Super Full Moon in Gemini!

Due to the holidays and the Super Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday, Dec. 13, we're so busy we could burst! So many ideas, so many things to do, and so many people to see!

Whereas the New Moon earlier this month may have made us foggy on our goals, this Full Moon offers us an opportunity to better define what we're looking for. A new communication cycle begins, and we'll learn to write, speak, and interact in ways conducive to our long-term, big-picture potential. Know your "bull's eye" and go about each day with it in mind.

All Full Moons mark a period of completion. The two weeks after the Full Moon, when it's waning, are a great time to release anything that no longer serves you, as to make room for the new. Check out your sign and/or rising sign below to see how you can leverage Tuesday's Full Moon energy for best effect!

FYI: With Mercury's Retrograde Dec. 19, you're going to want to check and recheck details AND relax as much as possible until January 8 when Mercury goes direct. Since Mercury Retrograde is a great time to re-connect with people from the past, the fact that it's during the holidays when we reunite with people is a real plus! Also, the Retrograde period is a great time to plan and brainstorm -- just wait to put any new ideas into effect mid-to-late January if possible.

ARIES: Whereas the focus at the beginning of the month was about expanding your mind and experiencing stuff outside your norm, now it's time to focus on what's right in front of you, as the Full Moon transits your Third House of Communications. This cycle, note whether your day-to-day communications, environment and social life feed your soul. If not, ask the universe to help you remove blocks to finding something better, as you let go of what you no longer need. Be wary of gossip or loose lips over the next few weeks -- you'll be chattier than usual! The big question, however, is whether your day-to-day communications -- what you do, who you see, and where you go -- keep the big picture in mind and have your best interests at heart.

TAURUS: Ahhhh. A sigh of relief, Taurus! With the Full Moon transiting your Second House of Finance and Values, you can get cozy and ground yourself to a new, feel-good normal. The issue of money may be prevalent, not because of reality necessarily but because the moon's transit here often over-emphasizes money in order to feel emotionally secure. Just do what you can with where you are and what you have -- and feel good while doing it! This is a great time to get in touch with your body, and make sensuality a higher priority in your life. With more sensuality and a plan to start saving and making more money, you'll be starting the New Year off on the right foot! Take extra care of your throat and sing whenever you can!

GEMINI: With the Full Moon transiting your First House of Identity, this is a great time to focus on your personal goals, removing and replacing anything that's not good for your energy and ego. While the first part of the month was about your partners, this Full Moon cycle you're being tasked to think about yourself: Is your mind being challenged? Does your lifestyle make your body feel great? Does your presentation match who you are, where you want to go, and who you want to be? This is a great time to refresh your wardrobe, reinforce a workout regimen and meditate; create an aura reminiscent of the best possible you.

CANCER: While you most likely spent the beginning of the month being a worker bee, this Full Moon cycle may tempt you to escape and indulge, as it hits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Know when to say when, and note the difference between treating yourself and numbing yourself. This is a terrific time to release any subconscious garbage and debilitating beliefs that keep you from living your best life. Feed yourself positive thoughts, escape in healthy ways, and connect with the universe on a deeper level than ever before. The faith and subliminal peace of mind that you acquire now will set you up for success for the new year. Make sure you take time to rest, meditate, and cleanse your aura after being around lots of people.

LEO: Hitting your Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes, and Like-Minded people, this Full Moon is an awesome opportunity to remove blocks to finding your tribe and manifesting your goals. Just make sure they're the right goals! Now's a great time to review your plans and ensure that you're going after the right thing. Have your dreams changed? Are there any new goals that need your attention? Talking to your friends about this can help! Once you know what you want, use the waning moon energy to remove any blocks to making it happen and do your part! With friends, community and the right goals, you'll be fueled to make the 2017 all that you want it to be. Additionally, if some people or things are bringing you down, it may be time to do an audit and see who or what can be released.

VIRGO: You'll likely be in the spotlight, Virgo, as this Full Moon transits your Tenth House of Career. Use the energy over the next two weeks to remove any blocks to where you want to be professionally. Though you're super good at zoning in on objectives, now is a great time to think big and wide. What do you want to communicate to the world and what do you want to be known for? Make sure you dress your best and maintain your stellar work habits, (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here!) as anything out of place may be more apparent. Likewise, the extra effort you put into your work and lifestyle will be noticed and praised. Steady yourself, feel great, and start your climb to the top of the mountain for 2017!

LIBRA: While the beginning of the month had you focused on communications, the Full Moon's transit through your Ninth House of Philosophy puts the emphasis on the BIG-PICTURE. What do you want to explore in the universe? In what areas do you want to lead? This is a great time to expand your horizons: maybe take a class, explore philosophy/religion, or plan a trip abroad! You may have "itchy feet" during this transit, so make sure you're expanding mentally and spiritually. This is a terrific time, too, to get LOUD with your endeavors; since the Ninth House rules media, broadcast and publishing, PR and getting your message out far and wide is favored. Remove blocks to getting the exposure you need to succeed in 2017!

SCORPIO: This Full Moon in Gemini will be transiting your Eighth House of Rebirth! It's the perfect time to do what you do best, Scorpio: Transform! Use the waning moon energy to release anyone or anything that no longer serves your highest good. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to join forces with others, as to increase your power and effectiveness. By simultaneously moving forward and letting go, you'll arrive new and improved in 2017. This transit is about being reborn, so make sure you take the time to mourn that which is leaving, so you're set up for new, exciting things during the next New Moon cycle (Dec. 28).

SAGITTARIUS: It's still your birthday month, Sagittarius, and I hope you're enjoying it! As the Full Moon transits your Seventh House of Partnerships, now's a great time to remove any blocks to fulfilling relationships. That may mean letting go of some people who no longer better you, or removing blocks to new people who will! To make the most of this transit, put yourself in others' shoes and make sure you're being as diplomatic as possible. The Seventh House is about compromise, so treat yourself well so you can accommodate others without feeling depleted. This is an opportunity to set the stage for the best partnerships you could ever have -- romantic, professional and otherwise. Enjoy!

CAPRICORN: At the beginning of the month you may have felt like hiding under the covers! Now, during December's second half, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! Transiting your Sixth House of Health and Work, this Full Moon is about taking care of your heart, mind and body, and also serving the world through work. You will want to balance both health and work, as the two will complement each other. Remember to check and re-check your work and travel plans over the holidays with Mercury's Retrograde; the devil is in the details for you this cycle, so forsake speed for accuracy if need be.

AQUARIUS: The Full Moon's transit through your Fifth House of Self-Expression makes now the time to deliver what you and only you can add to the world! Earlier this month, your greatest hopes, dreams and wishes were the focus; now, your creativity and expression of joy represent the path to those dreams. Pour your heart out and have fun! Romance may be highlighted this Full Moon cycle; keep in mind the Fifth House rules romance, not partnership -- and that the two aren't always mutually exclusive. Anything that makes your heart sing will serve you and the universe well at this time

PISCES: The Full Moon's transit through your Fourth House of Home and Family makes it the perfect time to nest and rest. You have an opportunity to gain a deeper level of self-trust; use the waning moon's energy to remove any self-doubt, insecurity, self-consciousness, etc., to put your best foot forward in 2017. This is an awesome time to not only deepen self-trust, but to enjoy your family of choice or origin. It's also a great time to remove any blocks to having the perfect home; maybe you'll redecorate, declutter, or remove any blocks to finding a new place to live.