Leverage the Full Moon in Virgo Energy!

With a conglomeration of planets in Pisces, the Virgo Full Moon on Sunday, March 12, 2017 gives us a two-week opportunity to get our heads above water and our feet more firmly on the ground!

All Full Moons provide a two-week window (this one, up until March 26) to release and banish anything that’s not for our highest good. The process of separating the “wheat from the chaff” or the useful from the useless is what Virgos live for: the sign of the Virgin is all about purification, organization and prudence — a place for everything and everything in its place! Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to set yourself up for a successful Spring by refining your world under the waning moon.

Aries: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Sixth House of Health and Work. The next two weeks are perfect for making adjustments to your diet and exercise regimen. Make sure you do it in a prudent way, though — not by crash diets or going hog-wild at the gym; the slower we start something, the faster we finish it! Further, something in regard to work is likely to come to a head before April: If things have been going well at your job, an opportunity to advance to the next level is imminent. If work hasn’t been good, this Full Moon will give you an opportunity to strategize your exit, operating from the premise that motion creates the self, and that you’re “removing blocks to a happier work situation" as you go about your life. Spring is on the way!

Taurus: The Full Moon in Virgo activates your Fifth House of Self-Expression. This house governs your children if you have any, your creative projects, romantic endeavors and recreational activities. Though there may be lots of activity in one of the aforementioned areas, whatever is going on, make sure you’re having fun! Your main mission over the next two weeks is to remove anything in the way of experiencing real joy. This is the moon cycle to go out and dance the night away! Though Venus is retrograde and it’s not the best time to start a new relationship, sometimes Venus Retrograde brings a fated person into our lives. Still, keep it light — this is a Fifth House transit for you, which is more about romance than long-term commitment. If you are partnered already, make sure you two have fun! Opening the heart and letting it sing more should be the goal over the next two weeks.

Gemini: The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your Fourth House of Home and Family. Home stuff may be the focus: You may find a new place if you’ve been looking, or welcomed changes to your current home may be forthcoming. But going deeper than this, the Fourth House is all about your self-trust: Now is the perfect time to release any fears that you may have going on inside of you; one way to do this is to connect with others who have your best interest at heart — your friends and family. You can also deepen your self-trust by deciding to take better care of yourself, giving yourself the nurture you need. Make it a point to release anything from your life that makes you feel insecure; that could mean walking away from a job, relationship, fair-weather friends, activities that no longer fulfill, etc. Won’t it feel great to be more free right in time for spring?

Cancer: The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your Third House of Communications. This is the perfect time to close a communication cycle. Are there any things you're doing on a daily basis that you might be able to outsource or avoid doing entirely? The little things we do daily--email exchanges, phone calls, running errands--they all should make sense with your end-goal. Further, this Full Moon is a time in which you may decide to release something out into the world, like a writing project, presentation, campaign, etc. There's a lot of fuel behind whatever you put out there over the next two weeks, helping to remove blocks to where you want to go! Most important, this is a time in which you'll get to remove any negative thinking patterns. Make sure to keep your mind clear of anything that you don't want to be true!

Leo: The Full Moon in Virgo puts emphasis on your Second House of Self-Worth and Talent. You may receive a raise or something that makes you feel like a million bucks before April — like your partner may wine and dine you, for instance. If this seems unlikely, don't despair! The next two weeks will give you an opportunity to remove any blocks to being valued more. If you feel you’re not getting the appreciation you deserve at work or in a relationship, create some distance, not linking your own estimation of your worth with someone else’s. The last thing you want to allow in your life right now is anything that makes you feel crummy. Yours is a sign that really needs praise and self-expression, and the two go hand-in-hand: If you’re in a job or relationship that facilitates your greatest self-expression, the praise will automatically follow. Remember to have fun: That’s what you’re here for, that's what you teach! Use this transit to get comfortable in every sense of the word. Carpe diem!

Virgo: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your First House of Identity. Over the next two weeks, you can purify yourself and your life. Empower yourself to better understand the full wonder of you: You’re more than your work, than your duties and roles, and the next two weeks will help you discover more of who you are. What kind of lifestyle do you want and what might you focus less on as to free yourself up a bit? Though I ask this of you, before April there may energies clamoring for your attention. This is a test! Remember to set your boundaries and be OK with staying true to your highest priority during this time: yourself! Make it a point to channel your energy into getting stronger — more sleep, better exercise, diet, etc. Going on to the next level of your life personally and professionally will demand self-discovery and self-assertion.

Libra: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Though yours is a social sign, such a transit isn’t very social for any of us: With the moon illuminating the 12th, you may feel fuzzy, psychic, and overloaded with emotion. This is because your subconscious is processing everything that’s transpired the past several months to set you up for a successful half-birthday when the sun enters Aries (March 20). With your subconscious very porous at this time, make sure you’re flooding it with images you’d like to see manifest, feelings you’d like to experience, and affirmations of what you want to be true. Remember, we get in life what we subconsciously believe ourselves to be by virtue of like attracting like, so really leverage this time! Additionally, use the next two weeks to release any toxicity, negativity and fears so you’re ready for a super successful Spring!

Scorpio: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, and Friends! What a cool transit! You could experience a major breakthrough between now and April bringing in something big. If not now, soon! Use this time to really go out on a limb to make your greatest dreams come true. Pursuant to this path are your friends, community and network, which are also part of the Eleventh House. Over the next two weeks, let go of any “dead weight” (e.g., fair-weather friends or groups you don’t “click” with) to make room for people who add energy and inspiration to your life. Additionally, this is a very humanitarian transit: You may find it fulfilling to contribute to causes you care about — in fact, the work you do now on behalf of others and the world at large could be very effective!

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your Tenth House of Status and Honors, putting the emphasis on “how the world sees you.” If you’ve been inspired and industrious professionally, this is a time in which you can leap onto another summit; something may indeed “break” before April helping you to climb up the ranks. Otherwise, if what you’ve been dedicating your energy to isn’t in sync with your highest purpose, this Full Moon will give you a wake-up call/opportunity to find your calling and strengthen your impact on society. When we think of the Tenth House, we usually think of career; however, there are many other ways to contribute to society— being a thought leader, an amazing spouse or parent, or an all-around great person are some examples. Just use this time to become clear on who you want to be to the public at large so you can share your message and broaden the horizons of the world.

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. Matters concerning philosophy, foreign travel, spirituality, religion, or publishing may come to a head! You may have a great need for adventure over the next two weeks; either you’ll be itching to take a journey to a foreign land or go on a journey of the mind — embarking on a new course of study, for instance, or teaching what you know. This is a great time to look at your life philosophy, too; What are your values and are they in accord with your lifestyle? If you find you’re “playing small” and not thinking big enough, this Full Moon cycle will help you perceive the Big Picture: The things that matter the most mustn’t be at the mercy of the things that matter the least!

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your Eighth House of Rebirth. Just like any kind of “death,” it’ll be important to remain flexible and go with the flow. The energy of the next two weeks will involve other people and their energies, and whether or not you choose to combine them with yours. By combining resources with others — monetary, emotional, intellectual, etc. — you’ll get a chance to, along with them, grow and evolve. Further, though all Full Moon cycles are about letting go, this one specifically for you is about putting the past to rest, so you can be “reborn” into a higher state of being, so release any insecurities. You may be edgy during this period of transition, so channel frustration effectively, be gentle with yourself, and aim to get stronger every day to handle the newfound abundance that’s coming in.

Pisces: The Full Moon in Virgo transits your Seventh House of Partnerships. Whereas the last cycle was about asserting your identity, now is time to balance this out by compromising with the “other” or “others” in your life. A specific partnership may reach a climatic point during this cycle; you may get closer and “seal the deal” or part ways. Otherwise, if you’ve been looking for a professional or personal partner that complements you, you can use the energy over the next two weeks to remove blocks toward this end: Put yourself out there and position yourself in such a way that the right partners can find you! Though Venus is retrograde and therefore not the ideal time to start a new partnership, some partnerships that start under the retrograde are fated. Trust your intelligence and intuition to decide which is which!