More about me, to see if I'm right for you!

I became interested in astrology since I could read. After a friend told me about her "amazing" reading with famed psychic Alex Palermo, I decided to get one myself. Not really expecting much, I was floored! I told Alex that I wanted to learn more astrology; he offered to train me in that, but also suggested I develop my psychic abilities. Throughout my tutelage, I cultivated my gifts as a empathic clairaudient psychic. "Empathic," meaning that I have the ability to sense the emotional climate of situations and people; "clairaudient," meaning that I hear messages from spirit which I relay to you in my readings. As an astrologer, I predict outcomes, determine ideal moments to act, and understand people on a very deep level. I have over 20 years of experience as a professional psychic and astrologer, most of which has been in New York City where I've done readings for thousands of people. More info about me below!


  • Studied astrology with Shirley Soffer, Director of NCGR- Professional Astrologers' Alliance
  • Started reading professionally in 1996
  • Highest rated psychic by Time Out New York
  • I got to read Regis Philbin on The Scott Rogowsky Show!


  • I love Shakespeare, The Beatles, and NYC
  • I exercise a lot to keep my energy clear
  • I have an awesome life coaching program
  • I'm fascinated by 20th Century American history
  • I love music and movies from the 80s and 90s
Using the tarot and his own skills he was spot on and picked up on people and situations that were going on in my life and how they were affecting me.
— KM, Brooklyn
It has been exactly a year since I have seen him....and the things he predicted actually happened.
— MM, San Francisco
I know that I can absolutely trust his judgment of someone’s character—a big help if you’re wondering whether or not to partner with someone, be it romantically or in business, etc. It is Joshua’s judgment and intelligence coupled with his extraordinary psychic ability that makes him the gold standard in his field.
— IR, Manhattan
He gave me the guidance I needed to come up with a plan to change my life and when you have a sense of purpose it changes your entire outlook on life. He’s amazing and I highly recommend him, it will be money well spent.
— KH, Brooklyn
Joshua helped me gain more confidence of myself as well as my life overall. I find him to be a kind and really fun person to talk with - he made me laugh a whole bunch!
— KP, Brooklyn
He is very talented and gave me an extraordinary reading. I definitely plan on seeing Joshua again. A+++++
I cannot reiterate how amazing his skills are. He is worth the money and I will definitely go back to him again......Just superb.
— CN, Brooklyn
Josh predicted things NO ONE could have guessed were coming. He is incredibly insightful about relationships and can help propel you into your TRUE life’s calling.
— BR, Alexandria, VA