Leverage the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Today -- Friday, February 10, we have a very friendly Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the creative, expressive sign of Leo! Eclipses mark a turning point and help to push us forward. You may have felt the effects already this week, though sometimes the eclipse is felt a month before or after. Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to see how the eclipse will likely affect you, and how you can benefit from its energy!

ARIES: Fun is in store for you, Aries, as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse transits your Fifth House of Pleasure, covering recreation, creative projects, your children if you have any, and romance! Whatever you really love is ruled by the Fifth House, so expect a breakthrough here! The point of this transit is to help you experience more JOY in life; due to the ending-beginning nature of the eclipse, there may be some stuff to take out with the garbage: If a relationship or job is hurting your heart, for instance, it's time to plan your exit strategy. Every area of your life should be joyful and fun -- not painstaking -- so make adjustments if need be and your heart will go on, a-la Aries Celine Dion.

TAURUS: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will light up your Fourth House of Home and Family, giving you a breakthrough in this area. You may decide to move, remodel or redecorate; likewise, some change in your home situation may be experienced -- a coming or going of a roommate for instance. But in addition to your actual home and family, the Fourth House is about how emotionally safe, secure and rooted you feel; the eclipse sparking up this area of your chart will give you a chance to experience a deeper level of self-trust: Maybe you'll start listening to your needs or caring for yourself better -- or let someone take care of you. It's in the Fourth House where we retreat and replenish ourselves so that we may go out and succeed as much as possible in the world.

GEMINI: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will light up the house your sign rules -- the Third House of Communication. Something in regard to speaking, writing, or your day-to-day will reach a climactic point; you'll likely be beginning / ending a communication cycle that affects your daily activities. Perhaps you'll finish your website, a book, or even a job or project, and then get to utilize your great gifts of communication in an even better way. This is a terrific time to make adjustments to your schedule to allow for a more balanced lifestyle; maybe you'll start a new self-development regimen, schedule more dates and meetups with friends, or decide to be more disciplined in tending to your personal projects. Enjoy this new cycle!

CANCER: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will transit your Second House of Finance and Self-Worth. You may find that the eclipse brings you an opportunity for more money and appreciation from the people in your life. If you feel this is just not happening, some adjustments may be needed to ensure you're being valued. At work, at home, with friends, family, and loved-ones -- are they recognizing your value and giving you back what you bring to the relationship? If not, try not to make any ultimatums or take any drastic actions the days around the eclipse; instead, note your feelings around the situation and plan a strategy to voice them before March when Venus goes retrograde. This is an exciting time to usher in more abundance by feeling like you're being treated like the high-value person you are.

LEO: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in your sign, Leo, helping you to celebrate yourself and be more celebrated! Transiting your First House of Identity, the eclipse will bring up matters about how you're expressing yourself in the world and presenting who you are. Is there a relationship or job that's muddying your authentic sense of self-expression? If so, the eclipse may bring positive changes to that realm. On a lighter note, you may decide that your personal style -- your gorgeous mane, the clothes you wear, what people see of you on a first-impression basis -- needs a refresh to better reflect your star-power. The energy we put off comes back to us, so make sure you use this transit to make your aura is as sparkly as possible; that means ensuring the energy around you (the people, places, and your "look") is as brilliant as possible. Now's the time to better understand who you are and who you are becoming, and to make sure the world knows that you're ready to roar, a-la Katy Perry whose Midheaven (indicative of one's aim in life) is in the sign of Leo.

VIRGO: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo will transit your Twelfth House of the Subconscious, giving you the chance to make the deep changes needed for a most extraordinary life! Our circumstances -- what we have and what we don't have -- are indicative of the internal conversations we have with ourselves. This eclipse will likely make you aware of "old tapes" that have been playing, and how that inner talk has resulted in life as you know it. If you notice you're rather critical with yourself, now's the time to be nicer! Create a more unconditionally loving conversation with yourself, and make sure the pictures you're painting in your head and the words you say to yourself are in harmony with your ideal. We receive in life what we subconsciously believe we are by virtue of like attracting like: change the images you see and the words you say to yourself with enough emotion and conviction, and you'll override anything that's undermining your confidence and self-esteem.

LIBRA: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is going to be exciting for you, Libra, transiting your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, and Friends! The eclipse energy will likely usher out the noise and bring in new opportunities to help your greatest wishes come true. Such new possibilities will likely come through your social networks. Could you use more camaraderie? Better connections? Friends that support your dreams and goals? If so, the energy is ripe for you to get out there and find your tribe! Further, sometimes dreams change; the person you were before may have wanted certain things that you don't want now, and the eclipse may make this clear. Additionally, the Eleventh House rules big monetary gains -- money that you receive in one lump sum: If there's a book you've written or a product you've created, you may want to get that out there before March, when your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde. Move forward joyfully, charting your course with your highest hopes, wishes and dreams in your heart.

SCORPIO: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be transiting your Tenth House of Status and Honors, Scorpio, bringing in a new, fresh energy to your career! If you're doing work that doesn't align with what you feel is your calling, that may become all too clear as new energy makes its way into this area of your life. Thus, something professionally will or will soon break through: You may gain some excellent press or be called for a job in which you're the MVP. This is a terrific time to ask yourself if what you're doing now makes sense in light of your long-term professional goals. If not, take measures before March to get on the path that will lead to the mountain you want to climb. If you're happy in your current career, the eclipse energy will help you go to the next level. Find ways to make your work more fun and expressive, for authentic, exuberant self-expression should surface in your life's work.

SAGITTARIUS: How cool, Sagittarius, that this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will transit the house your sign rules -- the Ninth House of Philosophy and The Higher Mind! Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is all about expansion -- so if you've been "playing small" in any area of your life, this eclipse may herald a wake-up call! Any small-mindedness will likely fall by the wayside, as you think "big picture." This mind expansion could mean taking a trip abroad, delving into spiritual or esoteric studies, or galvanizing your "life philosophy" and principles. Your sign thrives when it comes to adventure, and adventure can be had with a life philosophy that that is very aspirational. How can every day be a great adventure? Or how can you have one every week, month or year? You have a good idea of how the world and its people should be, so own your evolved perspective and make those changes contingent on living the dream!

CAPRICORN: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo will be transiting your Eighth House of Rebirth. You're tough, Capricorn, have exceptional survival skills, and can come out of this eclipse exactly where you like to be -- on top! The area of your chart affected by the eclipse is very Scorpionic, making issues like transformation, sex, intimacy, and other people's resources come up. Where have you been sharing that you no longer want to? With whom or what would you like to merge? Likely, they'll be some letting go of any safety blankets that you've become allergic to. Or your soul may long to become one with someone or something else. Sound intense? Yep, it is! Best advice is to remain flexible and go with the flow. The eclipse is not the best time to take major action or issue ultimatums, so use your trademark strategism and you'll be good to go where you want to go.

AQUARIUS: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will transit your Seventh House of Partnerships, covering both personal and professional ones. If you've been with someone romantically for awhile, they may pop the question! Likewise, you may decide to go "steady" with someone you've been dating or you might meet someone who's a big game-changer -- someone who fits your bill for a long-term partner. Contrastingly, you could find this transit "eclipses" someone out of your life who's doing more harm than good. With your professional partnerships, too, you could gain a new client, go further with one you have, or decide to part ways. What is love flows, what is not goes!

PISCES: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will transit your House of Work and Health; you may find that both improve immensely! If things are not great at work, now's a good time to distance yourself emotionally from whatever causes you strife; come up with a good exit strategy, and get the ball rolling on your job search ASAP to try and find something new before March. If you've already been looking for work, you may hear great news super soon! As for health, now's the time to step up your exercise regimen or rid of a habit that you know is not good for you. The eclipse energy supports you taking extra strides to ensure your day-to-day lifestyle supports your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Now's the time to tie up lose ends and create a lifestyle that keeps you even more in flow, connected to your spiritual and practical ideals.