First Full Moon of the Year Horoscopes!

I hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying 2017 so far! Today, Thursday, January 12, we had the first Full Moon of the year; now we have two weeks to help us rid of anything that doesn't serve our highest good.

This Full Moon squared Jupiter and Uranus, pushing us to expand emotionally and break free from the past to gain independence. Although this Full Moon is in Cancer, it's in the constellation of Gemini, making this is a great time to rid of any thoughts that don't nurture and foster your growth.

Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to make the best use of this Full Moon and its two-week waning cycle until January 27.

ARIES: The Cancerian Full Moon highlights your Fourth House of Home and Family, which relates to internal security and self-trust. Now's the time to investigate what makes you feel insecure and getting rid of it! A family matter may come to a head this Full Moon; it will be important to be broadminded and make decisions that improve your overall emotional landscape: What is love grows, what is not goes! It's also a great time to remove any blocks in the way of making your home feel more nurturing, cozy and happy.

TAURUS: The Full Moon in Cancer transits your Third House of Communication, and your mind and life are likely to be very active! This is a great time to decide what you're going to allow to take up time in your day and space in your head. This Full Moon, too, will mark the closing of a communication cycle, so you may complete a project very soon. Take a cautious approach in your communications, thinking twice before sending off a snarky email or flipping out on a phone call; communicate in a way that supports your longer-term goals on a practical level.

GEMINI: The Full Moon in Cancer transits your Second House of Values and Finance. Something in the area of your value system and/or money will come to a head: This could mean re-prioritizing your values; it could also mean getting a raise or pursuing other avenues of income in which you're more valued. In the area of relationships, too, you define how valuable you are by how you allow yourself to be treated. If there were ever a time to level up and ask that your worth be recognized, it would be now.

CANCER: With the Full Moon transiting your First House of Identity, you're given a great opportunity to reinvent yourself. The first step is changing your perspective and realizing that you have the power to attain your emotional ideals. Over the next two weeks are a great time to remove any negative thoughts and energy you no longer need; for instance, it's an ideal time to drop weight and/or donate any clothes that don't reflect the "new you." Does the "package" you present to the world align with your New Year goals? Clean out your closet, both literally and figuratively!

LEO: As the Full Moon transits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious, you will serve yourself well by getting as much rest and sleep as possible. Now, getting what you want is contingent on your subconscious sense of worthiness. Stand guard at the door of your mind, negating any negative thoughts, worries and fears. Through meditation, visualizations and affirmations, you can feed yourself a new story-line for the New Year. Partnerships will come into focus at the end of the month; to attract someone who's amazing, be amazing!

VIRGO: This Full Moon in Cancer brightens up many possibilities for you this new year, as it transits your Eleventh House of Hopes, Friends and Ideals. Use the waning moon energy to remove any self-doubt about your dreams coming true as you envision the end-goal and breathe life into its reality. Your secret weapon? Friends! Groups of like-minded people will inspire you to reach great heights. Hang with friends, meet new ones, join a group, take a class -- find a community, even if it's online. Tell them about your dreams; it takes a village for that, too!

LIBRA: Leave it to you, Libra, to be a big STANDOUT professionally when many people are still playing catch-up from the holidays! The Full Moon in Cancer transits your Tenth House of Status and Honors. This is an important time in which you can remove blocks to anything impeding your professional progress. Get out of your own way by letting go of fear of success, fear of failure, and fear of change. But don't go out on a limb and raise holy hell for a better position -- not yet. Use this time to crystallize your goal while letting sleeping dogs lie.

SCORPIO: This winter, Scorpio, you get the chance to learn! Read, watch documentaries, take a class online, or go on a trip abroad! With the Full Moon transiting your Ninth House of the Higher Mind, the next two weeks will expand your consciousness and you'll get the opportunity to really educate yourself. This will broaden your perspective, which will help your life philosophy -- and thus your life -- to change. In a very cool, organic way, your aspirations are going through a revival, so kick back and let the mind open and expand with happy thoughts!

SAGITTARIUS: A brand new life may be around the corner, Sagittarius, as the Full Moon transits your Eighth House of Rebirth. Transformation can sometimes be tough, so flow with your feelings and be flexible in the process. On the other side of this are brighter days! If everything is hunky-dory and nothing needs to go "bye-bye," well it's time to go onto the next level! How might your job, relationship, home etc. evolve? This is an exciting time of empowerment and transformation. Carpe diem!

CAPRICORN: As the Full Moon in Cancer transits your Seventh House of Partnerships, the emphasis is on balance, diplomacy and partnerships. Use this cycle to remove any strife in your relationships, and allow yourself to bend more if need be. You can also use the next two weeks to remove blocks to finding the right partner/s in your business and personal life; if a current partner is not living up to your expectations, if you can, wait until the end of January before you officially move on.

AQUARIUS: The Full Moon in Cancer transits your Sixth House of Work and Health. A work matter may reach a stage of completion, helping you to better plan out your year. You could use the next two weeks to remove blocks to work you love. Further, now is the time to take extra good care of yourself, getting enough rest, eating right, and exercising. Be very cognizant of the energy around you and rid of any negativity as to usher in more abundance and excellent health.

PISCES: Let the good times roll, Pisces, as the Full Moon in Cancer transits your Fifth House of Pleasure! Anything that you really love and anything that brings you joy is the focus now. If you've been flirting with someone, your game of footsie might be taken to the next level! The main point of this transit to release anything in the way of you feeling young and alive with life! Do whatever you can to make your heart sing to help raise the vibration of the universe!