Gear Up for the New Year with the New Moon in Capricorn!

ARIES: You're usually so confident, Aries, that you usually don't worry much about your place in the world. Yet the New Moon in Capricorn will highlight your Tenth House of Status, so now's the time to think about what you and only you can contribute to society. What do you want to be known for and what legacy will you leave behind? From now until the end of January, brainstorm, strategize and formulate a tentative plan for achievement, which you can finalize and launch by the end of January. Now is also a great time to strengthen structures; reinforce your healthy diet and exercise regimen, and take measures to ensure healthy skin, teeth and bones, for tending to these will translate into strong structures in other areas of your life.

TAURUS: We know you typically like your comfort zone, Taurus. You like your home and what you know. This New Moon, however, will transit your Ninth House of the Higher Mind and encourage you to stretch beyond the familiar. You have the whole world at your fingertips, how can you add and receive more value in the world? Could a trip abroad help you expand your horizons? Could delving into philosophy, religion or spirituality open up your mind and jump start other areas of your life? Think BIG-PICTURE and use your voice -- your greatest gift -- as a leader. Teach as you learn, and broaden your awareness to enrich your life. There will be opportunities to expand your awareness this New Moon, which will translate into more prosperity and abundance for 2017.

GEMINI: You usually like to keep things light and fun, Gemini, and you still can, even though now may be an intense time with the New Moon transiting your Eight House of Rebirth. What might you need to let go of in order to keep life light, fresh and free? The key for you this cycle is flow. This New Moon is a great time to connect with others on a deeper level; the Eighth House rules others' resources, and combining with others for mutual empowerment is favored (sex and joint enterprises, for instance, rule this life area). Though you're super smart, you're also sensitive and intuitive, so if joining forces with another doesn't feel right, know when to walk away and move toward something that feels better. Just try not to make any momentous decisions until the end of January, unless of course something has been brewing since the earlier part of the month or prior.

CANCER: You excel at caring for others and being cared for, Cancer, so the New Moon's transit through your Seventh House of Partnerships should feel right at home. All partnerships, both personal and professional, will come into focus; you'll be asked to consider the needs of the "other" or "others" in your life. While doing so, you'll also be given an opportunity to attract new partners and/or create new beginnings with those partnerships already in place. Consider making a list of the traits in someone you'd like to attract, and do your part to make space for them in your life. If you have partnerships already in place, now's a great time to enhance relationships, with each partner making adjustments to better the union. Under Mercury's Retrograde, it's not ideal to start a new relationship, and if you break up with someone under the Retrograde, it probably isn't really over. As you reflect on your ideal partnership scenarios, do your best to diffuse situations, since communication snafus are common during Mercury Retrograde. During this transit, diplomacy is your watchword, but that doesn't mean you should tolerate anything that's unfair.

LEO: "If you can tell the difference between work and play, you're doing one of them wrong." This idea is especially apt for you, Leo, since your sign rules fun, pleasure and joy. This New Moon transits your Sixth House of Health and Work, and you're given the chance to make both a lot more fun! Would perhaps a cooking class be a great way to incorporate healthy yet delicious meals into your lifestyle? Might regular massages or trips to the spa be great reward systems to have in place when you meet your goals? New passion will help you break through any plateaus; a new workout or sport could help with fitness, and doing more of what you love at work will help your finances. The big question is, day in and day out, are you doing what you love? This quandary is a most important one for you at this time. Set an intention this New Moon to add more joy to your day to day -- the world needs you to be creative, to laugh, to have fun, and to show us what joy looks like personified. Lights, camera, ACTION!

VIRGO: As we bring 2016 to a close, Virgo, appreciate all you've accomplished this past year. True to form, you may not feel you've done as much as you should have -- such is the attitude of your overachieving perfectionistic sign! But as the New Moon transits your Fifth House of Pleasure, you're given a secret weapon to achieve more in 2017. The more energy we have, the more we can accomplish; the Fifth House is connected to the extremely powerful sun, so in allowing yourself to enjoy life more, you'll have more energy to achieve results. It may sound ironic, but laughter and play is conducive to achievement; it raises your vibration, helps you attract more happiness, fends off cold and dis-eases, and will add a heart-based, joyful energy to your work which translates to success. Set an intention this New Moon to experience more pleasure, joy, laughter, fun and creativity. The stars are aligned for you to enjoy a new romance, an amazing project, to take up an instrument, or learn something new. Whatever brings a smile to your face and makes you feel young and free, go after it! Fueled by joy, love, and fun, you'll get more done in less time and add magic to your life.

LIBRA: If you can be comfortable with and by yourself, everything else will fall into place. This notion could not be better apt than now, Libra, when the New Moon in Capricorn transits your Fourth House of Inner Security. Often referred to as the "House of Home and Family," the Fourth House -- at the end of the day -- is about self-trust. Granted, we are born and nurtured by our parents and our growth is fostered by others, but sometimes we are indeed alone. Because balance means partnership for Libra, it's especially important for you to find a sense of internal security independent of others in your life. In developing a deeper sense of self-trust, you will attract more trustworthy people with whom you can deeply connect and depend upon. This transit presents an opportunity to develop deeper roots and more emotionally intimate connections, but it all starts with you. Deepening your connection with your higher self, higher power or the universe will set the foundation for total security. From a space of self-trust, new connections and deeper ones with others can grow. Now may be a great time to make your home as cozy as possible, as a safe, happy refuge and secure base will contribute to your professional advancement.

SCORPIO: As the New Moon transits your Third House of Communication, Scorpio, you'll probably be as busy as a bee! With Mercury's Retrograde, make sure you take the time to check and double-check anything you have to write or read -- correspondences, directions, schedules, etc. -- to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Further, this is a terrific time to reconnect with people from the past, and revisit the communication lessons those situations present. As you start a new communication cycle, think about being more clear and transparent. Further, what do you want to teach or learn next? Do you want to write a book? Take on a new course of study? Additionally, think about your daily environment and day-to-day tasks, and make adjustments so that even the mundane has merit. This is a terrific time to develop more ease in social situations and strengthen your mental rapport with others. If there's anything problematic in your job or relationships, do your best to communicate your concerns while sticking to the facts and making diplomacy your watchword.

SAGITTARIUS: Very rarely, Sagittarius, do you worry about mundane matters like money, and nor should you! Being the most optimistic, lucky and enthusiastic sign of the zodiac, you simply know what you need to do to prosper. But as the New Moon transits your Second House of Finance and Value, you may be wondering how things are going on the financial front, and there may be a stronger need for material security. Don't stress and don't fuss. There are ways to prosper financially that on the surface do not seem to relate to money: First, is the throat chakra, which when open allows us to express ourselves and add value to the world. If your throat doesn't feel okay, something is up! Usually it's because you're not speaking up or expressing your truth, and you should resolve that. Additionally, if you're not making as much money as you like, you may not be in touch with your greatest talents. In biblical times, "talent" was a unit of money -- you would exchange a "talent" for something else. Nowadays, we use our "talent" to make "talent" or money. Use this New Moon energy to empower your throat chakra, and explore areas of self-expression that give air to your greatest gifts. Additionally, focus on your physical body; feeling good and sensual is a terrific way to make the best use of a Second House transit, for your body is the greatest resource from which all other resources prosper.

CAPRICORN: Happy Birthday, Capricorn! As the New Moon transits your First House of Identity, you are poised to reinvent yourself. But before you pull out all the stops and make any momentous decisions, take this time under Mercury's Retrograde to review where you've been, where you're at, and where you want to be. By late January, you will be more certain of the path you want to take. It all starts with your perception -- how you see yourself, how you see your world, and how you fit into the grand scheme of things. In order for you to accomplish what you want, ask yourself what kind of person you have to be. You have the strategic mind, discipline, and street smarts to figure out what traits need to be most prominent and those that aren't doing you any favors. This is also a great time to strengthen both the mind and body. Though you're often touted as being pessimistic, perhaps make "cautiously optimistic" your default perspective. Further, this is a great time to strengthen the body, by reinforcing an exercise regimen and healthy eating habits. When it comes to the First House, you want to feel like a million bucks in order to attract a million bucks; you want to feel unconditional love for yourself, in order to experience such love from others and the universe.

AQUARIUS: As the New Moon in Capricorn transits your Twelfth House of Endings, you especially are having to process the last 12 months before starting a new cycle now. The Twelfth House is the "grand finale" before your birthday month when you'll experience reinvention, so now's the time to tie up loose ends; deeper than that, though, this transit is about realizing what's no longer in your life, what you want more of, and what you want that's new. Because this transit is all about the subconscious, you will be well-served by visualization, affirmations and self-hypnosis, as it's the subconscious belief structures that dictate energy and result in manifestation and what you attract. Don't give yourself the luxury of a negative thought; instead, with discipline, play over in your mind the way you want things to be, the way you want to be, and the way you want things to go. With Mercury Retrograde affecting us, you may not know your target until late-January, though you may indeed know the way you want to feel. Feel that way -- live in that feeling -- and then let the route to get there become clear as you align with the universe.

PISCES: With the New Moon in Capricorn transiting your Eleventh House of Hopes, Dreams, and Friends, you can use the festive holiday energy to inspire your heart's desires! The sky is the limit with this transit, so do your best to really think about the ideal scenarios you want in every area of your life -- make a list! With Mercury Retrograde, there's no need to act now, but to dream and to give your different life areas a good think! Additionally, this transit will also activate Friends and Community in your life. Do you want new friends on whom you can depend? Might a community of like-minded people help catapult your personal and professional goals? The Retrograde is great for research, so scope out some groups that might be great for you to join in the new year. This is a particularly fortunate transit, so surround yourself with positive people who support your greatest hopes, dreams, wishes and ideals.