Open Your Heart To______. Your Key to the Solar Eclipse in Leo


Madonna knows what she’s talking about — she’s a Leo after all! Take her advice for the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11, 2018. With Mercury’s square to Jupiter, this eclipse is an opportunity to feel better than ever before.

Leo, the magnanimous, generous and dramatic 5th sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the bright, powerful sun. And the body part it rules is the heart. 

Law of Attraction experts insist that the electromagnetic field around the heart is 5000X more powerful than that of the brain. Therefore, our hearts unlock our true, complete, unabashed joyfulness — which is, incidentally, best represented by the fiery, fixed and fascinating sign of the Lion.

We can thank our lucky stars (ha, see what I did there!?) for helping us determine what will make us happy. Each astrological house, which describes a different life area, can be likened to a “key” for true happiness. During each moon cycle, one of these “keys” turns.

Sometimes the keys turn automatically; sometimes how they turn is up to us.

To find out which life area is key for you this eclipse, check where 18 degrees of Leo falls in your astrological chart. You can also read your sign or rising sign below:

ARIES: Open your heart to: True love, play, fun, your creations (projects and kids if you have some). Madonna song to play on repeat: Cherish

TAURUS: Open your heart to: Your family, your home, feeling good, taking extra good care of yourself and others. Madonna song to play on repeat: Dress You Up.

GEMINI: Open your heart to: Communication, telling people how you feel; learning something new, thinking empowering thoughts, discovering new ways of communicating and expressing your ideas. Madonna song to play on repeat: Express Yourself

CANCER: Open your heart to: your talents, those things you’re really good at. Open your heart to money. Love your money and let your money love you. Madonna song to play on repeat: Material Girl. 

LEO: Open your heart to: Yourself. Your body. Your amazing personality. Open your heart to everyone who sees you. Light them up with your light. Madonna song to play on repeat: Ray of Light

VIRGO: Open your heart to: New beliefs and ideas — empowering ones that make you the hero/heroine of your story. Create the story and tell it to yourself. Fall in love with the story and stick to it. Madonna song to play on repeat: Like a Prayer

LIBRA: Open your heart to: Friends. Your community. Your hopes, dreams, wishes, and ideals. It’s never too late to reignite an old love to catch your soul on fire. Madonna song to play on repeat: Lucky Star

SCORPIO: Open your heart to: Your ambitions. What could you achieve that would make you feel on top of the world? Madonna song to play on repeat: Who’s That Girl

SAGITTARIUS: Open your heart to: Expansion. Broadening your horizons. An empowering life philosophy that makes that 1000-watt smile light up and discover new subjects and stories all around the world. Madonna song to play on repeat: Human Nature.

CAPRICORN: Open your heart to: Letting go. To going with the flow. To whatever feels right. To healing. To a new beginning. To change. Madonna song to play on repeat: Borderline.

AQUARIUS: Open your heart to: Your partners in life. Your audience. In each person, love that part of yourself that you’re wise enough to know is there. Madonna song to play on repeat: Crazy for You

PISCES: Open your heart to: A new lifestyle. A new day-to-day. A new love for nutritious foods and a healthy exercise regimen. A new job. Madonna song to play on repeat: Like a Virgin.

Even though life is meant to be happy and joyful, sometimes we can get stuck in an emotional place that’s miserable. Sometimes it helps to find just one thing you love. Maybe it’s a TV show or a book or a song; maybe it’s looking at a bowl of oranges or a quiet night sky. Maybe you’re more adventuresome, and it’s wearing a cone-shaped bra. Whatever works! If you can just take it easy and relax and hang out and love, you may find that your resistance to well-being softens, and you can unlock the love that makes life more and more and more of a celebration. Put your heart into something, anything. Open your heart — that’s the key.

Nothing Holding You Back — Freedom with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

nothing holding me back 2.png

In Shawn Mendes song, “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back,” he sings about a girl who turns his world upside down and frees him up to be his new self:

You take me places
That tear up my reputation
Manipulate my decisions
Baby, there’s nothing holding me back

With her, he discovers another world in which his past identity is irrelevant. As his previous plans fall by the wayside, he feels completely free.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27, 2018, we’re given an opportunity to experience a new world in which we are free. Aquarius rules the 11th House in astrology, which pertains to one’s hopes, dreams, wishes and ideals. It’s a sign linked to freedom and inspiration, which are two sides of the same coin: In order to be inspired, we must touch upon a new aspect of ourselves. Protocols based on previously determined self-constructs and strategies lose importance. This eclipse, the effects of which can last for the next six months, urges us to throw out the playbook and start fresh.

To learn which life area is being activated by the eclipse (i.e., what life area may need a reset so there’s nothing holding you back) note where 4 degrees of Aquarius is in your chart; likewise, see your sign or rising sign below.

Aries: Sometimes we get so fixated with our eyes on the prize, that we forget to stop and see if our dreams still hold as much heart and meaning. As the Lunar Eclipse transits your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams and Ideals, check in with yourself to see if attaining a different goal would bring you more satisfaction. If so, don’t be afraid to change the plan and give all you got to a new ideal. It’s not like the work you’ve done already is for naught; it all comes together and is part of the journey. The 11th House also rules friendship and community: If you feel your tribe no longer matches your vibe, don’t be afraid to distance yourself from the familiar to pursue new like-minded people who really “get you.” Friends and community can inspire and galvanize your greatest hopes, wishes, dreams and ideals. Let yourself be lit up.

Taurus: When we get to the top of the mountain, sometimes we have to ask ourselves if it was the right mountain! Or which mountain is next! As the Lunar Eclipse transits your 10th House of Status, you’ve reached a peak professionally. As professional matters come to a head, you’ll have a “bird’s eye view” of the world, and will realize that you have some choices to make. Over the next six months, allow yourself to explore new terrain. Consider what excites you the most, and what you want to be known for. Sure, this may mean charting a new course and there’s no guarantees, but it’s responsible to keep inspired and it’s practical to build your life on rich, pure, fertile soil. With Uranus, the planet of change, in your sign for the next several years, the maxim “change is stability” has never been more on-point.

Gemini: You’re so good at being logical, communicating, handling the day-to-day aspects of life. But as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 9th House of Expansion, you may find yourself wanting more and wondering, “What else is there?” Your work or neighborhood may feel too familiar, and you might be getting itchy feet. Although you have this great ability to learn no matter where you are, sometimes you have to explore realms that are completely unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Over the next six months, allow yourself the freedom to explore the world. Your energy now longs for expansion: Take a trip to a foreign land, consider moving 5000 miles away, throw yourself into a brand new subject you find exciting. The sky is yours, Gemini, and the only limits are those you put on yourself. You always have the power to see differently — and the more you see, the more you see.

Cancer: Where you begin and others end is a question you may be asking yourself lately, as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 8th House of Rebirth. Yes, the 8th House is no joke — sex, death, taxes, and joint resources all fall under its domain. Thus, over the next six months, you can expect things to change in one or more life area. The best way to handle this is by going with the flow and being flexible, as resisting changes now will be downright exhausting. Your soul is calling for evolution, a need to drop the dead wood and start fresh and anew. You don’t necessarily need to leave your spouse, change jobs, etc., but such things will probably need to evolve. You’re transforming, Cancer, and that means really great things are ahead if you allow yourself to feel good, follow your excitement, and embrace the “magic of new beginnings.” Make sure to give yourself the extra TLC you need so you’re strong enough to handle all the abundance you deserve and desire.

Leo: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.” Such is the theme of this Lunar Eclipse for you, which transits your 7th House of Partnerships. The focus will be on the “other” in your life, whether you want a relationship, want to deepen the one you’re in, or say “sayonara” in favor of more fulfilling partnerships. With these eclipses, we learn quickly that half-measures do not perform well, so get ready to get ready to make a decision: Are you in or out? If in, use this eclipse and the next six months to find a balance: Discover and express what you need to feel fulfilled, sure, but find out what the others in your life also need. Understanding others now, deepening your connections, and doubling down on your commitments will make your heart sing: It’s funny, but when we put the focus on others, that’s when our true selves can really shine.

Virgo: Lines will be drawn in the sand this eclipse, putting you on a new trajectory for the next six months. It’s not so much about setting boundaries with others, but creating rules for yourself to feel as perfect as possible. The Lunar Eclipse will be transiting your 6th House of Work, Health and Day-to-Day — your lifestyle. This is a very sensitive part of your chart, Virgo, as your sign governs this life area. Is your job sustaining your lifestyle but sucking the life out of you? If so, use this eclipse to get comfortable with the concept of having both a handsome salary and work that fulfills. We get in life what we allow. Further, how do you feel physically? Your body is super-sensitive, so if leveling up your fitness regimen or cleaning up your diet will make you feel more perfect, make the decision: Consider how this “new you” will be, what she’ll do, and act accordingly. Create the right system and process — one that you can sustain — and you’ll be feeling a lot better in time for your birthday.

Libra: French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” Such is the theme for you this Lunar Eclipse which transits your 5th House of Joy. If you’ve been bogged down with obligations and what you should do, starting Friday into the next six months, you’ll be inclined to give yourself a reprieve. What are we really here for? Our purpose is joy, and now’s the time to find out what (or who!) you really love and abandon yourself to it. The good news is that this is actually one of the most practical things you can do: The heart energizes the entire body, and is way more powerful than the brain. If you surrender to what you love, you’ll be stronger, and all those other things that you want to achieve are likely to flow into your experience with less resistance. So forget what on the surface doesn’t seem reasonable; what’s most reasonable is that your heart is soaring and that you feel more alive than ever before.

Scorpio: It’s often said that “Home is where the heart is.” Another way of understanding this is that we take our home around with us wherever we go. This concept of emotional security is the hot topic as the Lunar Eclipse transits your 4th House of Home, Family and Internal Security. Over the next six months, figure out what makes you feel safe, secure and comfortable. Allow yourself to feel how you want to feel (use your amazing imagination) and move toward situations that allow you to easily sustain those feelings. You may find that you need to let go of things that undermine your confidence to feel more comfortable and safe; this could be a matter of leaving some stressful people and situations behind. Key to your success is determining how you want to feel — choosing your feeling state — and not letting circumstances dictate your mood; in doing this, your actions will create circumstances that feel a lot better.

Sagittarius: You Sagittarians usually love vacations. But every day should feel like a vacation ideally, and life lately may not feel this way. As the Lunar Eclipse transits your 3rd House of Communications, you’re ready to jazz up your everyday environment. Those daily interactions with your neighbors, co-workers, spouse, the dry cleaning lady, etc., — they need not be so mundane. You can either change who you deal with daily and what you do, or take another approach to what you’re doing. As a Sagittarius, you have a contagious optimism that makes you loved and lucky; how about punching this up? In The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Delois Wattles, he advises that we embody an “an advancing personality,” conveying the impression that you’re advancing everyone you interact with. Imagine helping everyone you encounter feel better simply by expressing your naturally optimistic spirit or flashing your therapeutic smile? If this seems like a challenge, find something that excites you, keeping yourself in learning-mode so that spark of yours is irrepressible and inextinguishable.

Capricorn: If you’re not having fun making money, you’re doing it wrong. And to expand this concept, if you’re not having fun doing anything, you’re could be! As the Lunar Eclipse transits your 2nd House of Self-Worth, you may be inclined to value yourself and your time more, and that may mean distancing yourself from anything that feels belabored. Since you’re typically not big on sudden moves (which aren’t advised under an eclipse anyway) perhaps position yourself to better enjoy whatever you have going on. As you consider all your options for where your energy can be best used, ask yourself how your current situation — exactly as it is now — can benefit you. Your current circumstances can provide the perfect stepping stone for deriving more value out of your life. Open up your throat chakra — sing, scream, have a conversation with yourself — and really awesome options will open up and you’ll realize they were there all along.

Aquarius: When you change yourself, everything you look at changes. Such is the theme as the Lunar Eclipse in your sign transits your 1st House of Identity. Who we are is variable; you could be a life-long lover of chocolate ice cream, and then — in a flash — decide to be someone who favors strawberry ice cream more. What, is someone going to challenge you and say “that’s not who you are!” Maybe. But it won’t matter. This eclipse is an opportunity for you to change your self-construct: If you want to be someone who loves strawberry ice cream, thrives in leadership, loves the idea of being in a relationship or living as a monk in the mountains, just make the decision that’s who you are. You can always go back to who you were, or choose another course entirely. The point is that you have to evolve. Not tapping into another dimension of yourself during this time is the most torturous thing you could do. Follow your impulses and explore another aspect of yourself — true freedom lies in choice, not in a self-imposed box.

Pisces: As the most evolved, spiritualized sign of the zodiac, you intuit how we’re all connected and how there’s so much more to life than what we experience. As the Lunar Eclipse transits your 12th House of Transcendence, you’re getting a strong sense that other worlds exist. In fact, this liberating transit will having you wanting to escape into the other worlds even more than usual! That’s OK: You’re getting a taste of what can be made possible, and are probably on information-overload. Do what you can to trust this subliminal process and take extra good care of yourself as you go through it: Unplug the phone, take a day off from work, cancel plans and hang out under the covers — whatever lessens the noise around you now is a good idea, because you’re changing and evolving, and really need space and peace. Over the next six months, make sure to check in with yourself more, and schedule downtime if necessary. Listen to meditations, binaural beats, inspirational speakers; your subconscious is a sponge now, and you want to download only the most helpful information. Something new is coming, so give yourself the space to find and flow into the most exhilarating, ecstatic experiences.

If This Is It - The New Moon Solar Eclipse 7/12/18

if this is it 1.jpg

In the 1984 song If This Is It , Huey Lewis pleads to a girl who can’t decide what she wants. He wants to stop wondering what’s going on, and know whether he should move on or be with her:

If this is it, please let me know
If this ain’t love you’d better let me know
If this is it, I want to know
If this ain’t love baby, just say so

Likewise, during the Solar Eclipse on July 12, 2018 (which is in effect for the next six months) our higher self is asking us to shit or get off the pot. That’s why people have been feeling out of sorts lately; they intuit that a new beginning is needed, but they’re tentative about the sacrifices, changes and challenges for that commitment, just like the girl in the Huey Lewis song.

Transformative Pluto, the planet that breaks down the old to make room for the new, opposes the luminaries and gives us an ultimatum: If you want this, you must do this. If the new normal is not worth the adjustment, and we decide to arrest the new beginning, we will still have a new beginning, just with the previous status quo.

To see which life area is being activated by the eclipse, look to where 20° of Cancer is in your chart; you can also read your sun and/or rising sign below.

Aries: The new beginning is about EMOTIONAL SECURITY, as the Solar Eclipse will hit the Fourth House. Pluto’s opposition takes place in the Tenth House of Career, calling for a balance between the private and public lives: Is your career trajectory fostering your emotional security? What changes can be made professionally to create more emotional sustenance? Is it climbing up another level, more creativity, or a new career entirely? In essence, what will make you feel more at home in the world.

Taurus: The new beginning is about COMMUNICATIONS, as the Solar Eclipse will transit the Third House. The Plutonian opposition takes place in the Ninth House of Beliefs. Whatever you believe makes life worth living —your life philosophy — needs to inform your day-to-day activities. Ex.: if you believe life should be joyful, you wouldn’t stay in a job you hate; if you believe life’s a bitch, you’ll stay in a dead-end job (relationship, home, etc.). You’re being asked to declare your world-view by your daily lifestyle.

Gemini: The new beginning is about VALUES, as the Solar Eclipse will hit the Second House. Values change; are you living according to what matters more to you now? The Pluto opposition occurs in your Eighth House of Rebirth: Is the desire to reprioritize values (e.g., family, fun, wealth) strong enough for you to let go of previous priorities and preferences? What door needs to be shut tight for the new value to stand strong? Are you cool with the consequences of not closing it?

Cancer: The new beginning is about IDENTITY, as the Solar Eclipse will transit the First House. We are constantly creating ourselves — in two seconds, you could decide to be someone new, believe that you are this new person, and act accordingly to create an entirely different life story. The Plutonian opposition takes place in the House of Partnerships: If this new identity is to exist, how will your partnerships change? Are you willing to make the adjustment? Are your partners willing to change along with you?

Leo: The new beginning is about the SUBCONSCIOUS, as the Solar Eclipse hits the Twelfth House. We get in life what we subconsciously believe we are by virtue of like attracting like: If you’re not happy with your lot, then you must turn to your subconscious and see what beliefs are to blame. The Plutonian opposition occurs in your Sixth House of day-to-day activities. We are what we repeatedly do, so look at your daily schedule (work, health habits) and ask if it’s a vibrational match to your desires. If not, make the changes to your daily routines that instill the feeling of consistent success.

Virgo: The new beginning is about HOPES, WISHES & IDEALS, as the Solar Eclipse hits the 11th House. This area of the chart teaches us that if we have a desire, then it can materialize — that there are no “dangling carrots” in the universe. Pluto’s opposition takes place in the Fifth House of Self Expression. Are you creatively expressing yourself in a way that is aligned with your greatest hopes, wishes and ideals? Are you having fun moving toward your goals? What’s the next level of self-expression needed to make your dreams come true? Could it just be having fun, enjoying more romance and laughter?

Libra: The new beginning is about CAREER, as the Solar Eclipse hits the Tenth House, which depicts the highest point one can reach professionally. The Plutonian opposition is emotional security, as it’s in the Fourth House. To climb higher and achieve more, how can you feel more emotionally secure? Is it a new relationship? A new job? More sex? Or is it letting go of something that’s causing more harm than good (like a job or relationship)? Or is it just a matter of staying in a situation but adjusting it accordingly?

Scorpio: The new beginning is about EXPANSION, as the Solar Eclipse transits the Ninth House. How much do you want to expand? How far will you allow your talents go? The opposition of Pluto is about communications, as it hits the Third House. Are you communicating how far you want to go to both your personal and professional contacts? Or are you thwarting yourself by being quiet? Let your desires be known to help bring them to fruition, or find a more desirable plan that doesn’t rock the boat.

Sagittarius: The new beginning is about REBIRTH, as the Solar Eclipse will hit the Eight House; opposing Pluto will be in the Second House of Personal Resources. In order to be reborn, or merge with another in some capacity, there’s certain things you will have to relinquish. For instance, a new career may mean a new lifestyle; moving in with someone requires less control over your space. If you want this new beginning, you’ll have to make adjustments pertaining to those things you had previously valued more. If you don’t want the new beginning, you’ll still have one, but with the previously scheduled program.

Capricorn: The new beginning is about PARTNERSHIPS, as the Solar Eclipse hits the Seventh House. The Plutonian opposition is about identity, as it transits the First House. We’re constantly deciding who we are. If you want a new partnership or want your partnership to improve, you need to tap into another version of yourself. If you’re not willing to change, then accept the way things are with all its strengths and limitations.

Aquarius: The new beginning is about LIFESTYLE, as the Solar Eclipse transits the Sixth House. The Pluto opposition occurs in the Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Is your subconscious commitment to your work and health 100%, or are you dragging your feet, not giving it your all? The results will show. If you want to work and feel a certain way, you need to change your subconscious beliefs and check in with your actual level of commitment. If you’re not willing to change or commit, that’s okay, too — just stop running in circles, getting annoyed when the results you’re after don’t materialize.

Pisces: The new beginning is about SELF-EXPRESSION, as the Solar Eclipse transits the Fifth House. The Plutonian opposition is about Hopes and Dreams, as it hits the Eleventh House. Clearly define your hopes and dreams, and ensure your self-expression is aligned with these ideals. If you’re not up for expressing yourself in such a way, maybe it’s a matter of revising those hopes and dreams, as they can change sometimes without us noticing.

Empower Your Perspective - New Moon in Gemini


Gemini teaches us that we always have the power to see differently.

On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, we have a New Moon in the sign of the twins. All New Moons are a time for New Beginnings, and in Gemini, this one is great for learning, communications, and playfulness. Most important, however, this New Moon presents us with an opportunity to see life from a more empowered perspective. Is life always working out for you? From an empowered perspective, yes — it is.

Shakespeare said “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” He was right: Every circumstance is actually neutral. Anything that happens can be likened to a “prompt.” We are the assigners of meaning to everything: A woman’s husband dies; she can see this as her life being over or as a new lease on life. A man loses his job; he can see it as complete failure, or an opportunity to go on to bigger and better things. It’s up to them — it’s up to us — we assign meaning to everything.

Granted, this can be difficult: For instance, we can’t expect a woman who just lost her husband to start rejoicing. (Though I suppose it depends on the husband!) When our expectations are dashed and we’re disappointed, it can be quite traumatic and heart-wrenching. But if we can start thinking that way now— “everything is always working out for me” —we can heal our wounds faster, reduce our downtime, and more swiftly leverage seemingly negative circumstances to our advantage. We can start by thinking, when anything happens, “how can this, exactly as it is, serve me?” This is what being a creator is all about. This is what being an artist is all about: Molding what you have to play with. Gemini rules the hands, which we use for everything we do, so use this month to start seeing circumstances as the matter you need to create whatever you wish.

This New Moon is at 22° Gemini, so note where that falls in your chart to see in which life area you can do the most molding or playing this month. Likewise, read the write-up for your sun and/or rising sign below to find out which area of your chart is lit up for you over the next 30 days.

Aries: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Third House of Communications. You can expect a new “air” cycle in your life — new ways of thinking, new places to go, new things to do, new people to meet and see. This is also a great time to move forward with any writing or creative projects you want to launch. Further, the Third House is very curious — perhaps there’s a new subject you’d like to study that you’ll want to incorporate in your communications with the world. Most important, the Third House is about the mind: How you think creates how you feel, and how you feel creates your reality — so do what it takes to feel as perfect as possible to maintain a most advantageous perspective!

Taurus: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Second House of Self-Worth. If you’re not happy in your job, now’s a great time to find a new one. Likewise, if you feel like you deserve a raise, now may be the time to ask. This transit is about increasing your self-worth, which may not even have to do with your job: It could mean just speaking up for yourself more and taking more responsibility for how you allow yourself to be treated. Make sure to activate your throat chakra more over the next month; singing, speaking up, and airing out your feelings are all ways to activate your throat chakra and increase your self-worth, which will increase your value in the world.

Gemini: Happy Birthday, Gemini! You have extra mojo to make things happen this month — so go for the gold in every area of your life. The New Moon transits your First House of Identity, so getting what you want is a matter of being “reborn” into that new person who would have it. This rebirth can help you attract more love, money, achievement — whatever you wish. Decide who you want to be, trust that decision and act like you trust that decision. Remember that the Universe doesn’t speak languages; you have to consistently experience and broadcast the emotions of having what you want in order to attract it. You have a strong mind, Gemini — use your imagination and your ability to play “make believe” to manifest the best year yet.

Cancer: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Take this time to process the last 12 months: what worked, what didn’t, what do you want to make better, etc. In allowing yourself this time to rest and reflect, you’ll be ready to take center stage and make the most empowered decisions during your Solar Return (next birthday year). Thus, over the next month, catch up on sleep, rest and relax, and to make the very most of this transit, program your subconscious: We get in life what we subconsciously believe we are by virtue of like attracting like, so listen to empowering subliminals and self-hypnosis (there’s plenty on YouTube), say affirmations etc. — this will give you a head-start to a banner year.

Leo: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Eleventh House of Friends, Hopes, Wishes, and Ideals. This transit will increase your confidence and urge you to ask “why not?” Why not go big in terms of your career? Why not manifest the perfect love, friendship, house on the beach etc.? The sky’s the limit for you this month, so feel fantastic, surround yourself with people who feel good about themselves, and go for the gold — that’s the element that you rule, after all! This is also a great month to find your “home away from home” — a group of friends or like-minded people that inspire your grandest ideals. Now’s the time to know that the sky is yours, so be like the sun and shine.

Virgo: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Tenth House of Status/Achievement. If there were ever a time to get ahead professionally, this would be it, Virgo! There’s a spotlight on you professionally now, so make sure you’re feeling great and getting your rest, exercise, etc., so you can handle any extra responsibilities with grace and aplomb. Likewise, if there’s a new job or project you would like now — like a better title or an impressive client — go for it! You’ll appear superior to your competition this month, so leverage your advantage! It may help to enjoy high places — the Empire State Building, rooftops, Ferris Wheels [!], etc. — as seeing life from a higher vantage point will inspire this month’s journey to the top.

Libra: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Ninth House of Expansion. Essentially, this is a transit about expanding energy in the world. This could involve traveling (expanding your worldview), publishing/teaching/public speaking (expanding your reach), or learning (expanding your mind). The goals you’ve created for yourself, both personally and professionally, require you to become bigger. Make a decision to not sweat the small stuff or let the inconsequential get the best of you — you want to use this month to think big be big and go big, which means being the “bigger person” or even moving on from situations that compel you to play small. A heart that feels good will inspire you to grow and grow and grow — your heart feels good so your arms are wide open to the universe — so make feeling good your first priority!

Scorpio: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Eight House of Rebirth. This transit is one that your sign will handle better than most, as yours is a sign that knows the importance of metamorphosis. This month, you may be called to say “goodbye” to something in yourself — like self-defeating thoughts or behavior patterns. Or it may be external; you may decide you’ve outgrown a job or relationship, for instance. Or perhaps you’ll want to hold on to the job or relationship, but transform it completely. This is the month to drop or transform things so that your life has the most heart and meaning — this will allow you to experience the fullest extent of your power.

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Seventh House of Partnerships. If you’re looking to empower your partnerships — both personal and professional — this is the perfect month to do so. Likewise, if you’re ready to start a journey with someone else — again, also personal or professional — let this be the month you make it happen. Partnering up now will make you shine. Further, if you have an “audience” that you serve or perform for, the Seventh House could be them: What does your audience need from you? Does your cup overflow so you’re able to give your best? Take the time to feel as good as possible so that others will jump on your magic carpet ride!

Capricorn: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Sixth House of Work and Health. The Sixth House is about your day-to-day regimen, so this is a great time to improve processes at work, or score a new job altogether. Further, this is the perfect New Moon for you to start a new exercise or diet regimen so that you’re able to bring your strongest self to the world every day. With a new system in place — for work, health or both — you’ll find every area of your life more empowered. Don’t underestimate the power of a healthy lifestyle and feeling great when it comes to staying on top. And if your daily job has your grinning and bearing it too often, do yourself a favor and find a more fulfilling means to your end.

Aquarius: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Fifth House of True Love and Fun! The Fifth House represents anything you really love — fun, romance, creativity and children if you have any or want to. This is the month to let your heart shine and indulge the inner kid in you that likes to play and have a good time. If your relationship needs a reboot, this is the month to bring back the spark that creates an “eternal flame”[!] Likewise, if you’re looking for romance, use this month to make it happen. Every day, make it a point to keep things “light,” as that will help you keep your inner “lights” ON so that you’re guided toward true, complete happiness. Keep inspired, Aquarius — that’s your job!

Pisces: The New Moon in Gemini is transiting your Fourth House of Home and Family. This transit is really about internal emotional security, as you bring your “home” with you wherever you go. That being said, our physical home is where we go to retreat and regain our self-trust, so do what you can to make your home more comfortable this month, be it redecorating or moving if desired. Part of rebooting your emotional security may be about getting back to your roots; take the time to reconnect with family, or heal your connection with them if they’re not in your life. However you do it, use this month to feel comfy and cozy — with renewed inner peace, you’ll experience the world with new, fresh eyes.