New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

Sunday, February 26, 2017, we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces. This eclipse is governed by spiritual Neptune, helping us dissolve boundaries between ourselves and the divine, to bring our hopes, dreams and wishes into reality! Like all New Moons, this one gives us an opportunity for a fresh start; check out your sign and/or rising sign below to see how you can make the best use of this energy!

ARIES: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 12th House of the Subconscious. This is a terrific time to instill in your mind your worthiness for all the good things you want in your life. With your subconscious mind ready for success, people "behind the scenes" will be working on your behalf to usher new, positive energy into your life. People may be speaking privately about promoting you, a secret love interest may be working up the courage to ask you out, and the work you've done is likely creating some really cool buzz behind closed doors. Now's the time to establish a deeper faith and connection to your spirituality. Change is in the air; leap and the net will appear!

TAURUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will be transiting your 11th House of Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and Ideals. Our way of thinking and our ideas create a frequency that like frequencies are also dialed into -- think of this collective intelligence as like a radio station that those on the same wavelength are also attuned to. Use this New Moon to dream big, connecting to big thinkers -- even if you just read their works and watch their videos. This is a time in which your greatest wishes can come true if you leverage the energy of the right collective. Further, spend time with people who inspire, think thoughts that put a smile on your face, and move forward in the direction of your dreams. Let this New Moon lift you up to where you belong -- a-la Taurus Joe Cocker ;-) 

GEMINI: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will be transiting your 10th House of Status and Honors -- what a treat! They'll likely be some professional shifts that really work in your favor. You may want to ask yourself if what you think you've been wanting to do will really feed your soul. If so, start your ascent up the mountain! Make sure over the next two weeks you're presenting yourself as competent with an exceptional can-do attitude, as people are watching! This is a time in which promotions, excellent press, or scoring an amazing client is likely. Use your (likely minimized) free time wisely to replenish and recharge when you can; you're about to increase your power, and in the words of Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility!

CANCER: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will activate your 9th House of the Higher Mind. When the mind expands, it never retracts back to its previous size. Broad-thinking ideas and leadership initiatives are on the horizon. What will you teach? What will you learn? Where will you go? Foreign affairs may also be a theme, so if you've been thinking of a particular place that's on the map, it's a ripe time to book a ticket there. Your life philosophy, which is governed by the 9th House, ties into what you think you can actually do, so make sure you use the eclipse energy to think as optimistically as possible. Remember that your higher power wants you to have the absolute best in life, so use this time to open up your mind and discover what that means personally for you. Now, too, you may be called on to be a leader. Make sure to keep your aspirations alive to be as inspirational as possible. Did you know Rockefeller was under the sign of Cancer? ;-) 

LEO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse will be transiting your 8th House of Rebirth. This is a time of transformation -- a time of leaving behind old ways of life that are not for your highest good. Is it a thinking pattern that needs to dissolve? A job you don't really like? A relationship that doesn't make your heart sing? Whatever is not making you feel joyful needs to be released; you can do it yourself, or have the universe do it for you. Do it yourself. The universe wants you to experience as much joy as possible (that's your mission and what you teach!) so make sure you're doing your part and not settling for second best. Your sign rules royalty -- so take your rightful place on the throne!

VIRGO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will be transiting your 7th House of Partnerships, covering both personal and professional ones. This is the time to make a really good catch! If you've been on the lookout for someone who is marriage material, this eclipse is sure to shift you into the right direction; if you've been longing for a client to work with who appreciates what you bring to the table, reach out and pitch! Likewise, if your personal and professional partnerships need a boost, this eclipse should be great for you. If a particular partnership isn't working out, I believe the relation will fade away in a most amicable way. Then it's onward and forward. In the words of Virgo Amy Poehler, "You deserve love and you'll get it."

LIBRA: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 6th House of Health and Work, making it the perfect time to revitalize your "day-to-day operations." From the moment we wake up to when we go to bed, we have rituals whether we perceive them to be rituals or not. With a goal or goals in mind, add some intention to what you do, day in and day out. Obviously, revamping your work life and/or exercise regimen is a great idea if you're not satisfied in those areas, but if everything is fine as it is, simply add some intentions to what you would normally do anyway, e.g., "I'm going to sleep so I can feel awesome tomorrow," "I'm going to workout as to not be snappy at work," etc. When you start adding intentions to the things you do, you'll find yourself being more proactive and better able to architect the best lifestyle for yourself. In the words of Libra Margaret Thatcher: "Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan." 

SCORPIO: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 5th House of Pleasure. This is a most fun transit in which the universe is pushing you to create, express yourself, really shine in your life, and have fun! There may be a new hobby you take up, or your work and passions will be infused with your personal style and zeal. Further, this area of your chart also rules romance, so if things have be quiet in that realm, well, you may be caught up in a whirlwind affair, experience love at first sight, or fall in love with yourself all over again. Most important, use this time to really celebrate yourself. Find those things that make your heart sing and do them; it's there in your joyful heart where you can create the most magic in your life. 

SAGITTARIUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 4th House of Home and Family. What this house is really about is internal security -- our ability to feel at home within the self, which sets the stage for further success with others and the world. No doubt about it: Our home acts as a metaphor for "mother" and how we nurture ourselves, so this is a time to look at how and where you "nest and rest." Could a change do you good? Maybe this means moving homes, redecorating, or practicing some regular self-care rituals that make you feel cared for on a deeper level. This new moon marks the perfect time, too, to seek out more care from others, and to nurture other people, too. You Sagittarians live a life of adventure, yet your "rolling stone gathers no moss" philosophy may work for you best when you know deep inside how much you're loved and adored -- first and foremost by yourself.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 3rd House of Communications. This area of your chart governs the day-to-day activities involving others; from the text messages, emails and reports you write, to your daily trip to the gym, commute to work, jaunts to lunch and social goings-on. Could your day-to-day be more enjoyable and healthy? Are you able to experience pleasure and peace of mind with your daily activities? Are there some communications that are more of a soul-suck than anything else? If so, good news! You're about to start a new cycle in these areas, so take measures to try out some new surroundings. Likewise, this is a terrific time to become an even better communicator through what you write and speak. Working on that manuscript or preparing a kick-ass presentation would be a great way to build your confidence and clout in the world. But most important, day in and day out, in the words of Capricorn Mary J. Blige, "It's okay showing yourself some love."

AQUARIUS: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 2nd House of Self-Worth and Finance. This is a terrific time to focus on the throat chakra, which rules this area. Are you speaking up about things? Saying what you want to say? Expressing your truth, day in and day out? Doing this will have a tremendous effect on your financial health, which is about to get a significant boost. This new moon, you may score a new job, client or project -- something that demands you express your talents and skills in a way only you can. Make sure you're ridding of anything that undermines your self-worth -- like your self-talk, your lifestyle approach... anything that makes you feel bad. In the words of Aquarian Jennifer Aniston, "Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place."

PISCES: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces will transit your 1st House of Self-Assertion. It's a new year and new you, Pisces! As you continue to work on changes in the inner world, make sure the outer world and how you present yourself follows suit. Remember, though, that Venus will retrograde from March 3-April 15, which is not a great time to make any significant changes to your appearance. That being said, you can still choose to present "the new you" by getting enough rest, working out, and dressing your best. This will be a great time to simply let your imagination take you to your ideals, and carry that energy vibration with you. Get in touch with your burning desire, have faith that you're on a golden road, and take the actions necessary to make this the best year yet. Most important, we make our beliefs and then our beliefs make us, so make sure to leave behind any self-limiting beliefs, and believe what you must believe in order to make this a banner year!