overall good.

Gemini: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Second House of Self-Worth and Finances. Focus on all the things you appreciate about yourself, from your physical features to your personality traits. Opt to wear the color sky blue often, as this color will activate your throat chakra (your self-worth center); activate this chakra further by expressing yourself through talking, music, dance, art, etc. Once you have increased your self-worth with the above and feel good, go after that raise, client or new job; aligning yourself energetically with your goals beforehand will be time well-spent!

Cancer: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your First House of Identity. You’re going to be reborn — or hitting “reset” on one or more life areas. Appreciate any challenges you’re now facing — it’s a necessary part of your manifestation process. To create your “new you,” spend some time feeling how you’ll feel once your goals are accomplished. Milk this energy to facilitate the Law of Attraction. Further, you may want sport a new look reflective of your new you, or strengthen your body and aura. With fresh, stronger energy, you’ll be able to handle more abundance for the best birthday year yet!

Leo: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. For the next two weeks, you will serve yourself well by catching up on sleep and rest to prepare for your rebirth on your birthday. Though showmanship may be part your persona, allowing yourself privacy now will invariably serve your fans! Thus, economize your energy; if you’ve accrued some time off, a “staycation” would be great. Further, now is the perfect time to fantasize about your ideals and hold onto the feeling you expect to feel once they’re fulfilled. This will help you manifest all of your heart’s desires!

Virgo: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Eleventh House of Hopes, Friends and Community. This is the house of “Why not?” Why not should you have whatever you want in life? The more you allow yourself to shine, the higher the likelihood of your greatest hopes and dreams coming to fruition. Of course, it may take a village: This summer, you’ll have the opportunity to find like-minded people from whom you can gain encouragement and support. Seek out groups that share your interests, and start building your tribe. This is also a great time to find or reconnect with friends who really “get” you.

Libra: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Tenth House of Position and Honors. The energy is ripe for rising up the ranks, so be prepared to take on some extra responsibility. If you’re looking for a promotion or to jump into another job, this is the new moon to facilitate that. Additionally, incorporate more structure and self-discipline in your life over the next 30 days. By mastering your own “systems” you’ll be able to do so for entities outside of yourself — managing a team, for instance. Giving yourself structure now will help you successfully color outside of the lines next month.

Scorpio: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Ninth House of Expansion. You’re likely to have itchy feet, Scorpio, wanting to break free and experience some adventure! During this time, your mind is yearning for something galvanizing. A trip to a faraway land would be ideal. If that’s not possible, you can expand your mind in other ways: Visit a museum, watch foreign films, or get absorbed in philosophical or spiritual subjects for “a-ha moments.” Exploring the unknown will help you redefine your belief systems, so you’ll start perceiving more limitless potential. The sky is the limit!

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Cancer will be transiting your Eighth House of Rebirth. Over the next two weeks, you may be having a lot of awesome, intense sex! If not, there may be another kind of intensity. It’s likely you’ll be urged to dissolve or set boundaries with a person or entity. The whole point of this transit to leave it reborn stronger. Sometimes we get stronger with other energy in our lives; other times, weaker. The onus will be on you to decide whether others’ resources will help or hinder you. Base your decision to combine or separate by gauging what will give you the most power and relief.

Capricorn: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Seventh House of Partnership. If you’re in a partnership, now’s the time you can achieve more depth, kissing away hostilities and resolving to compromise. If not attached, you may want to commit to someone you’ve been seeing, or find someone worth your commitment. Further, this New Moon can help you find the perfect business partner or associate — someone who can lend you the support you need. The Seventh House also includes your “public,” making this a great time to recommit to them and reacquaint yourself with their needs.

Aquarius: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Sixth House of Health and Work. Since your “health is your wealth,” make it a point to establish a healthy lifestyle around which your work can flourish. This may mean creating daily rituals that keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. Once committed to your health, think about what kind of projects you want to be involved in, and what you hope to accomplish work-wise over the next six months. If you feel your current job isn’t inspiring, now’s the time to make an adjustment to your position, or find a new job in which you’re more engaged.

Pisces: The New Moon in Cancer will transit your Fifth House of Pleasure. The Fifth House is about anything that you create — children, artwork, books, crafts, music — so put your focus there for the next month. In addition to expressions of yourself, the Fifth House is about having a good time. Enjoy karaoke with friends or take a trip to Disney — anything that inspires the kid in you! Finally, this house also relates to romance. If you’re partnered, you can reignite the passions in your relationship. If you’re not hitched, romance is in the air, so put yourself out there if you want to be swept off your feet!

Sagittarius Full Moon: Release, Process + Plan

We had a Full Moon in Sagittarius today — Friday, June 9, 2017.

Full Moons are a time to release things. Emotions that may have been hidden burst into consciousness and such emotions can be raw and irrational. That’s why it’s a good idea to safely release any pent up emotions (exercise, a good cry, journaling, etc), process them, and then formulate a plan, as opposed to operating on impulse (i.e., this weekend). By next week, we’re in the clear to make changes informed by our emotional truth and the big-picture thinking for which Sagittarius is known.

To see how this Full Moon in Sagittarius is likely to affect you, check out your sign and/or rising sign below.

Aries: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. Over the next two weeks, go out on a limb to experience adventure — take a chance! By stepping outside your comfort-zone, you’ll broaden your perspective. With a more-open mind, your beliefs will surely change — about yourself, your world, and how you fit into the “big picture.” First you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you, so over the next two weeks do something you’ve never done before to open up your beliefs about the world: book a trip, visit a museum, see a foreign film, read philosophy, deepen your spirituality. With a broader mind, you’ll realize all the choices you have in life which will help you chart your journey in the way that’s best for you!

Taurus: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Eighth House of Rebirth. The next two weeks are a time of transformation — an opportunity for you to evolve and get stronger. Things are going to change, so it’s best to let go and go with the flow…to a certain extent: A major theme that will arise is boundaries. What boundaries do you want to set, and which ones do you want to dissolve? It’s likely you’ll have to make a decision about joining resources with another person or entity, or removing yourself from an equation. You can make the best decisions by re-assessing your values: What do you care about most? When you make value-based decisions, you’re set; just make sure the decisions you make support your self-worth.

Gemini: The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your Seventh House of Partnerships, setting the stage for a new beginning in this area. If you’re already hitched, the focus will be on your other half. Putting your partner first is the best way to use this transit, as it will help give your life balance. If you’re not in a relationship, a casual fling may level up to a commitment, or you might meet someone with excellent partnership potential. If love is not a priority, over the next two weeks, you’ll want to focus on your audience — the public you serve — or those with whom you’re partnering in business. Listen to what they need, make their concerns your own, and start a fresh, new dialogue with an eye on their perspective without sacrificing your own.

Cancer: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Sixth House of Health and Work, putting your day-to-day in focus for the next two weeks. This is the perfect time to architect a lifestyle conducive to your health and wealth. Maybe you’ll make changes to your job by improving your schedule, for instance, or find a new job altogether. This transit is also likely to inspire you to take better care of your body. Eating cleaner, working out more, and limiting late nights will make a big difference. Since the Full Moon is all about releasing old energy, it’s a great time to drop some extra weight, a bad habit, or anything that makes you feel blah. You might also consider raising your vibration by ritualizing meditation and other mindfulness activities.

Leo: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Fifth House of Pleasure! This is the house your sign rules, Leo, encapsulating fun, romance, creative projects and your children if you have any. The Fifth House encompasses things you really love that get you excited and fill your heart with joy. Romance will be reignited over the next two weeks, either with your significant other or someone new if you’re on the lookout. Make sure to take every party invitation that you get, and take the spotlight if you’re so inclined. If you’re not much of a “ham,” you may enjoy the next two weeks by engaging in a creative project. If you have children, there may be a whirlwind of activity around them over the next two weeks that inspires the inner kid in you!

Virgo: The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your Fourth House of Home and Family, helping you deepen your sense of emotional security. Connections with loved-ones will give you the emotional sustenance that helps every other area of your life to flourish, so make it a point to reconnect with those you hold dear. Additionally, the home is a metaphor for “mother,” so make sure your home is doing its job to nurture and nourish you, so you’re empowered to make a home for yourself wherever you may go — for your real home is within yourself. Find out too what makes you feel secure. Is it seeing your friends regularly? Extra money set aside? A daily ritual? Find peace with your inner being over the next two weeks, and you’ll find life a whole lot easier.

Libra: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Third House of Communication. Over the next two weeks, emails, phone calls, and other messages will be aplenty, so wade through what’s relevant and what’s not. Your social life will also be abuzz and you’re likely to really enjoy this sociable time. The most important conversations you will have, however, will be with yourself. Make it a point to talk yourself out of any bad moods and keep your internal dialogue about yourself positive and appreciative. Use the gift of language and visualization to impress upon your subconscious the way you would like things to be: If you can control your mind, you can control your emotions and then you can control your life experience.

Scorpio: The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your Second House of Finance and Values. This is a great time to remove any blocks to prosperity and live as rich a life as possible. Speaking your truth, singing, talking, and all self-expression will help your throat chakra and increase your value. Additionally, you can cultivate abundance over the next two weeks by focusing on sensuality; by feeling so perfect as if you need nothing, you’ll attract everything. To this end, get in some really good workouts, schedule a massage, take aromatic bubble baths — anything to appease your senses. Once you feel as perfect as possible, take action: Go for the new job, role, client etc.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your First House of Identity! This is a terrific time to claim the open vistas as yours! You can gain a strong surge in self-confidence over the next two weeks, the waning moon helping to remove anything in the way of you feeling as fantastic as possible. Whatever is keeping you from being your best, let it go, be it a few pounds, negativity or self-doubt. By the end of the next two weeks, you should have freed yourself of dead weight, so that you’re able to experience life as a great, celebratory adventure! Do whatever you can to expand your mind: Go on a trip, read something different, visit a museum etc.; by becoming more aware of others’ perspectives, you’ll broaden your own for a richer life experience.

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. The next two weeks will be a great time to lay low, and get the rest and sleep you need to process your experiences over the past year. Release any subconscious garbage — e.g., limiting beliefs, negative feelings about yourself, any unworthiness, fear, etc. In letting go of this dead weight, you’ll have room for thoughts that make you feel good and help you create the best life imaginable. Self-hypnosis, affirmations and visualizations can be very helpful. This is also a time of completion: You may decide that certain things in your life have to end — maybe it’s a relationship, job, friendship etc. that are no longer serving your highest good. Let go and go with the flow.

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes and Friends! This is the house your sign rules, Aquarius, so it’ll be a very special two-week period for you. Use its energy to help remove any blocks to your highest aspirations. Over the next two weeks, you may want to connect with the energy of a group or community. The Eleventh House is about love you receive from others, so go where you can be showered with collective attention. This house also rules big monetary gains that come in one lump sum, so keep your eyes peeled for such opportunities. Take some time to identify with the big blue sky. How are you like that sky? Limitless? Vast? All-encompassing? Cool? Peaceful? Free? That’s how you should feel.

Pisces: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Tenth House of Position and Honors. Career matters will be the focus, and you may find yourself in the limelight. People are watching you, and you’re predisposed to come across as highly competent. Use the next two weeks to climb up the ladder at work, or score a new job that highlights your best skills and abilities. In addition to career, this transit can help you become more responsible and disciplined; work on creating more structure in your life, and you will be rewarded. Remember to not make any sudden moves during this two-week transit; instead, be strategic and by-the-book. By gaining higher status over the next two weeks, all your hopes, dreams and wishes will be more within reach.

Wise Choices: Super New Moon in Gemini

Choices, communications and changes will be themes on the Super New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 25, 2017. Like all New Moons, this one (and its two-week waxing period) gives us an opportunity for a fresh start.

In the mental sign of Gemini, the best advice for everyone is to use the next two weeks to reprogram your mind: Turn your attention to those things you love, choosing to see the silver lining in every cloud. Focus on your strengths, not weaknesses, thoughts that make you happy versus sad, solutions not problems etc.

Though this new moon is mostly unaspected, planet of love Venus makes a challenging square to power-hungry Pluto. This just means we need to control our thoughts, and not let darker feelings like jealousy take a foothold; be careful not to obsess on matters or make a big thing out of nothing at all. It will help to intentionally direct your feelings to abundance, so that solutions to any emotional struggles are easily resolved. With Pluto’s darker aspects in check, you can use its contact with Venus to go deeper in your relationships, healing and transforming them into something stronger than before.

Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to see how the Super New Moon in Gemini can work best for you!

Aries: The New Moon in Gemini will super charge your Third House of Communications, making the next two weeks busy with a lot of buzz. Keep in mind that you don’t have to say “yes” to every single invitation; be judicious and use your time wisely, spending it on people and activities that you really enjoy. This is a great time to change up your regimen, adding routines to your lifestyle that benefit your goals. Most important, use this New Moon and its two-week waxing period to think in a certain way — be pathologically optimistic and make sure your self-talk and discussions with others come from a place of love. Trust, this will make absolutely everything in your life easier.

Taurus: The New Moon in Gemini will activate your House of Values and Finance. Over the next two weeks, re-examine and re-prioritize what you care about most and ensure your lifestyle lines up. The point of this transit is to improve your self-worth, which will help you add more value to your world, and usually this will result in a bigger bank balance. Pertaining to this transit, too, is the concept of talent. “Talent” was once a unit of measure — e.g., you’d pay “1 talent” for something. Nowadays, we exchange our “talents” for pay. Ask yourself if your greatest talents are being put to use in your current job, as that will yield your highest income potential. Make sure you’re expressing yourself in your profession — ideally with your voice — as that will result in gains. If not, use the next two weeks to brainstorm or find a better position.

Gemini: Happy Birthday, Gemini! This is YOUR New Moon, transiting your First House of Identity — a time to create a new self-construct from which anything you desire can be attained. To get what you want, you have to be energetically aligned with the sought-after prize. Focus on the abundance you already have for more love and prosperity, for instance. It’s all about feeling. Once working yourself into a tailspin of appreciation, let it “set” and complement your energetic shifts by making changes to the outside, e.g., a new hairstyle, wardrobe, signature jewelry piece or tattoo could serve as tangible proof of your new you. Now’s your time to really shine, Gemini; look into that heart of yours, and give yourself everything you want in this world; it’s really only one (sustained) right feeling away, so do everything you can to put yourself in the right mindset and make this new year all it can be.

Cancer: The New Moon in Gemini will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious, giving you the perfect excuse for an extended stay under the covers! Seriously, though, you’ll want to nest and rest as much as possible over the next two weeks to process the last 12 months before your upcoming birthday. To make the most out of your next Solar Return, release outworn thought-patterns, debris from past negative relationships, etc., as to not repeat them. So much of behavior is subconsciously motivated, and we’re usually so busy, that we don’t have the chance to process our past experiences, clearing our heads and energy to attract the new things we want. Listening to self-hypnosis recordings, repeating positive affirmations, and giving your conscious mind a rest by sleeping and meditating will be time well-spent. Additionally, introduce new self-care strategies into your daily regimen for a leg up on making your next birthday year the best one yet!

Leo: Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Friends are the name of your game for the next two weeks as the New Moon in Gemini hits your Eleventh House. What an exciting time! This transit gives you the opportunity to ask, “Why not?” Why not get in life whatever you want? Nothing’s too good or too big for you; use the next two weeks to dream it up. Ask the universe to help you develop relentless patience and faith as you move toward your ideals. To make your journey easier, seek out like-minded people who want to go where you want to go, and take the journey together. Even friends who aren’t on the same path can prove beneficial, encouraging you along the way and applauding when you do something spectacular. The meaning of friendship is another theme around this time; you’ll get the opportunity to help out those who need your optimism and courageous spirit, which will empower your progress, too. This is also a great two-week period to meet new people who “get you,” and these like-minded people could become part of your tribe or lifelong friends.

Virgo: This New Moon in Gemini will transit your Tenth House of Status and Honors, so your career is front and center! More than just your job, the Tenth House covers your legacy, what you’ll be known for. Over the next two weeks, get clear on what you bring to the table and how you can strategically move up the ladder of success. Once these next two weeks are up, you’ll be able to let loose, but for now remember that you’re in the spotlight and keep your eyes on the prize. Additionally, this is the ideal time to empower your self-discipline; being more consistent with your workouts or cleaner with your diet, for instance, will help strengthen your presence. Make sure you’re getting your proper rest and taking good care of yourself so you’re able to maintain an excellent attitude, choose your battles carefully, and finesse your way to the top of whatever mountain you want to climb.

Libra: The New Moon in Gemini will transit your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. Over the next two weeks, the concept of “journeying” will be at the forefront. Is there a new journey you want to go on? Maybe some long-term professional plans or a new life-long study? You might even decide to distance yourself from the familiar and move cross-country or visit some distant shore. Whatever it is, your “itchy feet” during this period will prompt you to get moving! The whole point of a Ninth House transit is to expand your mind, which will help you achieve justice for yourself and the world…for there are many things now just waiting for you to discover! As you set off on a new journey over the next two weeks (or recommit to one in progress) don’t worry about things out of your control; instead, choose to see life and people through the lens of love to help solicit (via Law of Attraction) positive outcomes. All you have to do, Libra, is show up and take responsibility for your own energy, and commit to enjoying every step of the new trajectory.

Scorpio: The New Moon in Gemini will transit your Eighth House of Rebirth, so “game-changer” could best describe your next two weeks. To set boundaries or dissolve boundaries, that is the question. The Eighth House is where we intermingle our resources with other people and entities (energies); this can be empowering or disempowering, and sometimes both at the same time. If you take out a loan, for instance, (an Eighth House thing) you’re given some reprieve with the bank’s resources, but with interest and fees you’ll be investing more of your own resources. What do you value more? Taking out the loan and having money now, or not being beholden to the bank? Or say the guy you’re seeing is great in bed (another Eighth House thing) but he’s emotionally unavailable. What do you value more, the sex or having a man who’s there emotionally? There’s no right or wrong answers, but your choices define your values which will create your life experience. Over the next two weeks, make sure you consider the vibrational outcome of your decisions — i.e., ask which value-based option will make you happier.

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Gemini will transit your Seventh House of Partnerships, Sagittarius! This is a great time to strengthen your relationships with others, and the first step to this is to strengthen your relationship with yourself. Be kind to yourself, non-judgmental, and accept where you’re at. This will in turn help you approach others through the eyes of love, which by law of attraction will help you solicit from others what you want to see. No doubt that this is a great time to re-commit to partnerships you’re in, or recommit to finding your ideal partner/s — in love, business, friends, etc. After the last moon cycle two weeks ago — the Full Moon in Scorpio — you may have found that some partnerships don’t suit you anymore. If that’s the case, work on releasing them from your life with love. Alternatively, you may have decided to deepen your relationships. In either case, in bettering your self-love, you’re setting the stage for blossoming, appreciative relationships that balance you and make your journey richer and more fulfilling.

Capricorn: The New Moon in Gemini will transit your Sixth House of Health and Work. Remember, your health is your wealth, Capricorn, and that’s going to give your career the longevity it deserves. Now is the perfect opportunity to introduce new lifestyle choices into your daily regimen. Perhaps it’s meditation, exercise, or cleaner eating…anything you can do to sooth yourself and let the universal life force energy run through you better — which will allow you to get more done! The next two weeks may be busy work-wise, so ensure you have enough gas in your tank to give your tasks the time and attention they need for a quality result. Aim for more patience with yourself, co-workers and projects as you move toward completion. If you’re looking for new work, the next two weeks are ideal to get that ball in motion. Clarify what you want with the universe, and do your part to make it happen!

Aquarius: The New Moon in Gemini will transit your Fifth House of Pleasure! This is a great opportunity to benefit from life’s big secret to success: Fun! The universe wants you to be joyful, and that joy brings more joy. Don’t deprive yourself of the joy you already have just because one or two things may be off, as the joy you have in one area can set the stage for joy in another. Over the next two weeks, you can facilitate greater joy through self-expression. Maybe there’s an old art-form you want to reacquaint yourself with, or some new mode of self-expression you’ll want to pursue. Do it! In addition to self-expression, you can gain more joy over the next two weeks by aiming to have as much fun as possible. Don’t decline any invitations that could be enjoyable. Relationship-wise, the time is ripe to reignite your passion with your partner by enjoying a getaway or enjoying some hot date nights. If not attached, you could very well find romance during this cycle. Appreciate yourself and appreciate your friends, family, partners, work, home — anything you can — as that appreciation will help you develop more joy in every area of your life.

Pisces: The New Moon in Gemini will transit your Fourth House of Home, Family and Security. The next two weeks will be about really rooting yourself to feel more secure. It all starts with you, and your unconditional love and self-acceptance. Make sure you’re doing all you can to take super good care of yourself. Part of this may be ensuring your home offers you the refuge you need to restore yourself regularly. If you’re not happy with the comfort level you have in your home, take measures to make it more comfortable. Perhaps this means new pillows, artwork, etc., or finding a new home entirely. This transit is also about connecting with your family of origin and/or family of choice to feel more emotionally secure. Go out on a limb to connect with those you love, comforting and consoling those who need it. Likewise, if you need some extra love over the next two weeks, give the people you love a chance to step up; if you go to a dance and have no one to dance with, if you make the first move, you might see that people were waiting for you all along.

A New Normal: The Full Moon in Scorpio

Today, Wednesday May 10, we have a Full Moon in the sexy, sultry sign of Scorpio! All Full Moons represent completion — a time in which things often come to a head. In the opposite sign of the sun, a Full Moon is also a time of balancing opposing energies: In this instance, we’re balancing the simplistic, stable Taurus energy that’s pro status quo, with the more complex Scorpionic energies that stand for transcendence and transformation. Thus, this is a time we can create a new status quo — a new normal. A sign of extremes, Scorpio has the power to reach divine levels of consciousness as well as extremely low levels. Make sure during this Full Moon cycle you flow, let go of the old, and bring your energy up higher; make your “new normal” more abundant and rich by rising above that which is beneath you — like the phoenix from the ashes, one of Scorpio’s symbols. To find out how the Full Moon in Scorpio will likely affect you and how you might use it for best effect, check out your sign and or rising sign below.

Aries: The Full Moon Scorpio lights up your Eighth House of Transformation. The next two weeks are intense, pushing you to set or dissolve boundaries with other people and/or entities. The Eighth House is the area of your chart that rules sex, intimacy and joint resources; it’s an area of extremes, where you’re either in or out. You may decide to say “Adios!” to people and things that are no longer working for your highest good; conversely, during this time you may want to take your connections to another level. One aspect of the Eighth House is about blending your resources with another person, place or thing. Though sex serves as the ultimate example, you can “become one” with a piece of art, another person energetically, or even with your grandest ideals. The interplay of your energies with something outside of yourself can serve to empower or disempower you, just as setting a boundary between yourself and some one or some thing else can do the same. Choose wisely where to create or dissolve boundaries so you come out of this transit stronger than you were before!

Taurus: The Full Moon in Scorpio lights up your Seventh House of Partnerships. The focus for the next two weeks is on the “others” in your life — this could be your significant other, professional partners, or your “public.” You’re likely to get some clarity on where your partnerships are going; in keeping with the theme inherent in Scorpio, you may decide to take your relationship to another level, part ways, or transform your relationship into something else entirely. You need someone who is absolutely in your corner now — someone who’s there for you, values you, and is in it for the long haul. Don’t settle for second best! Do some soul searching and discover what would make you truly happy. The first step to getting what you what is knowing what that is! Use this Full Moon to get clear: What do you want in a significant other? In a business partner? In an audience? With the goal in mind, move ahead while willing to let go of anything that doesn’t fit those parameters. Of course, the onus is on you to communicate your needs and ensure you’re giving others the chance to step up to the plate. Work that throat chakra — communicate — and then you’ll know your next move.

Gemini: The intense Scorpio Full Moon will highlight your Sixth House of Health and Service. Essentially, this is a time when you’ll want to make sure your day-to-day activities serve your highest good. Are your daily rituals healthy? Do you have a strong desire to go to work or do you dread it every day? With these and other questions asked, you’ll get a pretty good idea of your next move — e.g., implement a healthier regimen, find a new place of work, improve your schedule, etc. The Full Moon in Scorpio is very powerful, so it’s likely you’ll be given a very strong nudge to push out anything that’s causing more harm than good. My best advice to you is to clarify your ideals and take action on actualizing them. When someone quits drinking, smoking or sugar, for instance, it’s advisable they find a suitable substitute, otherwise something else tends to find them! In this vein, when there’s something you want to quit — like a job or bad habit — have an idea of its ideal replacement and take action on achieving it. If everything is on the up and up at work and with your regimen, over the next two weeks you can take your success to another level — e.g., go for that promotion, step up your workouts, increase the healthiness in your diet, etc.

Cancer: It’s getting hot in here, Cancer, with the Full Moon in Scorpio transiting your Fifth House of Pleasure! The next two weeks promise opportunities in romance, creativity, and fun! The Fifth House is an opportunity to ignite that spark within that blazes when you’re doing things that you really love. If partnered, use some time over the next two weeks for hot date nights or a weekend getaway; if single, dress up to the nines and get out there to find a great catch! In addition to romance, you could also use the next two weeks for fun with friends. Taking a trip to Coney Island or Disney could be great fun, as could something as simple as bowling, going to the movies or enjoying a picnic — the possibilities are endless! Additionally, you could use the next two weeks to finish up a creative project, infusing your newly ignited creativity into it. If you have kids, the next two weeks are ideal for engagement, as the childlike aspects of yourself will be more prominent. Of course, if you don’t have children but want some, the next two weeks is ideal for making that dream come true!

Leo: The Full Moon in Scorpio, transiting your Fourth House of Home and Family, is a time for you to get back to your roots! You’ll want to use the next two weeks to develop a stronger sense of internal security. You can deepen your self-trust in a variety of ways: For starters, you can work on giving yourself 100% unconditional love and acceptance. You can also take measures to connect more deeply with those you love. You Leos have so much pride, especially in your ability to provide. But what about your heart? That’s your greatest possession, and allowing people to love you for you is what really counts now — so ask loved-ones for the nurture you need. Further, because a Leo’s home is their kingdom, you’ll want to make it as comfy and cozy as possible over the next two weeks. This could mean redecorating, purchasing some creature comforts, or even looking for a place that’s better suited for you. The universe wants you to feel super secure right now on the inside — internally royal, if you will — so take into account all of the aforementioned matters. Above all else, make sure to nurture yourself with all things that feel good to that big, generous heart of yours!

Virgo: The penetrative Scorpio Full Moon will highlight your Third House of Communication, giving the next two weeks a lot of buzz! Keep light on your feet, Virgo, as there’s bound to be a lot of information to contend with: Phone calls, emails, new information about projects, errands to run and more. Luckily, you’re ruled by Mercury, and have the ability to expertly differentiate the important from the irrelevant and to prioritize effectively. Remain light and flexible and, once again, you’ll save the day! But it’s not all work, Virgo; the next two weeks could be very social for you, too. Invites and events are likely to arrive, and you’ll be able to use these situations for your highest good. For instance, if you’re looking for love or work, you may meet someone at a party where you were just expecting to enjoy friends — talk about efficiency! Put out there what you want, and you may very well find it! Because your mind during this time is so strong, you may want to take up a class or learn something new. Finally, because this is such a mental transit, your mind can make or break you: Be self-disciplined and don’t give yourself the luxury of a negative thought. You always have the power to see things differently, and making sure your body feels great (massage, rest, eating well) will help you cast all circumstances in an pathologically optimistic light!

Libra: Comfort is the name of your game as the Full Moon in Scorpio transits your Second House of Value and Finance. Sure, this transit is about increasing your sense of self-worth along with your bank balance, but a short cut to that is sensuality. Make sure your body is feeling great; book a massage or go for a swim — do anything that helps you to feel as perfect as possible. By ensuring your body feels great, you’ll be sending a strong message to the universe about the extent of your value, which will help you attract more wealth and abundance. With your body feeling great, make sure your throat chakra (wear sky blue to help) is open and that your throat feels good; if it doesn’t, chances are you’re not “speaking up” about something important, so make sure you say your peace. Further, if you feel you’re being undervalued at work, now’s your time to rectify that. Though I wouldn’t suggest asking for a raise right on the Full Moon in Scorpio, Thursday (after 1pm EDT) would be ideal, or anytime over the next two weeks. During this transit, you could also go out on a limb to find a new job and/or clients. Just know you’re worth it — remember FEELING great will help you feel you’re worth it — and you’ll be good to go.

Scorpio: This Full Moon in Scorpio is all about you, you sexy thing! Transiting your First House of Identity, bright Luna will have you full of raw power, ready to be seen and have all your needs met. You may want to diversify your energy, so it’s not concentrated in just one area. By balancing your flow of energy, you’ll give the universe a chance to provide you with what’s most important now. Is it love? Family? Career? Health? You can indeed have whatever you want, Scorpio, but sometimes diversifying your interests will help you manifest faster — e.g., breaking away from work may help you do your job, just as spending quality time with friends could help you better understand your partner, etc. Over the next two weeks, you may find that some people and things aren’t giving you back the 100% you’re putting in; that means you may have to assert your feelings and potentially detour from any one-way streets. During this transit, get in touch with who you are and who you want to be; keep flowing toward that, letting go of anything that seems to fall away in the process. Life is a process of becoming, and you don’t need any dead wood to hold you back from your highest degree of happiness!

Sagittarius: As the Full Moon in Scorpio transits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious, you may want to take it easy over the next two weeks, as you’re having to process a lot of information during this period. Since in life we get what we subconsciously believe we deserve, use the next two weeks to release any negative thoughts or beliefs that may be sabotaging your happiness. This may require some soul searching, and will definitely be easier without irrelevant noise: Shut off the phone, be judicious about the invitations you accept, and entertain only empowering thoughts. A Twelfth House transit is a time when we benefit from privacy, even solitude, so we can work out whatever “kinks” in our heads that may be subliminally thwarting our progress. During a transit of the Twelfth House, also known as “the House of Endings,” there may be some things you decide to let go of. In a nutshell, what needs to go is fear — and any decisions based on fear. You can make optimal use of this transit by listening to subliminal hypnosis recordings, doing meditations, saying affirmations, and visualizing what you want your life to look like. (TIP: The universe responds to FEELING, so feel the way you expect to feel upon actualization of your goals; hold that feeling and let it change your energy.)Your next transit (May 25) will emphasize the “others” in your life, so you’ll want to make sure that by that time you’re in a position of strength to give. Start a restorative process now, so more abundance shows up later, if not immediately!

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Scorpio will highlight your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams and Friends. With Scorpio in this area of your chart, no doubt you’re intense about these matters. When Scorpio arrives, transformation invariably occurs; thus, there may be some friends you simply don’t connect with anymore, and/or some dreams that no longer feel right to you. Let them go and you’ll make room for the right friends and the right goals. If you don’t have any fair-weather friends or now-lackluster dreams to drop, over the next two weeks you may decide to take your friendships and goals to the next level — score! Another aspect of the Eleventh House is your tribe: If you have a great community of people around you, they can inspire you to reach your highest aspirations. You might decide that you need a better tribe — one that “gets” you — and you can make progress on finding this group of people over the next two weeks. The Eleventh House is the “House of Why Not?” Why shouldn’t you be happy/married/rich/fill-in-the-blank. It’s said that if you have a strong desire, the ability to attain its end already exists; it’s just waiting for you to extract it and make it real. Make your dreams real, Capricorn, and find an awesome group of people to help and support you along the way. Finally, you’re such a rock, and for that your friends are lucky. Realize over the next two weeks the value of friendship; be there for your friends and let them be there for you.

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Scorpio will transit your Tenth House of Status and Honors, putting emphasis on your professional life. What do you want to achieve in this lifetime? What do you want to be your legacy? Letting go of worn-out ambitions over the next two weeks will help you gain traction on your true calling. With the deep sign of Scorpio ruling your career, it’s very important your life’s work has heart and meaning. Scorpio requires emotional intensity, so if you don’t gain an emotional charge from the work you do, it might be time to look in another direction. Alternatively, if you do feel passionate about your work, you can expect to make some major strides over the next two weeks. A promotion, excellent exposure, and high praise are likely if you’ve done your due diligence. Likewise, this transit is a great time to remove blocks to your ascent up the mountain. Just be very clear with yourself on what you want to achieve and which mountain you want to reach the top of. Remember, too, that your legacy need not be professional; many people make their strongest contributions in their personal lives as an amazing spouse, parent, or friend, for example. Whatever it is you want to be known for, this is the time to dedicate yourself to it with full-hearted abandon.

Pisces: The Full Moon in Scorpio will transit your Ninth House of the Higher Mind, making the next two weeks opportune for expanding your outlook. If you have the luxury, it’d be awesome for you to get acquainted with another culture on foreign shores; if that’s not possible, there’s plenty of other ways to broaden your horizons: Perhaps you’ll embark on an odyssey of the mind, learning more about philosophy, spirituality, or foreign cultures. Simply acquaint yourself with the unfamiliar, and that will widen your worldview. This is also a good time to not only see things differently, but to help others see things in a whole new way; perhaps you’ll decide to publish or broadcast your ideas to help the world see things from your perspective. Over the next two weeks also, you’ll likely have “itchy feet” and want to strike out in an adventure of some kind — any kind of fun will do! Because you’re inclined to be philosophical over the next two weeks, a great balance to that will be enjoying yourself. The benefit of a Ninth House transit is improvement to your belief structure, for first you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you. Use the next two weeks to let go of any self-limiting belief patterns. Believe it’s possible to have both love AND money! Believe it’s possible to be richly rewarded for work you love to do! Change your beliefs during this transit, and the world is your oyster!

Leverage the Taurus New Moon!

Fresh-mowed grass, the smell of approaching rain, budding spring flowers...we deserve this y'all! This New Moon in Taurus is exactly what's needed to help get our groove back. An opportune time for newfound security, stability and sensuality, the next two weeks will allow us to build upon what's been created for a richer, more abundant life experience. To see how the New Moon in Taurus will likely affect you, check out your sign and/or rising sign below.

Aries: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth and Finances. The next two weeks will give you an opportunity to ground yourself, enjoy your five senses, develop deeper self-worth, and increase your bank balance. Financial plans, budgets and goals can be put into effect, and if you're looking to increase your income, the next two weeks look very good for you. While Mercury is still retrograde (until May 4) continue with efforts begun prior to April 9 (before the Retrograde). To achieve success, right now it's best to connect with previously established contacts. Additionally, it's quite common to get lots of great new ideas under the Retrograde -- just wait until after May 4 to judge their actual saleability. This is definitely a time for you to richen your life experience; feeling as perfect as possible physically and finishing up what's already in-progress will get you on that trajectory.

Taurus: Happy Birthday, Taurus! This is YOUR New Moon, transiting your 1st House of Identity. All eyes are on you now, and you're given a lot of energy for a brand new beginning in any and every area of your life. The most personal transit, this 1st House one asks you to please yourself first, and define with intention the energy you want all around you. Among other things, the 1st House rules how you look -- the package you present to the world. But before hairstyles and clothing (though these are associated with the 1st House) your energy introduces you. Use the next two weeks to raise your vibration: Laugh, have fun, take extra good care of yourself, eat well, exercise -- do whatever you can to feel great on the inside, and that will reflect on the outside. For the new things you want in your life this year, work on creating a self-construct that aligns with those goals. This transit will give you the wherewithal to create a "new you" that's energetically in alignment with all your birthday wishes!

Gemini: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious, making this a terrific time to recharge your batteries in preparation for your birthday month starting in May. The next two weeks, you're given the chance to process everything that's happened over the past 12 months, so you can start fresh without bringing in old residue into your next cycle. During a 12th House transit, you would serve yourself well by taking it down a notch and giving yourself some time to recharge your batteries. Further, since in life we get what we subconsciously believe we are (by virtue of like attracting like) make sure to do self-hypnosis, affirmations, and meditation; program your subconscious with a new self-construct that energetically correlates with the new identity you want to create for yourself next month. You will also benefit greatly drinking lots of water, flushing out the old to make room for the new!

Cancer: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams and Friends! This is one of the more fun transits, giving you the inspiration to think big and go after those things that may have seemed too big before. To help you move forward with big dreams and goals, connect with your tribe (or find one!) to lift you up. The collective energy of a group is your "secret weapon" now. Additionally, the 11th House rules friendship, so cultivating some "lean on me" relationships will inspire and empower your endeavors. You'll be happy to know that the 11th House is also connected to income, specifically big gains you receive in one lump sum -- so use the energy over the next two weeks to attract a big win. Mercury is retrograde until next week, so go toward already in-progress ideas or previously established contacts for best effect.

Leo: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your 10th House of Position and Honors, putting a spotlight on your professional life. This is a great time to strategize your "climb up the mountain" by hammering out business plans and goals. Because Mercury is still retrograde, it's best to use this transit to "keep on keeping on" with projects already in progress. You may get great ideas under the retrograde for your next career move; just keep those under your hat for the time being, judging their practicality after May 4 when Mercury is direct. Use the next two weeks to think about the aspects of your personality you're projecting out into the world. What changes can you make to facilitate your higher status? While you're likely to be busy with work and public matters, this is also an excellent time to develop your discipline; in directing yourself to success, you will have more traction in leading others.

Virgo: You may have itchy feet, Virgo, as the New Moon in Taurus transits your 9th House of the Higher Mind. Feeling adventuresome during this transit, you want more, want to see more, and want to be more. You may want to go on a journey -- either a literal one geographically or one of the mind through study that helps you better understand the world (e.g., philosophy, spirituality, etc.). The point of this transit is to expand your mind and develop more helpful belief systems: First you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you. During this transit, aim to replace any self-limiting belief patterns with ones that align with what you want out of life. Everything that you want that you don't have may be traced back to what you believe you don't deserve. You always have the power to see things differently; by expanding your mind over the next two weeks, you'll be better able to spread your wings and fly. Carpe diem!

Libra: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 8th House of Rebirth, go with the flow! You're going through changes over the next two weeks, so it will serve you well to welcome the metamorphosis the universe wants for you at this time. Even though this is a NEW moon, which will help you attract NEW things into your life, to make room for the new, you'll have to release the outdated. This is a very empowering time. The problem is sometimes -- perhaps ironically -- we're not comfortable being empowered. Work on making any empowered, unfamiliar feelings familiar, and allow yourself to be reborn. Relationships may get deeper, and ones that don't hold a promise of transcendence may not appeal as much to you -- those, you may decide to dissolve. The theme over the next two weeks will be about boundaries: Which ones will you set and which ones will you dissolve in order to be stronger? Let your level of empowerment be your litmus test for what stays and what goes, and the answers are likely to be clear.

Scorpio: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 7th House of Partnerships, you'll serve yourself well by going out on a limb for the others in your life. Personal and professional associations as well as those with your public, will require you to be more diplomatic and understanding. This is especially important because Mercury is retrograde -- a time when it's important to be very clear in what we say. During this time, you could manifest a new partnership or improve one you're already in. You have a great chance over the next two weeks to develop mutually successful relations -- a win-win situation for all! Give yourself some time to reflect on how you can be a better partner in all respects, and don't forget to include your partnership with the universe. Develop that "give and take" with the world, and all your other associations will achieve greater benefit.

Sagittarius: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 6th House of Health and Work, you have a great opportunity to make your day-to-day lifestyle better align with your higher aspirations. If there were ever a time to develop some new habits -- eating clean, working out, creating a better work-life balance -- this would be it! It's also a great time to look at the work you do and try to better it in some way. Would you enjoy a gentler commute to work? A change in your daily duties, or is it a new job altogether? If you are indeed looking for a new job, you may find that reaching out to previous contacts will be more beneficial than initiating brand new ones, due to Mercury's retrograde until May 4. Essentially, over the next two weeks, architect your life with your philosophy about how you think it should be.

Capricorn: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 5th House of Pleasure, you are in for a very fun two weeks! Your creative juices will be charged, urging you to put energy into things that bring you joy; this could be new creative projects, self-expression, enjoying your children (or making them!), spending time with friends, or getting romance back into your life. In choosing to express yourself, you'll be adding more joy to the world and making it a better place. Really celebrating yourself and letting your inner child play will be time well spent -- your joy is an end unto itself! You Capricorns can also express great creativity in the work you do -- a lot of Capricorns like writing business plans, for instance. If there's a new project you want to initiate, try and wait until after Mercury's Retrograde (May 4) to launch, judging its practicality and saleability when the planet of commerce is stronger.

Aquarius: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 4th House of Home and Family, it's time to regroup and get back to what makes you feel rooted and secure. Connect more with family and friends -- those people who love and care about you just because you're you. This is a time of developing a deeper sense of internal security. Anything you can do to strengthen your level of self-trust will be time well spent. Additionally, enjoying your physical home will also benefit you during this transit. This could mean more "Netflix and chill" time, improving your quarters with creature comforts, or even finding a home better suited for you. While making yourself feel more emotionally secure, you'll be in the right space to make some great long-term plans.

Pisces: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 3rd House of Communication, you're likely to be busy-busy over the next two weeks. With lots of communications, errands to run, and social events to attend, make sure to leave some wiggle room in your schedule -- Mercury is still retrograde, and you'll want to remain stress-free during this fun yet stimulating transit. Additionally, this is a great time to learn, especially something you'd do with your hands or involving communication (painting, writing, public speaking etc.). With Mercury Retrograde until May 4, it's ideal to return to a hobby you once enjoyed or one you've always wanted to explore. This very communicative time is also ideal for catching up with family and friends -- you'll probably be extra chatty and exchanges should be a lot of fun!

Balance for Abundance This Libra Full Moon!

The Venus-ruled Libra moon will be shining bright tonight, bringing to a head matters of amour! Romance is of course HUGE for Libra, but there are different forms of love which help us all to live more abundantly.

Intrinsic to abundance is BALANCE, the key word for Libra, and balance is what Full Moons are all about — they occur when the sun and the moon are in opposite signs. Luckily, with Jupiter so well-aspected to this Full Moon, if anything is imbalanced or making you feel off-kilter, this Full Moon can help you re-calibrate without missing a beat. Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to see which life area this Full Moon will help you balance.

Aries: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Seventh House of Partnerships, putting the focus on the others in your life. Balance could mean acquiescing or asserting yourself more, depending on the relationship. In your arsenal for success over the next two weeks are diplomacy, compromise, and connection. Though you’re super independent, remember that problems shared are problems halved! You need not take on the whole world by yourself — be empowered by the others in your life. Because Mercury is Retrograde (and Venus, too, until April 15) take time to talk things through cordially and decide any major matters carefully, not making any sudden moves. Channel any frustrations constructively and creatively, and you can bring a whole new level of richness to your partnerships.

Taurus: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Sixth House of Health and Service. If there were ever a time to quit a bad habit, drop a few pounds, or move away from a negative work situation, this would be it! The rush of emotional energy this Full Moon brings can be put toward creating a better lifestyle. If you’ve been looking for a new job, over the next two weeks the time is ripe for steamrolling over any obstacles. Likewise, if you’ve been working on a project, it might all come together now. With Mercury Retrograde, try to hold off on any BRAND NEW ideas — instead, work your in-progress projects with a fixed, predictable plan while being flexible in your approach. Mercury’s retrograde, so you can make changes to your routine most effectively by going back to something you had done before; returning to Spinning, for instance, is better than starting up Kickboxing; going back to an old job, client, or situation is better than starting something brand-spanking new — unless of course the seed of the idea had been planted prior to April 9.

Gemini: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Fifth House of Pleasure, putting the emphasis on things you really love to do! Now’s the time to have fun, which you’re bound to be craving. How about setting aside daily “laughing time” for next two weeks? Or going out and having a blast on the weekend? Dates could be particularly great! Venus will be going direct April 15, and though Mercury is Retrograde, it’s a great time to reunite with people with whom you have a previously established connection. Your romantic spirit will be strong, so going out on a limb and expressing the love in your heart — artfully or interpersonally — would be a great use of this transit. You’ll be longing to express yourself during this transit, so if it’s not romance, returning to an old hobby that once brought you joy would be a terrific way to leverage both the Full Moon AND the Mercury Retrograde energy. Above all else, let that heart of yours sing — it’ll help everything else in your life fall into place.

Cancer: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Fourth House of Home and Family — the house the sign of Cancer naturally rules. Under the New Moon March 27, the focus was on your career; now it’s all about feeling secure emotionally, which will help every other area of your life. It starts with the self: Are you caring for yourself and giving yourself enough love? Your home will also be important: Is it set up to restore you daily and refuel your personal and professional ambitions? Are you connecting to friends and family, and is the nourishing mutual enough for you? Since feeling more emotionally secure is the name of your game these next two weeks, you want to check anything that may be undermining your confidence. Don’t be afraid to set things right and ask for what you need — just do so in a caring, compassionate way. If you do the aforementioned and achieve a deeper level of self-trust and internal security over the next two weeks, other things are very likely to go your way.

Leo: Busy-busy-buzz-buzz is the name of your game now, Leo, with the Full Moon in Libra transiting your Third House of Communication. Deadlines may approaching, and your social calendar is probably filled to the max! Because Full Moon’s are about completion, for the next two weeks, work on tying up loose ends. With Mercury Retrograde, I’d advise you to not start any new projects, but continue with those already in progress. Check and double check documents, emails, reports, etc., and aim to be super-clear in your communications. Celebrate your accomplishments with social activities over the next two weeks, too! A Third House transit is a great time to go out and have fun. Under Mercury’s Retrograde, plans are likely to be better if you hang out with old pals as opposed to new ones, and revisit places you’ve been as opposed to those you’ve never been to before. Finally, if you have brothers or sisters reach out and see how they are — the Third House rules siblings, too, and this transit and retrograde is a great time for reconnecting.

Virgo: Your last Eighth House transit that started March 27 may have been difficult, having made you experience some letting go and moving on. As the Full Moon in Libra transits your Second House of Self-Worth, you’re back and stronger than ever, having weathered the storm. This Full Moon gives you a real strong sense of your value — what you bring to the table — and over the next two weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to capitalize on this by making your life more comfortable. Have a horrible commute to work? Rework it. Don’t like your job? Plan to go after another. Aches and pains? Get a massage. In all of these instances, you’re choosing to experience life with more comfort, which sends a message to the universe that you’re worth it. It ALL starts with feeling, so aim to make life more of a luxury for yourself over the next two weeks and you’ll manifest more luxury. With Mercury’s retrograde through May 3, it’s the perfect time to relax. I know you’re a hard worker, but investing in your self-care now will allow you to do the work you love to do.

Libra: With the Full Moon in Libra transiting your First House of Identity, you’re going through quite the transformation! Full of emotion, you’re becoming aware of those aspects of yourself that you love, and those that you’d like to change. Good news: The next two weeks are opportune for releasing any energy you do not like. With your ruling planet, Venus, having been retrograde most of March and until mid-April, things may have been rocky. Now that Venus is about to go direct on April 15, you are likely to feel a relief; supported by Venus, you’ll feel love and harmony more palpable throughout the world, which will make you feel more at home. Now is a time of becoming who you want to become and harmonizing the new your into your relationships, work, personal life, etc. Go forward, and don’t hold on to anything that doesn’t apply to that new you you’re creating.

Scorpio: As the Full Moon in Libra transits your 12th House of the Subconscious, you’re given a chance over the next two weeks to process everything that’s gone on over the past year. It’s a great time to rest, be gentle to yourself, and spend time training your subconscious so your frequency is aligned with the success you’re after! To do this, consider spending time visualizing your highest ideals, and conjuring up the feeling of those ideals fulfilled. “Oh what a feeling! Bein’s believin’!” as that 80s song goes! You can also try self-hypnosis and affirmations. For this private transit, make sure to spend some quality time alone. You’ve gone through so very much over the past year, that Mercury’s retrograde presents the perfect time to rest, review, and reflect on where you’ve been — that will help you decide where you want to go next, and the best way to get there. Chill out, reflect, and dream!

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, and Friends! This is a great transit in which your highest aspirations may come into focus and start to take form. Use the next two weeks to further clarify your long-term goals, and move forward toward their fruition. This is also a time in which your community and friends can contribute significantly to your happiness. You might really enjoy spending time with your tribe and hanging out with friends — especially old cronies, since Mercury is retrograde which offers the perfect time to reconnect with people from the past. Friends during this time may also need you, so be on the lookout to lend an ear.

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Tenth House of Status and Honors, giving your ambitions quite a boost. You may find this full moon pushes you into the limelight — take center stage and shine! Over the next two weeks, cautiously climb up the ladder of success and show the world the best “you.” This is a great time to get clear on your contribution to society and start making one now. In the next month, how would you like to improve your reputation and raise your status? For what would you like recognition and prestige? Get a vision in your head of what you want, and experience life from the perspective of that vision. Around this transit, you may be called upon unexpectedly into high visibility; make sure you keep your trademark cool and confidence — you got this, Capricorn; climb that mountain!

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. This is the part of your chart that longs for adventure, mind expansion, and a broader world view. One of the best ways to enjoy this is to take off on a journey to a faraway land. If not possible currently, go on a journey of the mind! Broaden your horizons by visiting a museum, seeing a foreign film, deepening your spirituality, or learning metaphysics or philosophy — anything that gives you “aha moments” will fit the bill! You could also use this time to share your perspective with the world. Since Mercury’s retrograde, it’s a great time to revise a manuscript you wish to publish or outline a project you’ll put out into the world for mass consumption. With the fortunate Ninth House, it’s about going far and wide. What does going “far and wide” mean for you? Ask yourself how you can best combine fun, adventure, teaching and learning!

Pisces: The Full Moon in Libra transits your Eighth House of Rebirth, pushing you to let go of the past and move forward with a more authentic you. Over the next two weeks, you’ll be tasked with the decision of setting or dissolving boundaries between you and other entities. Think about what energies around you will help facilitate the person you wish to become. Are there any energies around you that might impede your progress? Now’s a time when merging or separating will help or hinder your progress. Likewise, what aspects of yourself do you wish to let go of? During this emotionally packed time, make sure you flow, stay flexible, and are gentle with yourself. Very rarely do we go through an Eighth House transit without being changed. Luckily for you, with your strong faith, belief system and adaptability, you handle change better than everyone else and will come out of it stronger than ever before.

Take Advantage of the New Moon in Aries!

The New Moon in Aries, Monday - March 27, 2017, is like the REAL start to spring! The sign of Aries is where everything begins, gifting us with renewed energy and vigor. Use the next few weeks to attract NEW THINGS in your life and SPRING INTO your most empowered SELF! Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to find out where you'll likely gain the most out of this brand new cycle. For specific insight and answers about how you can gain the most from the spring season, treat yourself to a reading!

Aries: This is a very powerful New Moon for you, as it transits your First House of Identity. Who are you and, more importantly, who do you want to become? Life is a process of becoming; we create our identity every second of every day. Take measures over the next few weeks to assert to yourself as the type of person you want to be. During this powerful time of reinvention, for greater authenticity you may wish to change how you express yourself to coincide with the inner changes you're experiencing; for instance, you may want to change your look or manner of expression to match the new you. Make sure you write a list of nine things you want to attract, as you have extra manifestation mojo this cycle!

Taurus: The Aries New Moon will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. During this time, you should chill-lax as much as possible to prepare for your birthday month (April 20-May 20); that means taking it down a notch and getting your rest. This Twelfth House transit will allow you to process all the stuff that's happened since your birthday last year. It's a perfect time to review what worked, what didn't, and how you can make necessary changes for a banner year. Because your subconscious mind is very porous at this time, keep up a healthy lifestyle, stay away from negativity, and derive great benefit from self-hypnosis, meditation, and/or affirmations. Training the subconscious is the absolute best way you can work this transit -- we attract in life what we subconsciously believe we are by virtue of like attracting like. You're worth whatever you want; start feeling and believing that as much as possible.

Gemini: The Aries New Moon will transit your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Friends! Once you have an idea of your ideals, work on breaking down the process needed to see your goals through -- as setting GOALS is the most practical use of this transit. Your secret weapons will be your friends, network and community. Use this month to connect with like-minded people who support and/or share your vision for a greater world. You're such an amazing communicator, that you'll not only be great at breaking down your plan into steps, but communicating your vision to others and getting the support you need. The main point of this transit is to nurture humanity and good will; you can do this simply by maximizing your personal potential.

Cancer: The Aries New Moon will transit your Tenth House of Status/Honors. The spotlight will be on you professionally! You'll have an opportunity this month to rise up in the ranks and show how it's done! If need be, use this time to redefine your career goals and then be strategic in planning your consistent progress. Think too about the image you're projecting to the world; the Tenth House is about how people see you on an impersonal, professional level, so make sure you're showing up on time, rising above pettiness, and bringing forth your best every day. This is also a great time to increase your self-discipline, asserting more authority over yourself which will in turn make you a better authority in the world.

Leo: The Aries New Moon will transit your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. This is a very cool time for you to expand your horizons, better your beliefs, and broaden your knowledge. You will likely have "itchy feet" and crave something new, otherwise your mind may be bored! Over the next few weeks, make it a point to read new literature and experience different art; you might even want to take a class, develop your spirituality, or plan a trip to a foreign land to get an entirely new perspective. With a wider, refreshed perspective, you'll have more energy to inspire your creative expression -- which is what your sign is all about!

Virgo: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Eighth House of Rebirth. The point of this transit is to help make you stronger without superfluous stuff in the way. Over the next few weeks, matters pertaining to sex, death, taxes and other people's resources may come up -- which is why this is often an intense transit! You may have to decide whether to set or dissolve boundaries with others in your life. Though the New Moon cycle is for attracting new things, an Eighth House transit often does this by having us let go of the unnecessary in the process. What might you release to be your strongest, most honest self, and live life most authentically? While finding out, stay in flow, be flexible, and above all else, be gentle to yourself.

Libra: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Seventh House of Partnerships. This is a great time to enhance your partnerships and polish your rapport with your "public." With Venus' current retrograde and Mercury's coming up, by being very conscious of how you love, relate and communicate, you can really empower all of your relationships. Though you're usually very aware of others' perspectives, by making it a point to be even more so, you may discover very helpful common ground. Think too about past relationships that may be revitalized to empower your future; that's one of the things the current and upcoming retrogrades are particularly good for!

Scorpio: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Sixth House of Work and Health. You Scorpios tend to LOVE your routines, so this should be a very fun time for you, as that's what the Sixth House is all about! Use the next few weeks to develop better "systems and processes" that align with your goals. This could mean establishing a new meditation practice daily, intensifying your workout regimen, ensuring you get enough sleep, etc. This is also a good time to give your work more heart and meaning by finding new ways to contribute your unique talents and skills. Perhaps you'll want to delegate some tasks to others, so you can focus more on the work you love, or changing jobs altogether. Whatever you do, remember that under this transit efficiency is your super power!

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Fifth House of Pleasure! Over the next few weeks, you'll likely feel really creative and like the Beach Boys, ready for Fun, Fun, Fun! Romance will likely be on the horizon, too. Just because Venus is retrograde until April 15, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some fun dates; just make sure you're diplomatic and manage your expectations! With such a passionate transit, you may feel inclined to express your creativity through a new outlet. With Mercury Retrograde coming up (April 9), it's the perfect time to return to something that you did creatively before that brought you joy. And that's the point of a Fifth House transit -- joy! Make sure you laugh and have as much fun as possible -- it will bring forth to you awesome things!

Capricorn: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Fourth House of Home and Family. Though your physical home and family of choice or origin may be a focus, this transit is really about deepening your self-trust and your sense of internal security. Use the next few weeks to really take care of yourself, and listen to what your heart is saying -- and needs. Though you Capricorns are tough, leaning on people can make you even stronger! Over the next few weeks, find a safe person to confide in about what's going on in your inner world if you think it will make you feel better. Seek out and give love and support so you know you're loved and not alone. Additionally, your actual home's job is to make feel safe and secure, so make any changes if it's not feeling that way; this might mean moving, redecorating, or just treating yourself to some creature comforts as you "nest and rest" for the next few weeks.

Aquarius: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Third House of Communication. The next few weeks offers you an opportunity to create a new cycle in this area. You may decide to make changes to your daily goings-on -- perhaps you'll want to spend time in a different environment, start a new course of study, or change the way you go about things every day (gym, coffee place, route to work, etc.). This is also a great time to strengthen your communication skills and develop a better rapport with others. Ask yourself, in light of your highest hopes and dreams, do your day-to-day communications serve these ideals? Are you writing / speaking the right things and getting your ideas in front of the right people? Likewise, are you learning the right things and from the right people? Now's the time to refresh and let communication inspire your life!

Pisces: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Second House of Self-Worth. The next few weeks offers you an opportunity to value yourself more, add more value to the world, and gain more value back. Make sure your throat chakra is open...that your throat feels good. This can be done by singing, creating, and vocalizing anything that's on your mind -- just make sure you're diplomatic! When the throat chakra is open, your voice is empowered to express your truth and be heard, which is how you add value to the world. This is a very good time also to get in touch with your body and sensuality -- feeling as perfect as possible. Over the next few weeks, you have a chance to make more money or benefit from the energy of appreciation. Work on seeing yourself as a very high-value person; ask yourself regularly, "How would a high-value person handle this situation?" and take it from there.

Leverage the Full Moon in Virgo Energy!

With a conglomeration of planets in Pisces, the Virgo Full Moon on Sunday, March 12, 2017 gives us a two-week opportunity to get our heads above water and our feet more firmly on the ground!

All Full Moons provide a two-week window (this one, up until March 26) to release and banish anything that’s not for our highest good. The process of separating the “wheat from the chaff” or the useful from the useless is what Virgos live for: the sign of the Virgin is all about purification, organization and prudence — a place for everything and everything in its place! Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to set yourself up for a successful Spring by refining your world under the waning moon.

Aries: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Sixth House of Health and Work. The next two weeks are perfect for making adjustments to your diet and exercise regimen. Make sure you do it in a prudent way, though — not by crash diets or going hog-wild at the gym; the slower we start something, the faster we finish it! Further, something in regard to work is likely to come to a head before April: If things have been going well at your job, an opportunity to advance to the next level is imminent. If work hasn’t been good, this Full Moon will give you an opportunity to strategize your exit, operating from the premise that motion creates the self, and that you’re “removing blocks to a happier work situation" as you go about your life. Spring is on the way!

Taurus: The Full Moon in Virgo activates your Fifth House of Self-Expression. This house governs your children if you have any, your creative projects, romantic endeavors and recreational activities. Though there may be lots of activity in one of the aforementioned areas, whatever is going on, make sure you’re having fun! Your main mission over the next two weeks is to remove anything in the way of experiencing real joy. This is the moon cycle to go out and dance the night away! Though Venus is retrograde and it’s not the best time to start a new relationship, sometimes Venus Retrograde brings a fated person into our lives. Still, keep it light — this is a Fifth House transit for you, which is more about romance than long-term commitment. If you are partnered already, make sure you two have fun! Opening the heart and letting it sing more should be the goal over the next two weeks.

Gemini: The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your Fourth House of Home and Family. Home stuff may be the focus: You may find a new place if you’ve been looking, or welcomed changes to your current home may be forthcoming. But going deeper than this, the Fourth House is all about your self-trust: Now is the perfect time to release any fears that you may have going on inside of you; one way to do this is to connect with others who have your best interest at heart — your friends and family. You can also deepen your self-trust by deciding to take better care of yourself, giving yourself the nurture you need. Make it a point to release anything from your life that makes you feel insecure; that could mean walking away from a job, relationship, fair-weather friends, activities that no longer fulfill, etc. Won’t it feel great to be more free right in time for spring?

Cancer: The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your Third House of Communications. This is the perfect time to close a communication cycle. Are there any things you're doing on a daily basis that you might be able to outsource or avoid doing entirely? The little things we do daily--email exchanges, phone calls, running errands--they all should make sense with your end-goal. Further, this Full Moon is a time in which you may decide to release something out into the world, like a writing project, presentation, campaign, etc. There's a lot of fuel behind whatever you put out there over the next two weeks, helping to remove blocks to where you want to go! Most important, this is a time in which you'll get to remove any negative thinking patterns. Make sure to keep your mind clear of anything that you don't want to be true!

Leo: The Full Moon in Virgo puts emphasis on your Second House of Self-Worth and Talent. You may receive a raise or something that makes you feel like a million bucks before April — like your partner may wine and dine you, for instance. If this seems unlikely, don't despair! The next two weeks will give you an opportunity to remove any blocks to being valued more. If you feel you’re not getting the appreciation you deserve at work or in a relationship, create some distance, not linking your own estimation of your worth with someone else’s. The last thing you want to allow in your life right now is anything that makes you feel crummy. Yours is a sign that really needs praise and self-expression, and the two go hand-in-hand: If you’re in a job or relationship that facilitates your greatest self-expression, the praise will automatically follow. Remember to have fun: That’s what you’re here for, that's what you teach! Use this transit to get comfortable in every sense of the word. Carpe diem!

Virgo: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your First House of Identity. Over the next two weeks, you can purify yourself and your life. Empower yourself to better understand the full wonder of you: You’re more than your work, than your duties and roles, and the next two weeks will help you discover more of who you are. What kind of lifestyle do you want and what might you focus less on as to free yourself up a bit? Though I ask this of you, before April there may energies clamoring for your attention. This is a test! Remember to set your boundaries and be OK with staying true to your highest priority during this time: yourself! Make it a point to channel your energy into getting stronger — more sleep, better exercise, diet, etc. Going on to the next level of your life personally and professionally will demand self-discovery and self-assertion.

Libra: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Though yours is a social sign, such a transit isn’t very social for any of us: With the moon illuminating the 12th, you may feel fuzzy, psychic, and overloaded with emotion. This is because your subconscious is processing everything that’s transpired the past several months to set you up for a successful half-birthday when the sun enters Aries (March 20). With your subconscious very porous at this time, make sure you’re flooding it with images you’d like to see manifest, feelings you’d like to experience, and affirmations of what you want to be true. Remember, we get in life what we subconsciously believe ourselves to be by virtue of like attracting like, so really leverage this time! Additionally, use the next two weeks to release any toxicity, negativity and fears so you’re ready for a super successful Spring!

Scorpio: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, and Friends! What a cool transit! You could experience a major breakthrough between now and April bringing in something big. If not now, soon! Use this time to really go out on a limb to make your greatest dreams come true. Pursuant to this path are your friends, community and network, which are also part of the Eleventh House. Over the next two weeks, let go of any “dead weight” (e.g., fair-weather friends or groups you don’t “click” with) to make room for people who add energy and inspiration to your life. Additionally, this is a very humanitarian transit: You may find it fulfilling to contribute to causes you care about — in fact, the work you do now on behalf of others and the world at large could be very effective!

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your Tenth House of Status and Honors, putting the emphasis on “how the world sees you.” If you’ve been inspired and industrious professionally, this is a time in which you can leap onto another summit; something may indeed “break” before April helping you to climb up the ranks. Otherwise, if what you’ve been dedicating your energy to isn’t in sync with your highest purpose, this Full Moon will give you a wake-up call/opportunity to find your calling and strengthen your impact on society. When we think of the Tenth House, we usually think of career; however, there are many other ways to contribute to society— being a thought leader, an amazing spouse or parent, or an all-around great person are some examples. Just use this time to become clear on who you want to be to the public at large so you can share your message and broaden the horizons of the world.

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. Matters concerning philosophy, foreign travel, spirituality, religion, or publishing may come to a head! You may have a great need for adventure over the next two weeks; either you’ll be itching to take a journey to a foreign land or go on a journey of the mind — embarking on a new course of study, for instance, or teaching what you know. This is a great time to look at your life philosophy, too; What are your values and are they in accord with your lifestyle? If you find you’re “playing small” and not thinking big enough, this Full Moon cycle will help you perceive the Big Picture: The things that matter the most mustn’t be at the mercy of the things that matter the least!

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your Eighth House of Rebirth. Just like any kind of “death,” it’ll be important to remain flexible and go with the flow. The energy of the next two weeks will involve other people and their energies, and whether or not you choose to combine them with yours. By combining resources with others — monetary, emotional, intellectual, etc. — you’ll get a chance to, along with them, grow and evolve. Further, though all Full Moon cycles are about letting go, this one specifically for you is about putting the past to rest, so you can be “reborn” into a higher state of being, so release any insecurities. You may be edgy during this period of transition, so channel frustration effectively, be gentle with yourself, and aim to get stronger every day to handle the newfound abundance that’s coming in.

Pisces: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Seventh House of Partnerships. Whereas the last cycle was about asserting your identity, now is time to balance this out by compromising with the “other” or “others” in your life. A specific partnership may reach a climatic point during this cycle; you may get closer and “seal the deal” or part ways. Otherwise, if you’ve been looking for a professional or personal partner that complements you, you can use the energy over the next two weeks to remove blocks toward this end: Put yourself out there and position yourself in such a way that the right partners can find you! Though Venus is retrograde and therefore not the ideal time to start a new partnership, some partnerships that start under the retrograde are fated. Trust your intelligence and intuition to decide which is which!

Venus Retrograde: Actually, I Can Smile Without You

You came along just like a song and brightened my day. Who would of believed that you were part of a dream, now it all seems light years away…

Venus Retrograde (March 5-April 15) is a time of reflection, helping us to live more abundantly than ever before.

All planets go retrograde. We often hear of Mercury Retrograde, when the “winged messenger” fowls up communications, computers and our travel schedules. But it’s a perfect universe: when Mercury retrogrades, we’re given an opportunity to slow down and look at how we communicate; when Venus does, we’re given an opportunity to review how we love ourselves and others.

There are two sides to Venus which are archetyped by the two Venus-ruled signs: Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the ruler of The House of Self-Worth and Values, whereas Libra rules The House of Partnerships. Or, to put it bluntly, Taurus Venus rules money while Libra Venus rules love. But it’s not that simple: They say that Venus’ beauty is shown on the outside of Libra, i.e., they are aesthetically beautiful, whereas Taurus’ beauty is on the inside — they are loyal to a fault. But even with these delineations, the separation between love and money is not as crystal as we would like to think: Wallace Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich writes that the fullest expression of love is facilitated by money in the form of giving. Roy Orbison sang, “Anything you want, you got it. Anything you need, you got it. Anything at all, you got it — baby.” I doubt Orbison would have made such declarations unless he could back it up; he was a Taurus, after all.

In any case, when Venus is retrograde, we’re given a chance to look at how we handle its energies: Am I enriched by how I choose to make money? Where is my money going? Is what I’m paying really worth it? Does my job increase my self-worth? Do I have nice things? Who or what do I find attractive? How do I make myself attractive? Are my relationships feeding my soul and helping me grow? Do I feel I am loved and am I loving the best way I can?

But what happens if, in review, we find we value or love something that isn’t good for us? Maybe it’s a job we’re addicted to — or a drug, person or lifestyle.

Award-winning therapist Marisa Peer helps resolve the situation most eloquently; she states, “The way you feel about anything is only ever down to two things. The pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself.” Thus, she explains that we have to make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar in order for our behavior to change. If I think I can’t smile without you — or my job, my cigarettes, my insert-problem-situation-here — certainly I will not be able to. But if I start seeing myself smiling without you and telling myself that I’m smiling with you, thereby making the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar, sooner or later the mind will let that in and indeed I’ll be smiling without you.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

Sunday, February 26, 2017, we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces. This eclipse is governed by spiritual Neptune, helping us dissolve boundaries between ourselves and the divine, to bring our hopes, dreams and wishes into reality! Like all New Moons, this one gives us an opportunity for a fresh start; check out your sign and/or rising sign below to see how you can make the best use of this energy!

ARIES: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious. This is a terrific time to instill in your mind your worthiness for all the good things you want in your life. With your subconscious mind ready for success, people "behind the scenes" will be working on your behalf to usher new, positive energy into your life. People may be speaking privately about promoting you, a secret love interest may be working up the courage to ask you out, and the work you've done is likely creating some really cool buzz behind closed doors. Now's the time to establish a deeper faith and connection to your spirituality. Change is in the air; leap and the net will appear!

TAURUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will be transiting your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Ideals. Our way of thinking and our ideas create a frequency that like frequencies are also dialed into -- think of this collective intelligence as like a radio station that those on the same wavelength are also attuned to. Use this New Moon to dream big, connecting to big thinkers -- even if you just read their works and watch their videos. This is a time in which your greatest wishes can come true if you leverage the energy of the right collective. Further, spend time with people who inspire, think thoughts that put a smile on your face, and move forward in the direction of your dreams. Let this New Moon lift you up to where you belong -- a-la Taurus Joe Cocker ;-) 

GEMINI: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will be transiting your 10th House of Status and Honors -- what a treat! They'll likely be some professional shifts that really work in your favor. You may want to ask yourself if what you think you've been wanting to do will really feed your soul. If so, start your ascent up the mountain! Make sure over the next two weeks you're presenting yourself as competent with an exceptional can-do attitude, as people are watching! This is a time in which promotions, excellent press, or scoring an amazing client is likely. Use your (likely minimized) free time wisely to replenish and recharge when you can; you're about to increase your power, and in the words of Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility!

CANCER: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will activate your 9th House of the Higher Mind. When the mind expands, it never retracts back to its previous size. Broad-thinking ideas and leadership initiatives are on the horizon. What will you teach? What will you learn? Where will you go? Foreign affairs may also be a theme, so if you've been thinking of a particular place that's on the map, it's a ripe time to book a ticket there. Your life philosophy, which is governed by the 9th House, ties into what you think you can actually do, so make sure you use the eclipse energy to think as optimistically as possible. Remember that your higher power wants you to have the absolute best in life, so use this time to open up your mind and discover what that means personally for you. Now, too, you may be called on to be a leader. Make sure to keep your aspirations alive to be as inspirational as possible. Did you know Rockefeller was under the sign of Cancer? ;-) 

LEO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse will be transiting your 8th House of Rebirth. This is a time of transformation -- a time of leaving behind old ways of life that are not for your highest good. Is it a thinking pattern that needs to dissolve? A job you don't really like? A relationship that doesn't make your heart sing? Whatever is not making you feel joyful needs to be released; you can do it yourself, or have the universe do it for you. Do it yourself. The universe wants you to experience as much joy as possible (that's your mission and what you teach!) so make sure you're doing your part and not settling for second best. Your sign rules royalty -- so take your rightful place on the throne!

VIRGO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will be transiting your 7th House of Partnerships, covering both personal and professional ones. This is the time to make a really good catch! If you've been on the lookout for someone who is marriage material, this eclipse is sure to shift you into the right direction; if you've been longing for a client to work with who appreciates what you bring to the table, reach out and pitch! Likewise, if your personal and professional partnerships need a boost, this eclipse should be great for you. If a particular partnership isn't working out, I believe the relation will fade away in a most amicable way. Then it's onward and forward. In the words of Virgo Amy Poehler, "You deserve love and you'll get it."

LIBRA: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 6th House of Health and Work, making it the perfect time to revitalize your "day-to-day operations." From the moment we wake up to when we go to bed, we have rituals whether we perceive them to be rituals or not. With a goal or goals in mind, add some intention to what you do, day in and day out. Obviously, revamping your work life and/or exercise regimen is a great idea if you're not satisfied in those areas, but if everything is fine as it is, simply add some intentions to what you would normally do anyway, e.g., "I'm going to sleep so I can feel awesome tomorrow," "I'm going to workout as to not be snappy at work," etc. When you start adding intentions to the things you do, you'll find yourself being more proactive and better able to architect the best lifestyle for yourself. In the words of Libra Margaret Thatcher: "Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan." 

SCORPIO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 5th House of Pleasure. This is a most fun transit in which the universe is pushing you to create, express yourself, really shine in your life, and have fun! There may be a new hobby you take up, or your work and passions will be infused with your personal style and zeal. Further, this area of your chart also rules romance, so if things have be quiet in that realm, well, you may be caught up in a whirlwind affair, experience love at first sight, or fall in love with yourself all over again. Most important, use this time to really celebrate yourself. Find those things that make your heart sing and do them; it's there in your joyful heart where you can create the most magic in your life. 

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 4th House of Home and Family. What this house is really about is internal security -- our ability to feel at home within the self, which sets the stage for further success with others and the world. No doubt about it: Our home acts as a metaphor for "mother" and how we nurture ourselves, so this is a time to look at how and where you "nest and rest." Could a change do you good? Maybe this means moving homes, redecorating, or practicing some regular self-care rituals that make you feel cared for on a deeper level. This new moon marks the perfect time, too, to seek out more care from others, and to nurture other people, too. You Sagittarians live a life of adventure, yet your "rolling stone gathers no moss" philosophy may work for you best when you know deep inside how much you're loved and adored -- first and foremost by yourself.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 3rd House of Communications. This area of your chart governs the day-to-day activities involving others; from the text messages, emails and reports you write, to your daily trip to the gym, commute to work, jaunts to lunch and social goings-on. Could your day-to-day be more enjoyable and healthy? Are you able to experience pleasure and peace of mind with your daily activities? Are there some communications that are more of a soul-suck than anything else? If so, good news! You're about to start a new cycle in these areas, so take measures to try out some new surroundings. Likewise, this is a terrific time to become an even better communicator through what you write and speak. Working on that manuscript or preparing a kick-ass presentation would be a great way to build your confidence and clout in the world. But most important, day in and day out, in the words of Capricorn Mary J. Blige, "It's okay showing yourself some love."

AQUARIUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth and Finance. This is a terrific time to focus on the throat chakra, which rules this area. Are you speaking up about things? Saying what you want to say? Expressing your truth, day in and day out? Doing this will have a tremendous effect on your financial health, which is about to get a significant boost. This new moon, you may score a new job, client or project -- something that demands you express your talents and skills in a way only you can. Make sure you're ridding of anything that undermines your self-worth -- like your self-talk, your lifestyle approach... anything that makes you feel bad. In the words of Aquarian Jennifer Aniston, "Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place."

PISCES: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 1st House of Self-Assertion. It's a new year and new you, Pisces! As you continue to work on changes in the inner world, make sure the outer world and how you present yourself follows suit. Remember, though, that Venus will retrograde from March 3-April 15, which is not a great time to make any significant changes to your appearance. That being said, you can still choose to present "the new you" by getting enough rest, working out, and dressing your best. This will be a great time to simply let your imagination take you to your ideals, and carry that energy vibration with you. Get in touch with your burning desire, have faith that you're on a golden road, and take the actions necessary to make this the best year yet. Most important, we make our beliefs and then our beliefs make us, so make sure to leave behind any self-limiting beliefs, and believe what you must believe in order to make this a banner year!