Take Advantage of the New Moon in Aries!

The New Moon in Aries, Monday - March 27, 2017, is like the REAL start to spring! The sign of Aries is where everything begins, gifting us with renewed energy and vigor. Use the next few weeks to attract NEW THINGS in your life and SPRING INTO your most empowered SELF! Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to find out where you'll likely gain the most out of this brand new cycle. For specific insight and answers about how you can gain the most from the spring season, treat yourself to a reading!

Aries: This is a very powerful New Moon for you, as it transits your First House of Identity. Who are you and, more importantly, who do you want to become? Life is a process of becoming; we create our identity every second of every day. Take measures over the next few weeks to assert to yourself as the type of person you want to be. During this powerful time of reinvention, for greater authenticity you may wish to change how you express yourself to coincide with the inner changes you're experiencing; for instance, you may want to change your look or manner of expression to match the new you. Make sure you write a list of nine things you want to attract, as you have extra manifestation mojo this cycle!

Taurus: The Aries New Moon will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. During this time, you should chill-lax as much as possible to prepare for your birthday month (April 20-May 20); that means taking it down a notch and getting your rest. This Twelfth House transit will allow you to process all the stuff that's happened since your birthday last year. It's a perfect time to review what worked, what didn't, and how you can make necessary changes for a banner year. Because your subconscious mind is very porous at this time, keep up a healthy lifestyle, stay away from negativity, and derive great benefit from self-hypnosis, meditation, and/or affirmations. Training the subconscious is the absolute best way you can work this transit -- we attract in life what we subconsciously believe we are by virtue of like attracting like. You're worth whatever you want; start feeling and believing that as much as possible.

Gemini: The Aries New Moon will transit your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Friends! Once you have an idea of your ideals, work on breaking down the process needed to see your goals through -- as setting GOALS is the most practical use of this transit. Your secret weapons will be your friends, network and community. Use this month to connect with like-minded people who support and/or share your vision for a greater world. You're such an amazing communicator, that you'll not only be great at breaking down your plan into steps, but communicating your vision to others and getting the support you need. The main point of this transit is to nurture humanity and good will; you can do this simply by maximizing your personal potential.

Cancer: The Aries New Moon will transit your Tenth House of Status/Honors. The spotlight will be on you professionally! You'll have an opportunity this month to rise up in the ranks and show how it's done! If need be, use this time to redefine your career goals and then be strategic in planning your consistent progress. Think too about the image you're projecting to the world; the Tenth House is about how people see you on an impersonal, professional level, so make sure you're showing up on time, rising above pettiness, and bringing forth your best every day. This is also a great time to increase your self-discipline, asserting more authority over yourself which will in turn make you a better authority in the world.

Leo: The Aries New Moon will transit your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. This is a very cool time for you to expand your horizons, better your beliefs, and broaden your knowledge. You will likely have "itchy feet" and crave something new, otherwise your mind may be bored! Over the next few weeks, make it a point to read new literature and experience different art; you might even want to take a class, develop your spirituality, or plan a trip to a foreign land to get an entirely new perspective. With a wider, refreshed perspective, you'll have more energy to inspire your creative expression -- which is what your sign is all about!

Virgo: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Eighth House of Rebirth. The point of this transit is to help make you stronger without superfluous stuff in the way. Over the next few weeks, matters pertaining to sex, death, taxes and other people's resources may come up -- which is why this is often an intense transit! You may have to decide whether to set or dissolve boundaries with others in your life. Though the New Moon cycle is for attracting new things, an Eighth House transit often does this by having us let go of the unnecessary in the process. What might you release to be your strongest, most honest self, and live life most authentically? While finding out, stay in flow, be flexible, and above all else, be gentle to yourself.

Libra: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Seventh House of Partnerships. This is a great time to enhance your partnerships and polish your rapport with your "public." With Venus' current retrograde and Mercury's coming up, by being very conscious of how you love, relate and communicate, you can really empower all of your relationships. Though you're usually very aware of others' perspectives, by making it a point to be even more so, you may discover very helpful common ground. Think too about past relationships that may be revitalized to empower your future; that's one of the things the current and upcoming retrogrades are particularly good for!

Scorpio: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Sixth House of Work and Health. You Scorpios tend to LOVE your routines, so this should be a very fun time for you, as that's what the Sixth House is all about! Use the next few weeks to develop better "systems and processes" that align with your goals. This could mean establishing a new meditation practice daily, intensifying your workout regimen, ensuring you get enough sleep, etc. This is also a good time to give your work more heart and meaning by finding new ways to contribute your unique talents and skills. Perhaps you'll want to delegate some tasks to others, so you can focus more on the work you love, or changing jobs altogether. Whatever you do, remember that under this transit efficiency is your super power!

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Fifth House of Pleasure! Over the next few weeks, you'll likely feel really creative and like the Beach Boys, ready for Fun, Fun, Fun! Romance will likely be on the horizon, too. Just because Venus is retrograde until April 15, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some fun dates; just make sure you're diplomatic and manage your expectations! With such a passionate transit, you may feel inclined to express your creativity through a new outlet. With Mercury Retrograde coming up (April 9), it's the perfect time to return to something that you did creatively before that brought you joy. And that's the point of a Fifth House transit -- joy! Make sure you laugh and have as much fun as possible -- it will bring forth to you awesome things!

Capricorn: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Fourth House of Home and Family. Though your physical home and family of choice or origin may be a focus, this transit is really about deepening your self-trust and your sense of internal security. Use the next few weeks to really take care of yourself, and listen to what your heart is saying -- and needs. Though you Capricorns are tough, leaning on people can make you even stronger! Over the next few weeks, find a safe person to confide in about what's going on in your inner world if you think it will make you feel better. Seek out and give love and support so you know you're loved and not alone. Additionally, your actual home's job is to make feel safe and secure, so make any changes if it's not feeling that way; this might mean moving, redecorating, or just treating yourself to some creature comforts as you "nest and rest" for the next few weeks.

Aquarius: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Third House of Communication. The next few weeks offers you an opportunity to create a new cycle in this area. You may decide to make changes to your daily goings-on -- perhaps you'll want to spend time in a different environment, start a new course of study, or change the way you go about things every day (gym, coffee place, route to work, etc.). This is also a great time to strengthen your communication skills and develop a better rapport with others. Ask yourself, in light of your highest hopes and dreams, do your day-to-day communications serve these ideals? Are you writing / speaking the right things and getting your ideas in front of the right people? Likewise, are you learning the right things and from the right people? Now's the time to refresh and let communication inspire your life!

Pisces: The New Moon in Aries will transit your Second House of Self-Worth. The next few weeks offers you an opportunity to value yourself more, add more value to the world, and gain more value back. Make sure your throat chakra is open...that your throat feels good. This can be done by singing, creating, and vocalizing anything that's on your mind -- just make sure you're diplomatic! When the throat chakra is open, your voice is empowered to express your truth and be heard, which is how you add value to the world. This is a very good time also to get in touch with your body and sensuality -- feeling as perfect as possible. Over the next few weeks, you have a chance to make more money or benefit from the energy of appreciation. Work on seeing yourself as a very high-value person; ask yourself regularly, "How would a high-value person handle this situation?" and take it from there.