New Moon in Scorpio!

We're in for a treat with this New Moon on Sunday, October 30! Whereas the Full Moon we had two weeks ago on Oct. 16 had rough aspects with Uranus, Mars and Pluto, this New Moon will align with communicator Mercury and dreamy Neptune, gifting us with more clarity, better communication, compassion and imagination. It's a nice, gentle energy that will help us flow into the holiday season.

All New Moons represent the opportunity for a fresh start. I have my coaching clients write a list of nine things they want to attract into their lives each new moon, and you should too! Check your sign and/or rising sign below to find out how you can make the most of this pre-Halloween New Moon!

ARIES: This New Moon will transit your Eighth House of Rebirth. Themes like sex, death, and joint resources make this an intense transit, and you're bound to be different on the other side! Staying fluid and flexible is the best course of action; make sure you're releasing your energy, and giving yourself the opportunity for a good cry if need be. You can make the best use of this transit by asking the universe for something new to replace something that's no longer working. Transform yourself and be "reborn" into a situation that is much more "YOU."

TAURUS: This New Moon will transit your Seventh House of Partnerships. Relationships, both personal and professional, are the focus for you now; you may need to compromise more for the others in your life -- so long as you're not already going out on a limb! This New Moon creates a great opportunity to improve the partnerships you're already in, or to manifest the right relations that make you feel supported, balanced and loved. If you work with the public, a new and/or improved connection with your audience is very supported.

GEMINI: This New Moon will transit your Sixth House of Work and Health. Your day-to-day regimen is highlighted. Though you may find yourself busier at work, make sure you're getting your proper rest, diet and exercise, as your body is likely to be more sensitive now. This is a great time to eat clean and recommit to a non-negotiable exercise regimen. It's also a great time to embark on anything new that's work-related -- if you want a new job, new clients, new schedule or new, more interesting assignments, now's the time to act!

CANCER: This New Moon will transit your Fifth House of Pleasure. The theme is fun -- doing anything and everything you truly love is the main order of business! Romance will most likely increase, as well as opportunities for recreation and good times. Note that the Fifth House rules romance, which isn't the same sector as long-term, committed partnerships. Still, you could bump up the romance factor in your relationship and go out on some really fun dates -- with new prospects or your other half! Get in touch with your heart and what will bring it joy -- the universe wants you to be happy.

LEO: This New Moon in Scorpio will transit your Fourth House of Home and Family. Feeling more at home within the self and deepening your self-trust is high priority. You can then find the strength in your vulnerability, allowing you to be truly loved and healed. With self-trust and strong emotional connections that nurture you, you will feel "at home" wherever you go and better able to rise to great heights in the world. Additionally, this is a great time for moving or improving your home, so that it's exactly what you need it to be: Your Kingdom.

VIRGO: This New Moon will transit your Third House of Communication. Though typically you don't say much, Virgo, when you do it's profound -- and quite a few of those moments are right around the corner! This transit is an opportunity to start a fresh, new communication cycle: heart-to-heart talks, a new subject to study, and a new neighborhood to explore are all things that can benefit you during this time. Additionally, allow people to appreciate your intelligence -- more writing, teaching and public speaking would serve you and the world quite well.

LIBRA: The New Moon will transit your Second House of Values and Finance. The theme of speaking up more continues from last month, but in this cycle, it's not about self-assertion as much as it is about self-worth. Realize what you bring to the table and be ready to stand behind it. This transit is about feeling valued, Libra, and that means being listened to in your relationships and compensated fairly in your career. While increasing your self-worth, cash in on it: ask for a raise or aim for another position that makes you feel healthier and more appreciated.

SCORPIO: Happy Birthday Month, to the sexiest, deepest, and most mysterious sign of the zodiac! This New Moon is yours! Though it's transiting your First [Solar] House of Self-Assertion, which is about your perception, aura, and the "package" you present to the world, because it's your birthday month, this New Moon is like a cake alit with candles -- wish for anything you want! The aspects suggest you'll get the most bang for your buck if you keep your sights on pure, unconditional love while making peace of mind your Number 1 goal. In doing this, you will make your most romantic dreams and highest financial expectations come true. As the ultimate transformer of the zodiac, true to form you may create a "new you" this New Moon -- just hold on to those aspects of yourself that you still very much value and love. 

SAGITTARIUS: It's the astrological month before your birthday, so you're likely to be most comfortable "behind the scenes" this New Moon cycle, which transits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Essentially, you're gearing up for the spotlight when the sun enters Sagittarius Nov. 21. Utilize this current transit by training your subconscious. Since we attract in life what we subconsciously believe we are, affirmations, visualizations, and self-hypnosis will help you replace overthinking with a most optimistic mindset for the best birthday year yet.

CAPRICORN: This New Moon will be transiting your Eleventh House of Hopes, Ideals and Friendship! Though you're not known to be much of a dreamer, if there was ever a time to go "off script" this would be it! If you really want something, you have the grit and determination to make it happen, so dare to dream about what will make you the most happy. Additionally, this is a terrific time to connect with like-minded groups and friends you hold dear. Remember that song "Lean on Me"? Lean on your friends; their support will help you manifest some wild dreams, while keeping your feet just where you like them -- planted firmly on the ground!

AQUARIUS: This New Moon will transit your Tenth House of Position and Honors. This is the career sector of your chart, and it's time to use what you got to make an impact on the world. While going through this Tenth House transit, make sure to be a bit more professional; the spotlight is on you, so being late, dressing sloppy, or cursing is not advised during this time. Decide what you want your legacy to be, be responsible, and start making it happen! This is also a great time to organize and restructure your life for maximum productivity and efficiency.

PISCES: Ready to broaden your horizons? The New Moon in Scorpio will be transiting your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. Once the mind expands, it can never retract back to its original form. Take up a new study, read mind-expanding philosophy, or -- best yet -- plan a trip abroad! Foreign culture is also ruled by Scorpio in your chart, promising rebirth when you visit far-way lands. But even if you stay put, inspiration is on the horizon. At a minimum, expect important messages this month that allow you to spread your wings and fly, experiencing your limitlessness destiny.