Make Your Client Happy — Know Their Sign!

Happy clients are repeat clients! Here’s a quick guide to making your event client happy, based on their sign!

ARIES: Aries wants one person to think the world of them, and everyone else can go to hell! If you can fulfill this role with your client, they’re yours for life. Though Aries can be commanding, they appreciate someone with their own mind, so don’t let their strength keep you from sharing your suggestions.

TAURUS: Taurus tends to be needy or needed. You’ll get a sense of which way your client leans. Play to this by being extra coddling when they reach out, or even acting like you need their help or approval, if appropriate. Tauruses really don’t like surprises, so events with little margin for error will be best. 

GEMINI: Gemini loves to chat, so when you arrange a meeting or hop on a call, leave some extra space in your schedule in case it runs over. Also make sure the music isn’t so loud that it’s preventing people from hearing each other! Gemini needs to listen and talk! They also like to be seen as smart, so a sincere compliment here will go a long way. 

CANCER: Cancer loves to be comforted, nurtured and taken care of. They may even want to do this for you! Do your best to reassure your Cancer client, making them feel at home and secure with you running the show. At the event, check in on them! Don’t take their wild mood swings to heart. 

LEO: Leos love to be treated like royalty, so keep this in mind. Try not to say “no” — they don’t like that word; “yes, but” might be better. Leos also like being kept in the know: Ask them if they want regular updates on the development of their event and if so, keep them apprised via text or email. 

VIRGO: Virgos are perfectionists and usually follow the adage, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Serving them can be tough, due to their high standards and lack of confidence in others. Show them you’re super on top of everything and mind the details with Virgo clients; this ought to keep them super happy. 

LIBRA: The aesthetes of the zodiac really need beauty. Get a feel for their tastes, so that the optics of the event match their sensibilities. They’re sensitive to being judged, so use kid gloves when helping to fine-tune their ideas. Tell vendors to be on time, look good and mind their manners. 

SCORPIO: Scorpio likes giving and receiving pleasure — even simple, innocent pleasures, like when people inquire about their day or how they’re feeling. They also like power, so show them you perceive them as “boss” to give them the sense of control they desire. They also have strong likes and dislikes, so listen to what they say very carefully to align with their sensibilities. 

SAGITTARIUS: The visionaries of the zodiac care about the big picture, so you’ll have to be extra diligent about filling in the details of what they want for their event. They can be extravagant and generous, so don’t be shy about asking for budget increase to ensure their expectations are met.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns are big on image — how they appear — so take this into consideration. They tend to be know-it-alls, so acquiesce to them even if you know you’re right; prefacing suggestions with flattery may help. Make sure everyone you’re depending on is on their toes, else you’ll likely hear about it from your Capricorn client.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians are happy when the crowd is happy, so ensure guests have fun, perhaps by hiring extra vendors for entertainment. Aquarians have imaginative, sometimes wacky ideas — be open to learning and working with them to create an extraordinary event. They tend to like the color blue, so keep this in mind! 

PISCES: Pisces are dreamers, and you’ve been brought on board to make their dream a reality! They’re the sign most likely to believe in magic, so display a magical quality within yourself while working hard behind the scenes. Give their event an otherworldly quality: They love to escape, so give them this opportunity by showing them everything is handled, and elevate the optics of the event to take them away to another world.

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Ensure Event Success By Picking The Right Date!

If you have the luxury of helping your client choose the perfect date for their event, seize this opportunity for your event’s success!

Just like every person, every event (based on its start date) has an astrological chart that will determine its outcome. These are called “event charts” and fall under “electional astrology,” describing when you should “elect” to have an event. Joshua can help you choose the perfect date and time for an event, so that it meets you and your client’s expectations. This is especially wise to do for weddings, but all events could be made better by using electional astrology.

Have Joshua help you choose the best time and date for your event by purchasing an event chart reading today. Hire Joshua for a party, and you’ll get this service with compliments – for that particular event or another in the future.

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Be a Rockstar Event Planner — Even Under Mercury Retrograde!

Because your job isn’t challenging enough, right?!? From March 6 through March 28, the planet of communication, Mercury, will go retrograde, upping the chances for mix ups, technological glitches and communication snafus. But you’ll still shine – just use these tips to make your events as stellar as ever, even under Mercury Retrograde!

    Under Mercury Retrograde, “expect the unexpected” including expenses that may be required for you to save the day and ensure success!

    Check and double check your clients’ requirements against each venue’s capabilities! Ensure room capacity, confirm ramps/elevators, podiums, stage, special equipment, enough tables and chairs for guests etc. Take nothing for granted under Mercury Retrograde! Additionally, if you can hold the event where you’ve held one before, it’s likely to go more smoothly. (All things done previously are favored under the retrograde.) Also, since Mercury Retrograde can make electronics glitchy, ensure vendors have backups; it doesn’t hurt to inquire about “what if” scenarios.

    You probably do this, but it’s even more important under Mercury Retrograde. When collaborating with clients, vendors, etc., create follow-up emails to ensure that nothing is being misunderstood. Lists are an event planner’s best friend and over-communicating isn’t a bad idea. 

    Communicate your needs clearly with vendors, and be anal retentive in confirming dates and times. Since traffic can be bad under Mercury Retrograde, perhaps make vendor start-times earlier for buffer. It doesn’t hurt to have backup vendor options in your back pocket in case someone falls through. 

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! By instilling mindfulness practices in your day-to-day, like hot baths, meditation, and exercise, you can maintain your equanimity no matter what. Even better, you can work any situation to your advantage when you’re in a state of grace. Remember, the more secure you are, the more secure you can make your client. If feeling supported means recruiting extra help — someone who can act as a second pair of eyes on your event plans, for instance — go for it! Your peace of mind is priceless!

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