Commitment to Ideals - Gemini Full Moon

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Right on the heels of Thanksgiving in the United States, we have a Full Moon on Friday, November 23 at 12:39am ET. When the moon is full, our hidden emotions become conscious and we become aware of how we feel. Though these emotions can be intense, they help us know where we stand on different life areas. With our emotions “full,” the path of least resistance is to release them; thus, the Full Moon is the perfect time to flow with our emotions, letting them wash away any obstacles blocking our ideals.

All Full Moons arrive with different aspects that can be leveraged for success. During this Full Moon, the Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter urges us to experience all that life has to offer. But the Moon’s opposition to Jupiter may make us feel thwarted in the attainment of what we seek. Mars is all over this Full Moon: The warrior planet awkwardly squares Luna, potentially resulting in emotional outbursts; he’s also squaring Jupiter, setting the stage for impulsive, rash decision-making. This doesn’t have to be so. It’s not that we should ignore Mars (the energy could hurt us by keeping it in) but instead give Mars some healthy place to go, channeling it into physical activity or some constructive outlet to keep us out of trouble. Once the intensity of these energies are harnessed or die down, we’re in a great position to move past any barriers, leaving any sense of frustration and discouragement in the past.

Now that the Sun is in Sagittarius (and right next to Jupiter), we’re likely to have a better sense of our greatest ideals in the different areas of our lives. Whatever “lights us up” and excites us is evidence of our ability to achieve it; there are no “dangling carrots” in the universe, except for those we choose to create for ourselves.

One huge Gemini theme is the mind — how we think and the interplay between our conscious and subconscious processes. One mental manifestation trick is to be grateful in advance of achieving what you desire. When the subconscious firmly believes we already have what we want, it becomes confused by the fact that it’s not already in our lives and does everything in its power to make it manifest. It may not be easy at first to feel gratitude for what you want before it arrives, but with practice using your imagination and surrendering to the desire, it will become easier.

The bridge between our desires and their manifestations is of course action, as motion creates the self. We have to “plan our work and work our plan” to see results. The important thing to remember is that what you’re doing may not be what gets you the results you’re after — it may come in a different way. Still, we have to commit to a logical course of action as a way of proving to the universe that we’re committed to our ideals. With action that shows our commitment, we create the vibrational atmosphere that allows in what we are seeking. What’s more, is that in taking action to achieve our ideals, we become the fullest version of ourselves — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually — which helps us to achieve our soul’s purpose.

Over the next two weeks, consider your ideals in one or more life area. Think of what really excites you. Believe that it’s possible. Know that you wouldn’t have such desires if they weren’t realizable. Trick your subconscious by being grateful for having already achieved your ideal. Then take logical action to achieve your desire — just don’t be too stuck on your method. Focus on the process, staying committed to your ideal with the actions you take every day, and allow the universe to let things fall into place.

To see what life area is lit up for you during this Gemini Full Moon — where it may be easiest for you to achieve an ideal — see where 0 degrees of Gemini is in your astrological chart; likewise, read your sign and/or rising sign below.

ARIES: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 3rd House of Communication. When you think about your communications every day, what would be ideal? What do you like doing currently, what would you rather not do, and what do you wish you could do? Be grateful in advance for the ideal interactions in your day-to-day life, and commit to the actionable steps to make it a reality. Emails, phone calls, and other messages will be aplenty over the next two weeks; with Mercury Retrograde, check yourself twice before blasting through communications. Your social life will also be abuzz — just remember that plans made under the Mercury’s retrograde don’t always pan out the way we expect — sometimes they can go even better! People from the past may also show up under the retrograde; reflect on the communication lessons you learned in those relationships as to not repeat them. Most important now, however, is how you communicate with yourself: Don’t give yourself the luxury of a negative thought; focus on how great you are, all the things you like about yourself, and what you’re excited about.

TAURUS: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth and Finances. Use the next two weeks to consider your ideal financial situation. Ideally, how much money do you have, how much do you make and how do you make it? Speaking your truth, singing, talking, and all self-expression will help open your throat chakra and increase your self-worth. Additionally, you can cultivate abundance over the next two weeks by focusing on sensuality — by physically feeling as perfect as possible. To this end, get in some really good workouts, schedule massages, take aromatic bubble baths— anything to appease your senses. Once you feel as perfect as possible, practice gratitude in advance for having achieved your financial ideal; do this until it feels natural and true. Then concoct a plan to achieve more financial happiness — go for the new job, role, client etc. Commit to achieving your ideal financial state, all the while experiencing gratitude that it’s been done. By feeling as amazing as you can physically, the universe has a better chance of running through you unobstructed, nudging you to take the actionable steps needed for success.

GEMINI: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 1st House of Identity. Consider what personal reality you want to experience. How does that new reality affect your personality? That’s the issue this Full Moon for you — your identity. To get whatever you want, you have to have a self-image that supports it. Conjure up your ideal reality in all respects, and imagine your adjusted personality. Be grateful for all you have and who you are. In doing this, you’ll gain a strong surge in self-confidence over the next two weeks, the waning moon helping to remove anything in the way of you feeling as fantastic as possible. Whatever is keeping you from feeling your best, let it go — be it fears, negativity, anyone or anything. By the end of the next two weeks, you should have freed yourself of some dead weight, so that you’re able to celebrate your life more. Once you’re feeling good, consider what excites you. Do you want to get into a relationship? Make a major career move? Whatever makes your heart sing, be grateful in advance for having achieved it, and commit to the actionable steps to make it real.

CANCER: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious. Consider your ideal mental state. For instance, when you lie down to sleep, wouldn’t it be nice to be in a state of serene bliss? Imagine how this feels, and be grateful in advance for having already achieved it. To this end, the next two weeks will be a great time to lie low, and get the rest and sleep you need to process your experiences over the past year. Release any subconscious garbage — e.g., limiting beliefs, negative feelings about yourself, any unworthiness, fear, etc. To release them, it’s a matter of surrendering to them and then crowding them out by focusing on empowering beliefs and feelings that serve you. Self-hypnosis, affirmations and visualizations can be very helpful. This is also a time of completion: You may decide that certain things have to end — maybe it’s a relationship, job, friendship etc. — that are no longer beneficial. Let go and go with the flow. Imagine that serene mental state, not just at night but imagine having it every day. Note the calm, poise and tranquility you have, be grateful for it, and commit to the self-work necessary (meditations, affirmations, etc.) to make it yours every day.

LEO: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 11th House of Hopes, Wishes and Friends. Oh boy, Leo, this transit is a big deal! It’s urging you to ask “why not?” Why not make your wildest hopes, dreams and wishes come true? If you can imagine it, it must exist somewhere, since we can’t imagine non-existence. Over the next two weeks, consider the end-all-be-all of what your life could be. What excites you the absolute most? Trick your subconscious by being grateful for having already achieved it, come up with an actionable plan, and commit to it. Over the next two weeks, too, you may want to connect with a group or community. The Eleventh House is about the love you receive from others, so go where you can be showered with collective attention to help make your big dreams come true. This house also rules big monetary gains that come in one lump sum, so maybe be grateful for that in advance, too ;-). Take some time to identify with the big blue sky. That’s you this Full Moon — completely limitless. Be grateful for it all and get cracking!

VIRGO: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 10th House of Status. If you could be at the top of the heap in any career, what would it be? What would you be doing? What would you be known for? These are the hot topics this Full Moon! Use your imagination and be grateful in advance for having achieved your highest ambitions. Then, over the next two weeks, commit to an actionable plan to make it real. Over this period, you may find yourself in the limelight; people are watching, and you’re predisposed to come across as highly competent (but what else is new?!). You can use the next two weeks to climb up the ladder at work, or score a new job that highlights your best skills and abilities. Even if what you’re currently working on isn’t the “end all and be all,” climbing now will help determine your course in the future: Virgo finds themselves in the work they do, so if you’re not sure what your end-goal is, focus on the tasks at hand to discover where you want to go. In addition to career, this transit can help you become more responsible and disciplined — eating right and being healthy will only help your performance. Use this extra discipline to be consistently grateful in advance for having achieved your desires, and staying committed to your plan to make it a reality.

LIBRA: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 9th House of the Higher Mind. The next two weeks is about expanding yourself: What’s the most exciting way you’d like to expand? Is it sharing yourself and your message across the world? What about traveling and experiencing foreign cultures? Consider how you’d love your spirit to soar far and wide. Once you find your highest excitement, know that it’s realizable and be grateful in advance for having achieved it. Then launch and commit to a plan to make it a reality. To this end, over the next two weeks, go out on a limb to experience adventure — take chances! By stepping outside your comfort-zone, you’ll broaden your perspective. With a more-open mind, your beliefs will surely change — about yourself, your world, and how you fit into the “big picture.” Do things you’ve never done before: explore spiritual topics, foreign cultures, publishing or broadcasting opportunities; visit a museum, see a foreign film, read philosophy — anything to broaden your mind. Stay grateful for your ever-expanding self, and chart a course that promotes your expansion.

SCORPIO: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 8th House of Rebirth. Over the next two weeks, nothing external may change, everything external may change, or some external things will change while others remain the same. What will change is you, and when we’re talking about you, we’re talking about emotions. Consider the emotions you would love to experience on a regular basis. Note how they feel, and what circumstances would make you feel that way. Be grateful in advance for having achieved the emotional state desired, and then formulate a logical plan to achieve them in reality. The next two weeks are a time of transformation — an opportunity for you to evolve and get stronger. Allow yourself to let go and go with the flow…to a certain extent: A major theme that will arise is boundaries. What boundaries do you want to set, and which ones do you want to dissolve? You may have to make a decision about joining resources with another person or entity, or removing yourself from an equation. You can make the best decisions by determining how you want to feel. When you make decisions based on how you want to feel, you’re bound to feel better. What’s key is releasing your attachment to those things that have gotten comfortable but no longer feel good. Use your imagination as much as possible over the next two weeks to acclimate to the new desired emotions; conjure them up, and as if living in a lucid dream, act from that state of emotional awareness. Commit 100% to feeling the way you want to feel, and be grateful in advance for having already achieved the emotional state desired.

SAGITTARIUS: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 7th House of Partnerships, setting the stage for a reboot in this area. Consider your ideal partnerships. Maybe your ideal pertains to someone you’re with, or someone you’d like to be with in the future. Consider how the new partnership state feels, and be grateful in advance for having already achieved it; then commit to the actionable steps to make it a reality. For instance, communicate your needs to make sure they’re met, or put yourself out there to find the love of your life. The same thing goes for non-romantic partnerships: communicate your needs or conduct your search. If your partnerships are all set, these next two weeks may have to do with your “audience”—the group of people you serve. Consider your relationship with them, and how the energy exchange would be more pleasing. During this time, it’s advantageous see from others’ perspectives, which will help you make the right adjustments for success. In all of your partnerships, be grateful in advance for the outcome desired, and commit to your process of making it real.

CAPRICORN: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 6th House of Work & Health. What would make every day amazing? This is the time to consider your best possible lifestyle. Ideally, what would you do every day? Where would you go? How would you feel? This includes your daily protocol, like your morning regimen, your work day, workouts, etc. Once you have an idea of what your ideal lifestyle looks like, trick your subconscious by being grateful in advance for having achieved it; then commit to the actionable steps to make it real. This is the perfect time to architect a lifestyle conducive to your health and wealth. If you want to make changes to your job by improving your schedule or find a new job altogether, this Full Moon’s energy will help. This transit is also likely to help you to take better care of your body. Eating cleaner, working out more, and limiting late nights will make a big difference. Since the Full Moon is about releasing old energy, this is the perfect time to drop bad habits, anything that wastes your time, or anything you’re sick of doing. Consider implementing more self-care, like meditation, recreation, fitness and just plain relaxation. Be grateful in advance for having manifested your ideal lifestyle, and commit to the actionable steps to make it real. Aim for progress, not perfection. Small, simple changes each day will create an amazing life.

AQUARIUS: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 5th House of Pleasure, encapsulating anything that gets you excited and fills your heart with joy. This is the time to consider what you really love. What do you love to do? What makes you laugh and feel like a kid again? Start thinking about the things you really love, and be grateful in advance for having them more often in your life; then commit to the actionable steps to bring those things into your life more and more. This is the time for fun, romance, creative projects and your children if you have any. Romance has a high likelihood of being ignited over the next two weeks, too, either with your significant other or someone new. Make sure to take every party invitation you get, and take the spotlight if you’re so inclined. If you’re not much of a “ham,” enjoy the next two weeks by working behind the scenes on creative projects that light you up. If you have children, there may be a whirlwind of activity around them over the next two weeks that inspires the inner kid in you. In any case, this is the time to let your heart light up with joy. Be committed to love and laughter just as you would a practical project. Really, having fun, being joyful, and living from the heart is one of the most practical things you could ever do.

PISCES: The Full Moon in Gemini will transit your 4th House of Emotional Security. This is the part of your chart that makes you feel safe, secure, connected and loved. Over the next two weeks, consider what would make you feel emotionally at peace and secure. Is it extra money set aside? Someone to love and take care of you? Is it more time and space to do what you want? Or perhaps it’s connection — spending more time with the people you love. Whatever it is that would make you feel more emotionally secure, be grateful in advance for having already achieved it; then commit to the actionable steps to make that emotional security a reality. One area that may come into focus over the next two weeks is home. The home is a metaphor for “mother,” so make sure your home is doing its job to nurture and nourish you. Maybe you’d like to make your home more comfortable, or look for a place that’s more “you.” Remember, however, that your real home is within yourself, and feeling at home within yourself will allow you to make a home for yourself wherever you go. Be grateful in advance for feeling “at home” within yourself, and commit to the actionable steps to make that sense of comfort and security stronger and deeper every day.

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