Leverage the Taurus New Moon!

Fresh-mowed grass, the smell of approaching rain, budding spring flowers...we deserve this y'all! This New Moon in Taurus is exactly what's needed to help get our groove back. An opportune time for newfound security, stability and sensuality, the next two weeks will allow us to build upon what's been created for a richer, more abundant life experience. To see how the New Moon in Taurus will likely affect you, check out your sign and/or rising sign below.

Aries: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth and Finances. The next two weeks will give you an opportunity to ground yourself, enjoy your five senses, develop deeper self-worth, and increase your bank balance. Financial plans, budgets and goals can be put into effect, and if you're looking to increase your income, the next two weeks look very good for you. While Mercury is still retrograde (until May 4) continue with efforts begun prior to April 9 (before the Retrograde). To achieve success, right now it's best to connect with previously established contacts. Additionally, it's quite common to get lots of great new ideas under the Retrograde -- just wait until after May 4 to judge their actual saleability. This is definitely a time for you to richen your life experience; feeling as perfect as possible physically and finishing up what's already in-progress will get you on that trajectory.

Taurus: Happy Birthday, Taurus! This is YOUR New Moon, transiting your 1st House of Identity. All eyes are on you now, and you're given a lot of energy for a brand new beginning in any and every area of your life. The most personal transit, this 1st House one asks you to please yourself first, and define with intention the energy you want all around you. Among other things, the 1st House rules how you look -- the package you present to the world. But before hairstyles and clothing (though these are associated with the 1st House) your energy introduces you. Use the next two weeks to raise your vibration: Laugh, have fun, take extra good care of yourself, eat well, exercise -- do whatever you can to feel great on the inside, and that will reflect on the outside. For the new things you want in your life this year, work on creating a self-construct that aligns with those goals. This transit will give you the wherewithal to create a "new you" that's energetically in alignment with all your birthday wishes!

Gemini: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious, making this a terrific time to recharge your batteries in preparation for your birthday month starting in May. The next two weeks, you're given the chance to process everything that's happened over the past 12 months, so you can start fresh without bringing in old residue into your next cycle. During a 12th House transit, you would serve yourself well by taking it down a notch and giving yourself some time to recharge your batteries. Further, since in life we get what we subconsciously believe we are (by virtue of like attracting like) make sure to do self-hypnosis, affirmations, and meditation; program your subconscious with a new self-construct that energetically correlates with the new identity you want to create for yourself next month. You will also benefit greatly drinking lots of water, flushing out the old to make room for the new!

Cancer: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams and Friends! This is one of the more fun transits, giving you the inspiration to think big and go after those things that may have seemed too big before. To help you move forward with big dreams and goals, connect with your tribe (or find one!) to lift you up. The collective energy of a group is your "secret weapon" now. Additionally, the 11th House rules friendship, so cultivating some "lean on me" relationships will inspire and empower your endeavors. You'll be happy to know that the 11th House is also connected to income, specifically big gains you receive in one lump sum -- so use the energy over the next two weeks to attract a big win. Mercury is retrograde until next week, so go toward already in-progress ideas or previously established contacts for best effect.

Leo: The New Moon in Taurus will transit your 10th House of Position and Honors, putting a spotlight on your professional life. This is a great time to strategize your "climb up the mountain" by hammering out business plans and goals. Because Mercury is still retrograde, it's best to use this transit to "keep on keeping on" with projects already in progress. You may get great ideas under the retrograde for your next career move; just keep those under your hat for the time being, judging their practicality after May 4 when Mercury is direct. Use the next two weeks to think about the aspects of your personality you're projecting out into the world. What changes can you make to facilitate your higher status? While you're likely to be busy with work and public matters, this is also an excellent time to develop your discipline; in directing yourself to success, you will have more traction in leading others.

Virgo: You may have itchy feet, Virgo, as the New Moon in Taurus transits your 9th House of the Higher Mind. Feeling adventuresome during this transit, you want more, want to see more, and want to be more. You may want to go on a journey -- either a literal one geographically or one of the mind through study that helps you better understand the world (e.g., philosophy, spirituality, etc.). The point of this transit is to expand your mind and develop more helpful belief systems: First you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you. During this transit, aim to replace any self-limiting belief patterns with ones that align with what you want out of life. Everything that you want that you don't have may be traced back to what you believe you don't deserve. You always have the power to see things differently; by expanding your mind over the next two weeks, you'll be better able to spread your wings and fly. Carpe diem!

Libra: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 8th House of Rebirth, go with the flow! You're going through changes over the next two weeks, so it will serve you well to welcome the metamorphosis the universe wants for you at this time. Even though this is a NEW moon, which will help you attract NEW things into your life, to make room for the new, you'll have to release the outdated. This is a very empowering time. The problem is sometimes -- perhaps ironically -- we're not comfortable being empowered. Work on making any empowered, unfamiliar feelings familiar, and allow yourself to be reborn. Relationships may get deeper, and ones that don't hold a promise of transcendence may not appeal as much to you -- those, you may decide to dissolve. The theme over the next two weeks will be about boundaries: Which ones will you set and which ones will you dissolve in order to be stronger? Let your level of empowerment be your litmus test for what stays and what goes, and the answers are likely to be clear.

Scorpio: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 7th House of Partnerships, you'll serve yourself well by going out on a limb for the others in your life. Personal and professional associations as well as those with your public, will require you to be more diplomatic and understanding. This is especially important because Mercury is retrograde -- a time when it's important to be very clear in what we say. During this time, you could manifest a new partnership or improve one you're already in. You have a great chance over the next two weeks to develop mutually successful relations -- a win-win situation for all! Give yourself some time to reflect on how you can be a better partner in all respects, and don't forget to include your partnership with the universe. Develop that "give and take" with the world, and all your other associations will achieve greater benefit.

Sagittarius: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 6th House of Health and Work, you have a great opportunity to make your day-to-day lifestyle better align with your higher aspirations. If there were ever a time to develop some new habits -- eating clean, working out, creating a better work-life balance -- this would be it! It's also a great time to look at the work you do and try to better it in some way. Would you enjoy a gentler commute to work? A change in your daily duties, or is it a new job altogether? If you are indeed looking for a new job, you may find that reaching out to previous contacts will be more beneficial than initiating brand new ones, due to Mercury's retrograde until May 4. Essentially, over the next two weeks, architect your life with your philosophy about how you think it should be.

Capricorn: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 5th House of Pleasure, you are in for a very fun two weeks! Your creative juices will be charged, urging you to put energy into things that bring you joy; this could be new creative projects, self-expression, enjoying your children (or making them!), spending time with friends, or getting romance back into your life. In choosing to express yourself, you'll be adding more joy to the world and making it a better place. Really celebrating yourself and letting your inner child play will be time well spent -- your joy is an end unto itself! You Capricorns can also express great creativity in the work you do -- a lot of Capricorns like writing business plans, for instance. If there's a new project you want to initiate, try and wait until after Mercury's Retrograde (May 4) to launch, judging its practicality and saleability when the planet of commerce is stronger.

Aquarius: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 4th House of Home and Family, it's time to regroup and get back to what makes you feel rooted and secure. Connect more with family and friends -- those people who love and care about you just because you're you. This is a time of developing a deeper sense of internal security. Anything you can do to strengthen your level of self-trust will be time well spent. Additionally, enjoying your physical home will also benefit you during this transit. This could mean more "Netflix and chill" time, improving your quarters with creature comforts, or even finding a home better suited for you. While making yourself feel more emotionally secure, you'll be in the right space to make some great long-term plans.

Pisces: As the New Moon in Taurus transits your 3rd House of Communication, you're likely to be busy-busy over the next two weeks. With lots of communications, errands to run, and social events to attend, make sure to leave some wiggle room in your schedule -- Mercury is still retrograde, and you'll want to remain stress-free during this fun yet stimulating transit. Additionally, this is a great time to learn, especially something you'd do with your hands or involving communication (painting, writing, public speaking etc.). With Mercury Retrograde until May 4, it's ideal to return to a hobby you once enjoyed or one you've always wanted to explore. This very communicative time is also ideal for catching up with family and friends -- you'll probably be extra chatty and exchanges should be a lot of fun!